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Hi FrostExd,

Sorry to hear you're having such a bad experience.
Thank you for your feedback.

I am currently working on Settings screen that will handle resolution and quality settings.

The camera does still have some bugs when it comes to clipping through terrain and buildings.
At some point I will rewrite the entire handling for cameras.  I am working on adding a better story and restoring some missing dialogue first.

I hope to get it out to you soon.

Kind regards,

Hey there ANSUKURO,

This was a bug in a previous build of the game.  If you  are using a Wide or Ultra Wide resolution then the button is not rendered.

I have solved this problem in later builds, but you will have to change your screen resolution to a 16:9 ration.
For example, 1920 x 1080 or 1280 x 720.
I know this is a real nuisance, but I am working on getting a new build out within the week and this is a major priority for me to fix ASAP

Could you please reply with your resolution?  I will be sure to test it when prepping the next build.

Thank you for your patience.

Kind regards,

Thanks, mate.

I'll be doing an overhaul of the town pretty soon with some new exterior buildings and interior rooms.
I'll adjust the physics volumes to be less "trappie".

Hi Monado Boy22,

I am working on it right now as a matter of fact :)

I have been spending most of my time on Bedroom Blackjack, but I'll put out a new release before the end of 2022.

Lots of new animations, new dialogue and bug fixes.

Thanks for the support,

Hi Adinekara,

In recent builds the water simulation has increased to a point of being uncomfortable to look at.

I have decided to change the water simulation technology altogether in future to a more anime-style water shader.

Unfortunately there is no date on when that will take place at this time.

Thanks for writing to me.

Kind regards,

Hi Player3685,

I think the game's controls and field of view would work on a tablet or handheld device like Steam Deck.

However, I feel strongly that Monster Girl Tailes is not suited for phones.
Sorry to disappoint.

Kind regards,

Hi Player3685,

I have no plans at this time to support JoiPlay or Android as the game’s controls  are a little complicated for touch interfaces like Android.

However, I have learned a lot about game dev over time and I probably should reconsider this.

Were you hoping to play on phone or tablet?

Kind regards,


Hi Nickel68,

That' a great idea!  I am currently working through the design for enabling a demo.

The game was never designed to be partially consumed so it might take some fiddling to make a demo work.

I talk a bit about it here

Kind regards,

Hello Ianitqiqi,

Sadly I cannot make the game free.

As a struggling indie developer I need to make a little bit of money to pay for artists and animators so I can complete the game :)

Thanks for you interest in Bedroom Blackjack.

Kind regards,

Thanks for hanging in there.

Definitely NOT dead.


Thank you.  I will do my best 


Hi sscites,

I am currently adding an options screen where you can select a resolution in 16:9 or 16:10 ratios.
That what the game is optimised for.

Unfortunately you will need to change your windows resolution to 1920 x 1080 to play this version :(

Kind regards,

hey sscites,

Sorry to hear you’re having problems playing the game.

This was a problem in early builds for ultra wide resolutions, but I was certain I fixed it.

Could you let me know your screen resolution?

Hi OctopusLigament,

Thank you.  I started making this game because I craved this kind of experience and nobody seemed to be making them.

The models that are in the game currently are placeholders from the Unity Asset Store.
I am working with an artist to make more unique and flexible characters.
You can see more here

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you as well.

Kind regards,

Hey there Atommyc,

Thanks for this.  These comments are life to me and is extremely motivating to keep going.

I'm so glad you "get it".  The reason I started making this game was because I found that a lot of VNs and dating sims felt too much the same and the static 2D characters were not enough for me.
I've spent most of my time putting technology and features in place that will enable me to create more story and animation content later.

As soon as I finish with Bedroom Blackjack I'll turn all my attention to MGT again.
There is an update for MGT coming next week btw  ;)

In regards to syncing animations I developed my own puppet system.  This uses some transforms in 3D space with the same parent transform e.g. malePelvis, maleLeftHand, femalePelvis, etc.
I animate these transforms and then bind the character bones to these points using IK.

However, I have decided that I need to hire an animator to remake all the H scene anims as individual anims.  I'll sync them by having the female animator monitor the time of the male animator.

private void Update()

  _femaleAnimator.Play(0, -1,  maleAnimator.GetCurrentAnimatorStateInfo(0).normalizedTime);

Thanks for playing the game and taking the time to talk with me.

Kind regards,

For sure!  I am working through some performance issues at the moment which is taking a long time.

You can read more here

Hi funcoman,

Yes you can.  When you start a game you can select eye colour, skin colour and eventually hair style.

At this stage these can only be changed when starting a new game.

There will be several outfits you can unlock lafter.

