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Yeah, let me know when it's ready! Good luck on your game development!

Hey, I would definitely play your game. Is it hosted on Itch?

If the theme ends up being WW2, I have a free gun pack on, for anyone who wants to use them. Not trying to self advertise and I can delete this comment if needed.

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Yeahhhhh, I don't think so, Lol. But thank you!

Here is some progress on the next weapon pack.

Sneak Peak 2:

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I plan on using this Devlog to update everyone on any progress I make on my Voxel gun packs. The current plan is to release all of the basic weapon packs for each country. After that I will work on additional weapons packs. The plan is to keep all of the basic weapon packs free and then charge for the additional weapon packs. Here is a sneak peek at the next weapon pack: 


Are you using canon for physics? And how did you handle the voxel destruction? Awesome game!

Hey, since you are the first commenter, I'll let you pick what I do next. American, Russian, Japanese etc.

I have a few in the works. It has been a busy month but I hope to post more soon. Thanks for the comment!

My best is 41 seconds!

Id like to help!

Here's my only game:

Haha that's better than most of my friends!