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This entire game was so heartwarming and cute, I had a really hard time keeping myself from squealing. And it went without a hitch for me. No errors or anything. (I once ended up losing my mind at one point trying to get the rabbit cameo, but I eventually figured it out.)

And my only complaint is Ratsu, like, seriously, if you're so hungry, then just acCEPT THE GODDAMN PECANS!! (Had to go to Hare and Riku for that exotic fruit. Bought it 5 times or something just because of his picky ass.) And I spent so much time trying to figure out witch foods do what, and while trying to get the Riku and Hare ending I ended up cursing Tanukawa 3 times (sorry)

But overall, I enjoyed it a lot. And my favorite ending out of the three I've uncovered was "Brotherly Bonds" (was that the name?). It was just so sweet <3

I really wish there were more games like these out there.

(By the way, what does the "Flos Pluvia" spell do exactly?)

I loved literally EVERYTHING about this. The voice acting was waaaay better than I was expecting, and the art was the basically the main cause of me clicking onto this page. Everything was so eye-dazzling, I felt relieved to see such high-quality voice-acting and art.

I hope the final product delivers.

Well, I've messaged you on Tumblr, which I think is private chat? Anyway, I hope you reply soon.

Oh, thank God, I would've hated myself if it was really you XDD Love the game, just so you know, even though I couldn't manage to get psst the mines. (I ended up having an emotional breakdown, thanks to me overthinking everything and imagining if Turkey would ever be like that...) But I do hope it's something that becomes popular in the Indie game community, and the I think th reason I think that is pretty self-explainitory

So you were at Eskisehir yesterday, shopping at Espark?? I swear, if I don't know, I'm going to have to live the rest of my life having crisises about not asking.

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I would honestly LOVE to be able to help translate this. My native language is Turkish, so if you were willing, I'd be able to translate this entire script. And if it helps, I know some people who also have English as their second language/know some other language natively. I'm sure that I could have them help you with it as well. (I honestly just want some of my friends to be able to play this without me having to read behind their shoulders and translate for them, it's really troublesome.)

Uh... Is that a yes?

Uh, well, this might come off as a bit of a straightforward/blunt(/rude?) offer, but if you would like, I'd be willing to translate this game into Turkish (Don't worry, Turkish is my native language and you can probably tell I can English pretty decently. And I kind of already have a small amount of translating experience.)

So if you ever think of going Turkish, I'm only one reply away!! (And I also know a few people who know other languages, so who knows? Maybe it'd be like killing two birds with one stone.)

This comment isn't really abot the game, but I was still wondering if you were still living in Turkey. And if so, did you happen to be in Eskisehir yesterday? Because we were in the Esparkk shopping center and I saw someone who looked EXTREMELY like you.

I ended up having a crisis about not being able to ask you right in the middle of a clothing store, so I really need to know.

This is my first and still favorite game on Everything was so good, so well-written, it honestly blew me away. I don't even know what to complement? The art, the story, the characters or the way you made me cry, like, three times.

I'm still recommending to anyone I see the moment the subject of "games" pop up.

The moment the full game comes out, I'll be throwing a mini-party in its honor.

I'm also expecting it to come out in different languages as well, so I can share more.

Hi, just here to tell you... this is probably one of the games I have the highest hopes for. The art style is adorable (except for some of the background images, which you've already listed as not permanent.)

And I'll be honest, I probably like all the characters a bit too much.

I'm also here to ask if this soon-to-be masterpiece is coming out in different languages? After all, I think everyone from anywhere should be able to play.

Hello there, just here to tell you that I LOVE the game and the characters (they're obviously my favorite part. Even though at first I literally felt like strangling someone, Everett mostly). I also haven't bumped into any issues, which is honestly really relieveing for a Mac owner. (Except for the time I spent about 3 hours trying to get love points with Jeremy only to realise he wasn't avaliable on the free version, but that's not an error. It's just me failing.)

It's also a game that I would definitely recommend to any friends who like otome and dating sims. I bet this is going to become the next best to MM.

And I was wondering if this game would ever come out in other languages? I would honestly love that.