Kind regards,


Thanks.  I’ll dig into the logs and see what I can find

Hi Dysphalindirium,

There are a few characters that have 2 x scenes.  E.g. Sensei and Akeno.

The completed game will have at least 2 x scenes per character

Kind regards,


Hi SuperPlasmaPea1,

Thanks for reporting these.  I am having trouble replicating these issues.  I have a few questions.

  • Does the conversation refuse to start or is the dialogue option to continue missing from the list?
  • I am not applying any soft locks.  Can you resume the game if you press the Esc key?
  • I don't quite follow what you mean here.   Can you attach a screenshot please?

Kind regards,

Hi getier,

This is an old bug that has been fixed in the next version.

I am in the process of shipping the next version at this very moment.

In the meantime you can press Esc and click the "Rescue Me" button to return you to the world.

Kind regards,

This is a little tricky to find and harder to give hints without spoilers :)

I suggest you have a look around the pond.
You can walk around the pond on all sides and the fireflies will let you know when you're close.

If you still need help maybe ask the Discord community

Hi BedRock-1,

The Monster Girl Tailes releases have slowed since I have been focusing on getting Bedroom Blackjack to market.
I'm still dedicating time to developing MGT.   I have just not been publishing releases as often

I have been working on new level design, a new character and some new levels for Patreon Release 0.35.0. 
I'm not quite sure when that will drop, but I'll make Public Release 0.34.3 will be available at that time.

I'll release some dev logs on Patreon soon to explain the progress made so far.

Kind regards,

Hi  gntmxpfjs,

Some items cannot be equipped, but are very useful in a conversation.

I'll add something to the user interface that better expresses that in a future release :)

Kind regards,

Hi Azzazel,

Regrettably no.  I am not sure this game would be very enjoyable on a mobile device and I don't have access to Android devices.


Kind regards,

Hi Azzazel,

The plan is to finish the game for PC and then explore the possibility of building for Mac, Linux and microwave ovens.

Kind regards,


The loading bugs were properly fixed in 0.34.3.
Provided your save file is still intact it should work as normal.

I'll upload this version in the next week or so.

it’s a bug that was introduced in 0.33.0.  This has been resolved in the next version 0.34.3

(1 edit)

Hi IAMMichael,

IAMSorry to hear that, mate.  Seems to work for me when both downloading Monster Girl Tailes from the website and installing in the app.

You could download the latest Public Release from Patreon or Game Jolt.

Let me know how it all goes or just come hang with me on Discord.

Kind regards,

Bedroom Blackjack is 3D hentai strip blackjack game where you meet and date sexy dealers in their own bedrooms.

  • 5 x unlockable girls 
  • 5 x unlockable outfits
  • 5 x unlockable  bedrooms
  • 2 x game modes
    • Strip Mode - winning a hand will remove an item of clothing.
    • Casino Mode - winning a hand will earn you money.

Play it now here and pay what you want.

Hi Kirbyboii69,

Akeno the neko will want different food at certain points in your relationship.  If you can't give her the sundae maybe she feels like eating something else.

Kuroka the succubus is an incomplete story line so far.  Checkl your journal to see the available relationship level with the girls currently in the game.
The  journal also has a Game Completion percentage to let you know if you have completed all available content.

Kind regards,

Thanks for reporting this,  capricedhusara.

This is a new bug.  I'll get right on it.
Hopefully will be solved in the next release.

Kind regards,

Thanks, z4pper.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate feedback like this.  The H scene minigame is still being finalised. I expect it to change once I get better H scene animations are done by a better animator.

I feel new motivation to finish this game this year.

Kind regards,

Hi Name nAme naMe namE,

This is definitely not supposed to happen.

The upgrade to Unity 2020.1 introduced this issue where the location of sex scenes gets confused

It is a known bug and I am working to resolve it for the December release.

Thanks for reporting it!

Kind regards,

I just release 0.33.0 that solves this issue.

Thanks again for bringing this to my attention.

Kind regards,

Hi Daitana,

Thanks for the feedback.  The level streaming is very nice when it works and infuriating when it doesn't :)

I am working on a permanent fix for this bug, but I'll add a "Rescue Me" menu item to deal with this.
It will teleport your avatar to a safe place within the game zone.

Should be ready for the next release.

Kind regards,

Hi Kazuhira,

I’d like to support Mac & Linux on Vulkan  one day.

I will try to make a stable Mac build when I get to beta.  That is likely early 2021 at this rate

Kind regards,


There was a similar issue like that a while ago when not using a 16:9 or 16:10 screen resolution in Window Mode.

Try running it on full screen mode.  If that doesn't help could you send me a screenshot so I can work out what's happening?

Kind regards,