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Really well designed game! Sadly I couldn’t beat it due to the game crashing on the last level- I moved one of the move-in-the-opposite-direction blocks once, and then when I moved it again it would’ve crushed me, but instead it crashed. Very nice little game!

This game is surreal and I don’t understand what it means

I look forward to seeing where you take it

I’d happily play a mobile port of this! Love how chill it is!

Really cool idea, and pretty well polished! Sadly I couldn’t finsh the game because I got softlocked in the room where the cube is picked up by a laser after getting the green ability. the cube vanished, and my character got stuck in a loop while rockets kept spawning and just getting stuck on the floor

Lovely looking game! Felt a little hard to interact with the UI, but I’d say it’s pretty well made! Great work!

This game is so well polished! Feels pretty tranquil. Love how simple it is. Well polished, too! None of the levels took me more than about thirty seconds, which is a little disappointing for a puzzle game. But well executed overall! Great work :)

Super well polished! Love the scoring and everything. Nice little snake variant!

First PICO-8 game I’ve played this jam, and it was a lot of fun! loved the concept. Everything looked really cool. Great work!

I just woke up I wasn’t expecting a philosophical discussion.

Love this. Keep up the great work!

Really cute game! Love the concept. Found it a bit hard to dodge all the bullets, but what did I expect from a bullet hell? :p

I finally understand idle games

Neat little game! Hardest part was not getting pushed offscreen :p

Wonderful! Can only figure out the black cube ending, though :)

sighs deeply


I played for half an hour and had to stop when I reached over 100,000.

I love this game! Despite its simplicity, its gameplay loop is just so… addictive.

10/10 in my book!

Great polish, feels like the kind of thing you would play in golden era mobile gaming!

First off, the good:

  • it. looks. gorgeous.

and aside from that, it feels awkward to control, hole 2 seems impossible to beat, and overall just doesn’t… feel good.

Gorgeous art! took a while to get, though

This reminds me of well, my game! Love the presentation, puzzles were cool and the noises were super cute :)

Neat game overall! Liked the rolling. Music loop was a little jarring, though.

Really stylish pixel art with maybe a liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitle too much knockback sometimes. Level 4 was hard because every time I tried to kill the last guy I got send to the start. Super fun!

Very cute and fun little game :)

Really love that isometric style, definitely a fun game to play! Keep it up! :)

The concept of this game was super fun! I just wish that I didn’t have to reset the level every time I made a mistake, and also that I didn’t get repetitive stress injuries from moving.

Well done overall, though :)

Love the creativity, had me hopping around a lot!

What engine was this? Game feel was great and I’m curious as to how exactly you got a Vlambeer level of juice in such a short time

Obligatory nice

I liked it. Math game was pretty fun. Felt a bit weird to always start closer to some operations. I would’ve maybe started the player in the middle?

Thank you! Yeah, I suspected there were some game feel issues, but so it goes in a 48 hour jam.

And uhhh… let’s say that I left that in for speedrunners :p

Really fun! Presentation overall is great, and I like the concept! Unfortunately I have trouble with puzzle games sometimes, but ah well

Great work! Definitely one of the most subtly stylish games here so far :)

Thank you! And haha, yeah, doing puzzle design when underslept at 3 in the morning is like that :p

Controls are a bit difficult, but I suppose that’s the point :p

Great work! Really loved the animation and aesthetic :)

Very cool, cute game. Love the title text! Sadly I couldn’t quite figure out how to make a burrito :(

Favourite part was the radio!

I cannot drive….

Well done :)

This, despite its simplicity, may be one of my favourite things today. It took me a try or two to realize what was happening, but then I got through all of the really fun and seemingly intimidating but ultimately manageable waves without too much trouble.

Ranger was awesome when I finally figured out how to spam arrows towards enemies and then run away.

Keep up the great work!

Neat little game! The goops’ turns felt way too long, though.

DICE of the MICE

Very nice and cute little game :) Quite enjoyed it! Reminds me of some classic flash games. Dice didn’t seem to always register how they were divided, but so it goes.

Can’t play because it won’t properly display

Very cute! Love the artstyle and aesthetic :) Couldn’t make it past the first enocunter, but I don’t play this genre that much so that makes sense.

Doesn’t seem to fit the theme, and I kept getting caught on everything.

Really nice artstyle though :) Looks cute!

As said by many others…

the game doesn’t work