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InterLEWD Creations

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There is no way to remove the boulders yet because I have not made the Greenfen Forest area yet.

I’m working on sounds at the moment and I hope to get it into the game for the Patreon Release 0.11.0

When the next version comes out there will be another zip file.  Just delete the old files and extract the new files to the same folder.  There is no save/load feature yet so no need to worry about losing your game progress.

 Be sure to follow me here so itch.io sends you a notification as soon as the next version comes out.

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Sorry to hear about the crashes.  Especially since you paid for it as a patron :( 
I remember you reported it and I trawled code & the error logs, but couldn’t find anything specific that would cause a crash in that piece of code.

I did make some modifications around interactions which must have fixed.

I’ve added a mixer to the game and I need to add a screen to manage it.  I’ll do that now.  Least I can do for you, my friend.

I'm looking at adding a Save/Load feature soon. 

You're right.  The Fake Elf Ears are not usable in the current Public release, but it is in the current Patreon release.  The Journal screen shows this by only displaying 1 x circle for Rin.

More to come soon.

Thanks for playing.

The dialogue UI is the biggest complaint I get.  It's something I've been putting off until I can hire a UX designer, but I'm beginning to think it needs attention sooner.

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Thanks for reporting this.  

I’m about to upload 0.8.0 and I’ll double check the zip files before uploading 

Hmmmm... Reconsidering zombie girl

Nice suggestions, but I'm afraid there won't be any in this game.  

I'm conscious of some monster girls being overdone in other games.

I completely understand.  I don’t support the changes myself and I will be writing to Patreon about it.

Glad your still with me though :)

Thanks for stopping by :)

I do need more artists.  Why don't you send me some of your work at interlewdcreations@outlook.com?  We can talk it over.

I really wanted to, but I'm afraid not .  Here is why.

There are no buttons that are specifically called "Download" on the Patreon.  There are orange hyperlinks under the video.

You can get the Window 32-bit version here.
You can get the Windows 64-bit version here.

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Hi Poul, 

You should find download buttons for the 32-bit and 64-but versions on this page.

Just scroll down past the description and they should be above the comments section.

Alternatively you could go to https://www.patreon.com/interlewdcreations

There are download links right under the video in the “Play It” section.

Let me know if you’re still having trouble and I’ll send you a direct link

I know that the game can sometimes take a while to load after you enter a name and click "OK".  I am not aware of any crash.freeze bugs in this version.

If you are running a PC that has old hardware it may be a performance issue that is to blame.  The game is not yet optimised I am afraid.

Please ensure you are running the correct version for your system.  For instance, the 64-bit build will not run on a 32-bit Windows PC.

A couple of questions:
*  Does the game freeze where the Task Manager says the game is "Not Responding".
* Or does it actually crash and give you an error message before closing the game?  If so what does the error message say?

Thanks. I appreciate all the support and kind words.

Can't wait to see you on Patreon and on Discord

Thanks for the feedback. It's honestly great to hear from the community.

In regard to your questions:

  • I'm experimenting with a glow outline and a sparkling particle effect at the moment for interactive items.
  • There is a walk and run mode available in the Early Release for $5 Veteran Hunter patrons this weekend.  This feature will be available here in 1 month if you don't want to become a patron.

I hope that answers all your questions.

Hi Tacoscout,

Thanks for the feedback.  I love hearing from people who have played the game.

Now to address your points:

  • I have to rework the first person camera to be a proper POV in preparation for VR.  Because it's still early this feature is a while off yet.
  • The character outlines went crazy for v 0.2 for some reason.  I'm still investigating, but shader outlines will be very subtle when I'm done with the bug catching and fine tuning.
  • I'll decrease the minimum camera rotation so you can get those sweet angles.  In a future release you will able to see camel toe.  I've got the pervs covered ;)
  • I'll bump the Options screen up the priority list.  I've already programmed the sound mixer so it should be easy.

In regard to monster girl species, I really don't want to give away too much just yet.  You can expect some old favourites like nekomata (cat), kitsune (fox), succubus, etc. but you can also expect some lesser known monster girls.
I'm also trying to be aware of monster girls in other games so as to avoid too much cross over.

I'll be announcing new monster girls as we go on the Patreon and Twitter.

Thanks.  It's still early, but this is only going to get better.