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Impulse Drive

A roleplaying game about misfits and spaceship powered by the apocalypse · By Adrian Thoen


A topic by Invader Spaceman created Jun 11, 2019 Views: 306 Replies: 3
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 I hit my bookmark for the comment section and it brought me here. Does this replace the former page? Anyway, as a kickstarter backer I just re-downloaded the core rules just for the art. The cover is amazing! The colors are vibrant and I love the Manga influenced style. Can't wait for my physical copy!


Yes, this is the new home - although if folks post on the PWYW version's forums I'll be answering questions  there as well.


Im 1st poster! For my reward I'd like one infinity gauntlet please. Seriously, the art is sharp. It really pulls the book together. 

Just downloaded it. Very curious.