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Thanks, mate.  It’s shaping up nicely.

To find Natsu you’ll need to run past the pond and follow the canyon to Greenfen Forest.

Then take the path to the village.

Kind regards,


Sorry to hear it.  Usually this is caused by antivirus software removing some core files required by the game engine.

Try this:

  • Disable your antivirus temporarily - usually a right click menu from the system tray
  • Extract the zip file again 
  • Run the file "Monster Girl Tailes 64-bit.exe"

NOTE: Don't forge to re-enable your antivirus software afterwards.

It may also be your zip software.  Using something free like WinRAR or 7-zip should be fine.
Sometimes the inbuilt Windows extracter doesn't work so well.

Kind regards,


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Thanks baltham,

You’re  right about the breast position.

it’s a minor bug with the breast physics.  I just have to modify the arm position 


Hi Black Finch,

I bought the original models from the Unity Asset Store and then hired artists to make heavy modifications.  Tools used varied by contractor, but mainly Blender and Maya.

I then use my custom mesh combiner to assemble the characters with hair, body proportions, clothing, etc.  The mesh combiner also rigs the skeleton accordingly.

I would recommend making your own character models instead of buying assets if you have the ability.  It makes for a more unique looking game and is a fraction of the cost/effort.I’ll never do it this way again :) 

Kind regards,


Hi DevyLost,

I'm glad you enjoyed the alpha so far.  

1) A "Continue" button for the main menu is coming.  I am sorting out some bugs with loading of the game directly from the menu at the moment.
2) Rather than add a reset position feature I'd rather just fix the bug.  Which H scene is it you are having issues with?  Which girl?

You can look forward to some more open levels and more characters in the not too distant future.

Kind regards,

I’m glad you enjoyed the game. It is still in alpha, but I have tried to put enough in the game that it is possible to see the potential of what the finished game could be.  The bugs will be fixed one by one as I go.

The dev tools are just for me when testing the game.  They’re no intended for players so there are side effects like you mentioned.  You can use them if you like, but you use at your own risk :)


Akeno, the cat girl, is hungry.  Ask yourself what cats like to eat.  Maybe have a look around the pond.

If you get stuck again you could ask the community for hints in Discord

Thanks for the high praise.  I’m currently working with 3D artists to rework the girls including boob sizes, genitals and clothing.  Hopefully I can put the new models in the game by Christmas and then I can fix some of those pesky bugs.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention.  The link is fixed now.

Woah.  That’s a lot of questions.  First, the Mass Effect dialogue will disappear on the next build.  Let answer your questions without giving too much away

  • No
  • No
  • Yes

I've solved the problem with the multi-part zip files.  Please download and try again.

There is a loading bug that I am working on right now, but it's proving to be very tricky

Make sure to down part 1 and part 2 zip files.  It’s a multipart zip file you’ll have to download from the web page, not the launcher.

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Sorry, Jeffff.  I’ve had to rule out playing as a girl or futanari.

You can read more about it here.

Kind regards,


This is the first time I’ve heard of this.

I’ll check the crash logs, but it’ll help me figure out the problem if you tell me a few things:

  1. Game version
  2. 32-bit or 64-bit
  3. RAM
  4. Video card

I have not observed the RAM gobling issue myself, but I'll take a closer look.

I have not yet done an optimisation pass on the game so I'm not surprised it runs poorly on low spec PCs.
The good news is that the new female models, materials and textures will drastically reduce the size of the project and the required memory.

It’s a standard zip so your software should be fine.

Just make sure to down part 1 and part 2 zip files.  It’s a multipart zip file you’ll have to download from the web page, not the launcher.

That has been replaced in the latest version.  Although I still need to replace all the screenshots :)

This is my fault.  The latest builds are in a multi-part zip file.  Turns out that the client launcher does not like that.

Go to the website and download both files.

I'm working on a permanent fix for this.

Maybe she is not in the mood for a sundae just yet.  What else do cat girls like to eat do you think ?

Thanks, but I used a multipart zip file to get around max file size of 1GB.
It would be more usefull if they allowed for at least 1.5GB zip files.

It's in the Greenfen Forest region, but don't waste your time here.
There is a more recent build here

You'll need to download a two-part zip file from the website though.  The launcher won't work.

Hi Formedras,

I hadn’t considered the client!  That explains the recently reported issues.

