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you thought that story was weird, just you wait n see

thanks! the bait-and-switch horror plot twists occurred cuz i'm tired

so did dumping air on a g-string onto the main menu, but i'm still glad you enjoyed it!

my feelings exactly

thanx; i almost tried my best

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yo folks,

i’ve been in the process for the past month or so of creatin this terrible vn in ren’py called “ink spots”.  it’s about two folks, max and emily, who are trapped inside a hellzone called the other region, and their various attempts at escaping this place.  i’ve recently finished route one of it, and i figured i might as well upload just this first part for free just to gauge peeps’ reactions. please enjoy the bizarre story and rather terrible artwork present within this demo, and i’ll be sure to present more bizarre events and more poorly drawn artwork once the visual novel as a whole is finished

vn link:

this game really fucked me up, bro; love the music, dig the artwork and surreal imagery, and the emotional content really got through to me. fuckn fantastic