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I am safe from the horrors

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I think I already found a softlock in level 6 ;-;. Get the black block into the corner below the flag.

Nevermind, I’m dumb. If anyone runs into a softlock, go to the level where the green was, then do it again.

Oh my god… that’s how you do it. Thanks, I was stuck.

He uses Multimedia Fusion 2 and a Lua Scripting plugin (at least, that’s what he’d been using for a long time. I don’t know if lua is compatible with the web export)

He’s also been known to use Love2D on occasion, but he’s been using MMF2 for years and he knows it so well that he just sticks with it.

He streams sometimes, and when the subject of engines is brought up, he expresses that he sticks with the engine because it’s what he knows so well, but he’s also aware that it… is a little bit old, turning 18 later this year, so he doesn’t usually recommend it as an engine. Platforms that are comparable nowadays in terms of design would be GDevelop and Construct, but Godot’s also a pretty fast development environment, though more traditional in its engine design.

Haha yeah that was the original plan! Time always means slashing scope, sadly…

I mean… when you have a dialogue system and not much time to design levels, go for the dialogue!

Great music and art! Gameplay was little confusing, but still pretty good.

And I gotta ask… was that a Bill Cipher reference?

Amazing animation, and really interesting gameplay despite its simplicity! Only problem I had was with the screen cropping a bit weirdly. Well done!

Very nice puzzle game! Great level design, and great concept! Nice work!

Neat little game! Camera felt a little jarring, but short and sweet!

Neat little game! However, I must say that it feels not so much like you’re the combat system, but more like you’re just controlling both sides, which makes decisions a little less interesting because you can always just choose to do the least possible damage for the enemies. Well made, though!

Cute little game! Felt a little awkward to play at times, and running felt a little abrupt, but the final cutscene made it all worth it!

Very fun little game! I quite like the simple gameplay loop, it works well. Good job!

First of all: love the aesthetic. Truly an amazing game, and I’d love to see more things that look like this! The gameplay was pretty enjoyable overall, however I only made it to level three because the controls are… somewhat awkward to manage. A small complaint I have is that when you get stuck in a small space the wall bounce noise gets rather grating, and as such it may be beneficial to make it so there’s a bit of variation in future games! Overall, really well done!

Simple little game, but rather enjoyable! The art was great, and all the little characters were a lot of fun too. I will say, however, that the random placement of characters felt a little unbalanced to me, as I often found myself struggling to get stars without hitting several other people in the process. Well done overall!

Fun little game! Puzzles were all pretty intuitive, though the controls felt a little awkward at times. Got stuck on the level with the diamond and question mark, though.

I love the art style! The sounds were also really satisfying. Good job, and creative use of the theme!

I was worried about that little issue with leaving the interactable on the screen… but honestly that’s the kind of stupid thing I do when I discover a glitch in someone else’s game! Glad you enjoyed!

Haha yeah, definitely need some sanding of the edges around the cutscenes.

I will say though, designing all the levels on less than an hour of sleep, having the player just wait through an entire thirty second song seemed really funny.

Loved watching the characters in the arcade, and the music was amazing! Genuinely going to be stuck in my head for a while.

Quite enjoyable! I like the focus on capturing multiple targets. It also felt a lot faster than chess! Well done!

Amazing game! Super cool idea, and super polished! Controls felt a little unwieldy at times, but ă͕lļ͖̈͊ ͙̏t͢͝ḥ̟̐͘e ̠̏͛͢b̢͙̎̚ę̮͐̚t̜͙͐͒te͊ͅr͚͂ ̲͑̏͜to̰͒ ͉̩̅̂g͙͗e̤̦̔̚ṭ͛ m͔̙̃͠e̙̬͆̓ ̱͘s͇̑o̹͕͂̊o̮̝͐̎n̨̚e̯͍͊͠r͂ͅ.

10/10, love it!

Sweet little game! Enjoyed the sprites, and juggling the villagers was a challenge!

Fun design! Loved the art. Level design was a bit confusing at times, but it was all really well made!

Cool concept! Took me a little bit to get the controls. Favourite part was the faces!

Super fun game! I loved seeing all the characters and figuring out what to erase. Cool concept, but the art really sold it. Great job!

Creative idea! Felt like the hitboxes could’ve been more forgiving, but pretty good for a jam game!

Really well designed game! Sadly I couldn’t beat it due to the game crashing on the last level- I moved one of the move-in-the-opposite-direction blocks once, and then when I moved it again it would’ve crushed me, but instead it crashed. Very nice little game!

This game is surreal and I don’t understand what it means

I look forward to seeing where you take it

I’d happily play a mobile port of this! Love how chill it is!

Really cool idea, and pretty well polished! Sadly I couldn’t finsh the game because I got softlocked in the room where the cube is picked up by a laser after getting the green ability. the cube vanished, and my character got stuck in a loop while rockets kept spawning and just getting stuck on the floor

Lovely looking game! Felt a little hard to interact with the UI, but I’d say it’s pretty well made! Great work!

This game is so well polished! Feels pretty tranquil. Love how simple it is. Well polished, too! None of the levels took me more than about thirty seconds, which is a little disappointing for a puzzle game. But well executed overall! Great work :)

Super well polished! Love the scoring and everything. Nice little snake variant!

First PICO-8 game I’ve played this jam, and it was a lot of fun! loved the concept. Everything looked really cool. Great work!

I just woke up I wasn’t expecting a philosophical discussion.

Love this. Keep up the great work!

Really cute game! Love the concept. Found it a bit hard to dodge all the bullets, but what did I expect from a bullet hell? :p

I finally understand idle games

Neat little game! Hardest part was not getting pushed offscreen :p

Wonderful! Can only figure out the black cube ending, though :)