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Nevermind to the third glitch, turns out I was just missing the power glove.

I found a few glitches all relating to the gym. First off, if you go back to the locker after using the Hydra Juice, there will be another. You can also walk out of bounds in the gym simply by walking south at a specific point in the bottom wall. And most importantly, I can't put the balloon on the weight. I watched a walkthrough because I couldn't figure out how to lift the weight, even though I already had the balloon it wouldn't automatically put it on. I decided to restart the game and the same thing happened, am I missing something?

I know this is a jam game, but I'd like to see it polished version once the jam ends. The concept and gameplay is really cool, here are some issues I ran into:

Weapon balancing. I like the diversity between weapons, but some are way better than others. I understand this is intentional, but sometimes I'm left with a terrible weapon at wave 3, and I can't do much about it.

Another thing I didn't like was the fact that there isn't any way to tell where you are on the map. This probably isn't a common problem, but I managed to get lost on the map and I couldn't find the coop, something like an arrow that points to the coop when it's off camera would be nice.

And lastly, not being able to find the final fox. This happened to me a few times, the fox must have gotten stuck on something because I couldn't find it, which ultimately forces you to wait until you die.

You're probably aware of most if not all of these issues, but this is my feedback.

Woohoo privacy policy!!!

You're creator page says "I compose games and code music," is that an intentional joke or a typo?

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Great game! Was this by any chance inspired by the game "witch" on scratch? I wouldn't be suprised seeing as how the comment below says this was originally a scratch project and I noticed a bunch of similarities, such as the cat.

Just replayed when the internet was down. I still love the art style and gameplay! How's the delevopment going?

Amazing game!

An option to reset progress would be really nice.

Really fun! (You can go through the top of boxes by the way)

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I love the secret launcher at the start, so fun! Managed to beat it in 43 seconds after several attempts.

Fun game, but other than the butter sticks it's too easy. Also, after I beat it, i decided to go for an ocean stroll and now I'm falling endlessly.

I just played the update, it adds a lot of nice features and bug fixes, but my three biggest complaints are still there. Could you please make the screen transitions nicer? It would be nice if the screen transitioned black when you go out of the map, and then back in when it's done. Often times the screen transitions when your not even at the edge. Other than that, I think things should instantly spawn or fade in, and a map would be nice.

The privacy policy is almost here!!

How's the development going? Is it soon to be out?

Let's go!! After using a walkthrough to get the hidden keys, I got the secret ending. That whole section was insane!!

Woohoo! Almost done.

Fun game! Can someone please deliver Hollow Knight: Silksong to me?

Which one? The one where you move slower than the block so you have to go to the side and wait?

Ah man, I went back to the start from the first checkpoint and there wasn't any secret. But there are some secrets I found.

1: When the game is loading, spam the "LET ME PLAY THE GAME" button and it will load quicker.

2: At the part with the first rainbow blocks, just narrowly dodge them and you'll fall to the bottom. Now you can just walk the easy path (Never actually done it the intended way).

I had fun. You did something wrong. Maybe remove checkpoints and make the music more annoying?

Played again and got a 6 minute run. Fun game!

Yay! I haven't played the real Jump King but I was able to beat this one in 14 minutes. Couldn't figure out how to mark my time on the end screen though.

Amazing! Surely this is better than what Silksong will be like.

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Very interesting! Let's hope this isn't the future of games when AI's take over.

Can you make it so that a different button goes to game selection? In the browser version, the whole screen is only displayed when fullscreened and every time you press esc it goes to normal screen.

Tough game! Pretty fun, though I wouldn't make the full version much longer.

I like your idea. Hard to get to/hidden levels around the level selection map could be cool too.

Just played through the latest update. It's pretty good! I'd say my main complaint is that it's pretty easy. I beat it without using assist once in 27 minutes (I don't know if it's intended, but the level that introduces assist is possible to beat without it). But other than that, the game seems pretty solid. How big is the end result planned for?

Cool! I'll be sure to check the next version out.

I managed to beat it without running into any glitches! Fun :)

Thanks, that's what I was missing. Just finished the game, and I gotta say, it's my favorite out of the MVM14 games I've played so far! Would be cool to see more.

Great job! Very polished and overall good game.

So far great game, but I seem to be stuck. I just turned on ventilation and I can't seem to get out of it, or progress in any direction. (I found the chat message as well)

Nice job! The animation, sounds and gameplay are all pretty solid. My biggest complaint would be the glitches and technical issues, probably the most annoying one is the early transition glitch, when you go to a new screen, it sometimes switches before you get all the way to the side.

Really cool concept!


Another great game Ferociter! The platforming is fun, but I wish that the final section was more of a difficulty curve then spike.

Typo: On the ending screen it says "The world is save once again for a very long time" I think you mean safe.

Nice job on the prototype! If I were you I'd definitely look into expanding this project.


Amazing metroidvania! I like pretty much everything about it. It's insanely easy to get lost, therefore I haven't beaten the game yet. Anyone know how to get food to swim? I think that is what I need to do next.