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Really cool concept!


Another great game Ferociter! The platforming is fun, but I wish that the final section was more of a difficulty curve then spike.

Typo: On the ending screen it says "The world is save once again for a very long time" I think you mean safe.

Nice job on the prototype! If I were you I'd definitely look into expanding this project.


Amazing metroidvania! I like pretty much everything about it. It's insanely easy to get lost, therefore I haven't beaten the game yet. Anyone know how to get food to swim? I think that is what I need to do next.

Cool, thanks!

This is awesome!

Hey, I had a few questions about the series. First off, why isn't Big Flappy Tower VS TIny Square on your itch page? My second question is why is this series free in some places but priced in others? How many more Big Tower VS Tiny Square games will there be? When will the next one come out? Will I ever get revenge on big square and NOT kill pineapple?

Yeah, I figured it out.

Why have I not seen this around? This looks like it will be quite good.

The graphics, movement and gameplay feel nice. The thing I'm not so sure about is the music. Original gameplay mechanics would also be nice. This is still a demo, but I hope the next update/full version will improve upon this.

Looking back at this game after a while. Still looks amazing! I recommend getting it translated into German just because it's a pretty common language, but that's just me.

Fun game! My biggest complaint is that you can't attack the wise man to get him to shoot fireballs at you.

I'm not allowed to ace it because if I get all the questions right up to the math problem it makes me either get the question wrong, or type 0, both ways end it.

Working on acing it, no idea what's wrong with the thumbs up, I clicked the unbuttoned collar but it didn't work.

Insanely underrated! I'm a big fan of this style of platformer (take slimey jump for example). Good job!

This may turn out to be a good game! Still needs a lot of work though. I reported some bugs I found.

Nice game! Stats are here:

Coins: 150

Deaths: 9

Time: 6:15

Rank: A

The game is fun and simple, but I do wish for a bit more challenge. It would also be cool if there were flowers you could pollinate. Anyways, good game, love the music.

Suprisingly fun! Game is simple, gameplay is unique, and the variety of difficulty is cool!

NOOOO!!! You got 1 less death then me!

I've had a similar concept in mind for a long time! Basically the same idea, but the abillities are displayed as a ring around the player, and you have infinite jumps, but you can collect double jumps. Very fun game, I'd love to see more! Maybe you could make some levels more precision focused then puzzle.


Found a typo in the description: Please mind: The run ability is not available a the start of the game but unlocked further down the line.

I got the three boxes then just kept throw jumping them on the spikes until i reached the end.

Fun! The main mechanic is simple, but satisfying to use. Also, I found a cheese on 3-4. See if you can do it!

That's funny!

Hooold up, this is shadow at the waters edge!

Cool prototype! A clever twist on simple platforming. My one complaint is the snap based movement, is it really necessary?

I was replaying this for the I don't knowth time and I was wondering, how many strawberries are there? I think I might have gotten all of them, I got 18.

Not something that would give away the entire thing, but either how it's hidden or which area.

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Wow! Could I have a hint to find it?

I don't know, I do remember seeing some fancy symbols on the wall on my playthroughs that might have something to do with it.

Yeah, same. Guess I was wrong.


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Great game! It's quite addicting. My best score so far is 9041.

Edit: 10849!!

Also should mention, you might want to put the controls in there just to be clear.

Edit 2: 11078!!

Edit 3: Um, I found a glitch. I failed the obstacle where you have to jump around a rectangle, and instead of falling, my triangle ran into the wall without falling. I can't jump, I can move side to side, but my score is just constantly going up now. Hasn't yet beaten my PB though.

Edit 4: So, to do the glitch, just jump into that wall I was talking about.

Interesting, the majority of people find the last level hardest, I think the 3rd one is. You guys do realize you can go over on the last platform areas, right?

Really fun! My PBs for all levels are:

1: 24:75 

2: 33:39

3: 37:57

4: 27:35

I didn't try for too long, but I think they're decent runs.

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You have to make a few more stops. Go to the closest space with a dot in the middle, and repeat the process until you're in the lowest room.

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Is N3 a secret? If so I found it. Anyways, I love the game so far. Although I didn't ever finish the first cursed travels, this one has me hooked. Once I beat it I'm going to revisit the first game.

Edit: I just realized that N3 probably corresponds with the map, too bad I can't get there yet.

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Also, Congrats on getting well over your kickstarter goal! Your game is currently at the top if you go to kickstarter and sort with Video Games, Earth, and Popularity!