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It is "nuts is bolts"

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Wait this is on mobile? HOW?! Also yes please

oh, thank you for the information, and I'm sorry for the assumption, I have always struggled with slavic based languages. As I like to say; "Praise the developer".

Oh, thank you.

Hey, dev. I love the game so far, this is my first playthrough and I did the full prologue, I'm on day 16 and love everything about it, this game is truly exceptional,  if I was a NSFW video game critic I'd not only give you game of the year, I'd also give you a monetary prize, but alas that is not a thing... but praise is! 😃

Also, I LOVE story oriented games, that is why I play DnD, but unlike DnD I don't like having to grind out stats or money, I like the story, and inevitably at some point there will be something blocked by a paywall (in game money, that is, please don't be cruel) or stat requirement, I'd like to know a couple cheat codes so I can bypass those walls if and when i come to them, but either way, thank you!

Also I'll be posting more comments of praise  as I play.

Thank you for responding, iLEWD, I am glad to hear that it's possible for such an amazing concept not only to become a game, but also come to mobile, as for funding, next time I get paid I'll make sure to donate to development of the game! Thank you for being here to make the games that we really want (also I really like supporting indie devs).

okay, but a winning strategy that I use is that if busting is in less than 6 points, always fold

Unfortunately you can't have more than 1 girl over at once so that could only really be a thing with DEB, either she vores them or she gets vored, and YOU can vore anyone, you yourself can't use the shrink pill, though, so you can't GET vored. Although Ms. Lion could add this in the future, it won't be soon, because the way Ren'py works it is hard to code such interactions, especially for mobile.

What is it called? Link?

TYSM @SoloSurvivor I really appreciate your response, however do you know where I could find a list of usable commands? (You know, like "this is a command and here is what it does" or "this is a command and this is how you use it). 

Can someone please give me an in depth explanation of how the console works? Every time I try to use it to do anything other than to change the amount of a certain value it crashes the game! I'm on android BTW.


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Could the dev. make an android version? I don't have a PC. : (

But when I do get one I'll probably buy the game again... : )

PS: It's because I don't know how to use the "I already bought this" button

Is it because you are bad at or don't understand black jack? Or because the game is just genuinely dificult? If it's the first one then let me know and i will write you a simple yet helpful guide on how to play, next I'm available, or we can find a way to reliably contact each other and we can practice together, just blackjack that is.

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Their point is that the english translation button is already there, not to mention the game title and game page are already translated. Also point not being made english speaking people (especially americans) are used to reading poorly translated and/or poorly worded texts or translations of texts, so just put the script through any old free translator (although please don't use google translate, it is very bad at translating russian) and you have your translation... (Btw i know its russian because my sister took some russian classes and am good at remembering even the smallest details to tell a languages' lettering apart from others).

damn! just from the pictures I'm horny... great visuals!

its either because the file is too big for whatever overstuffed drive you're downloading it to, your computer thinks it's a virus, or your computer doesn't support .zip files.

oh, thanks

no but there is a wiki, here's the link-

you mix all 3 potion colors

I'd totally play if the dev made a mobile version. I mean it can't be that hard, they've already made mobile versions of 2 of their other game what's one more, right?

to get them to eat the steak you have to use the fork and feed them using the fork.