Looks like I have some work to do.  Thanks for the tip.


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Hi perryng123,

This was discovered recently.  It has to do with large resolutions.

Try 1920 x 1080 and it should work.  I should have a fix for the next version.

Alternatively you could try using the arrow keys to select the New Game button and press Enter.

Hi 2patient,

The music I am using is a temporary track until I can hire a composer.
You can find the track here

I am currently exploring adding first person camera as an option.  A lot of patrons have requested the ability to get upskirt camera angles.

Kind regards,

Hi Rpitsy22,

If you have not played for a while I think you're in for a real treat.

You should be able to interact with characters and items by walking up to them and facing them directly.  If they are in range then you will see an icon appear above their head.
Then just press E and you're interacting.  Hooray!

If that does not work be sure to check that your antivirus has not annoyingly removed some game files.
If it has then disable your antivirus , unzip the files again then launch.

If you still have trouble email me some screenshots at and I'll get you going.

Good luck, hunter.

Kind regards,

Hi FlyingBlind,

Thanks for your enthusiasm.

The success of the Subverse Kickstarter campaign is encouraging for adult games.  When I started making MGT I ruled out Kickstarter because back then I was a small fish with no real experience and I didn't think I could run a successful campaign.

It's very tempting to try Kickstarter now, but I have to think about those who have already pledged on Patreon.  I need to find a way to be fair to them if I also raised money from Kickstarter.

It's something I'll will have to think about very carefully.

Kind regards,

Hi Freeaccess

Thank you for the high praise.

Much more to come.  I am working with many artists at the moment and translation is certain on my radar.

Kind regards,

Hi jomeijackson.  Thanks for the bug report.  These are  useful.

1. This combine items issue is a new one.  I'll investigate further. 
2. I am working on the Dialogue System to use flags, but it is currently under-featured.  However, the Inventory System is clever enough to know not to add duplicates.
3. I'm currently trying to solve some pose issues in H scenes where arms and legs do things they really shouldn't :)
4. Not sure what you mean by "graphics do glitch".  Can you be more specific?

The game is not yet optimised so some lower end computers can struggle.

Kind regards,

I’m so glad you enjoyed it.

I still have to add the hint system & remove the boulders, but the Completion percentage should 100% if you have spoken to all the characters.

Update coming tomorrow ;)

Thanks so much.  I was so proud of the last release.

Next version should be out in a couple of weeks.


There are download links on this blog or you can got to the main page and use the link under the description.

Might be easier to just go here

Thanks, Johiny.  I am glad you enjoyed the game.

I am looking forward to finishing her dialogue & H scene.

Yeah, but she ain't that nice to elves either XD

I don’t have any official documentation, but I post regularly on Patreon with dev updates, discussions, polls, etc.  it only costs $1 a month.

I am working on new game levels and performance improvements at the moment.  Hopefully that alleviate your performance issues.

Ha!  I hope you’re exaggerating.

You can see your game “Completion” in the Journal screen to see if you have reached the end of the currently available content.

However, this has been bugged for the last two releases.  It’s fixed now, but I apologise if your experience was frustrating.

Yeah she is kind of a bitch XD.  I’m still working on the next level so you can’t remove the rocks just yet.

Soon, my friend.

Thanks for the feedback, Demrottens.
I love hearing from the community.

Right now there is no Save/Load screen, but there is a Quick Save (Press F5) and Quick Load (Press F9) feature.
No need to play the whole game in one sitting.

I am sorry to hear about your overheating issues.  I have yet to do a full performance pass. 
Have  you tried running the game with settings Fastest at 1280×720?

I'm currently working on the other game levels so you can go beyond that starting forest level.  There are a couple of small technical issues to deal with first and as well as juggling some art contractors.
There is only so much one man can do :)

Thanks for playing,

Awwww.  That’s so nice.

There are rules (mechanics) that determine success/failure.  So yes it’s a game.

I appreciate your kind words.  There is nothing I enjoy more than making games.

I have a feeling 2019 is going to turn out to be a good year for me and for the game.

No way to remove the rocks yet.  Working on it though.
Try looking down on the bank f the pond for something a cat might like to eat.

Thanks for taking the time to give me feedback.

I plan to add hints to the Journal screen in future to give you some basic guidance about what to do next with each character.