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Invader Spaceman

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Im 1st poster! For my reward I'd like one infinity gauntlet please. Seriously, the art is sharp. It really pulls the book together. 

Impulse Drive community · Created a new topic Hello!

 I hit my bookmark for the comment section and it brought me here. Does this replace the former page? Anyway, as a kickstarter backer I just re-downloaded the core rules just for the art. The cover is amazing! The colors are vibrant and I love the Manga influenced style. Can't wait for my physical copy!

Thank you! 

I haven't run ID yet but the rules read smooth. I know my fellow gamers are hoping to make this game our Sci fi equivalent to Dungeon World.  I'm looking forward to your announcement!  I listened to your appearance on +1 Forward. Any other podcasts or videos that would give me a feel for how the game plays?

.    Not a whole lot of action here. With Goggle + defunt, where can I find a more active sight?

I'm wondering if Adrian looks at the questions. I'd really like to know his opinion on how vehicle weapons effect characters.  I'm sure a ship sized vehice would incenerate a character but vehicle mounted weapons could be survivable especially if your a super tough alien or cyborg.  

I like the idea of adding 2 damage to vehicle weapons. The harm versus damage is what is throwing me. Harm weapons don't effect items that take damage but the reverse isnt  explained or I just missed it. I could also see an instant kill from larger vehicle type weapons.

I've been reading over the rules and like what I'm seeing! My question is how do vehicle and starship weapons effect people? Is damage different between ships and vehicles as well? I get the idea of armor piercing and armored tags but not size scales.