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Impulse Drive PWYW

A roleplaying game about misfits and spaceships, Powered By The Apocalypse. · By Adrian Thoen

more active Impulse Drive sites

A topic by Invader Spaceman created Jun 03, 2019 Views: 184 Replies: 4
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.    Not a whole lot of action here. With Goggle + defunt, where can I find a more active sight?


Hi Invader Spaceman! 

Currently this Itch community & the Impulse Drive fiscord are the only two official Impulse drive community locations, but both are rather quiet. Hopefully things will become a little more active when the final version is released - which is getting very close, I hope to announce some good news this month!

I haven't run ID yet but the rules read smooth. I know my fellow gamers are hoping to make this game our Sci fi equivalent to Dungeon World.  I'm looking forward to your announcement!  I listened to your appearance on +1 Forward. Any other podcasts or videos that would give me a feel for how the game plays?


Here's a few great ones!

The Merely Roleplay crew did a 3 act, multiple part game in their series Parallax. My favourite part is their backstage episodes where thet talk character creation, player motivation, and mechanics.

I got to run Impulse drive for some of the amazing Gauntlet crew at last year's Gauntlecon!

Rich from +1 Forward rand Impulse Drive set in Star Wars in a 4 part series

Adam Koebel takes a first look at Impulse Drive

Rich Rogers runs Impulse Drive for Jeff Stormer on Party of One podcast

Hopefully this will get you started!


Thank you!