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This comment isn't really abot the game, but I was still wondering if you were still living in Turkey. And if so, did you happen to be in Eskisehir yesterday? Because we were in the Esparkk shopping center and I saw someone who looked EXTREMELY like you.

I ended up having a crisis about not being able to ask you right in the middle of a clothing store, so I really need to know.


Full disclosure: the game will eventually show the rest of the trip, crossing the sea and leading through numerous treacherous lands until safety ...

Uh... Is that a yes?

That's a "the journey eventually continued all the way to Austria" ;)

So you were at Eskisehir yesterday, shopping at Espark?? I swear, if I don't know, I'm going to have to live the rest of my life having crisises about not asking.

No :) left Turkey in 2015 ...


Oh, thank God, I would've hated myself if it was really you XDD Love the game, just so you know, even though I couldn't manage to get psst the mines. (I ended up having an emotional breakdown, thanks to me overthinking everything and imagining if Turkey would ever be like that...) But I do hope it's something that becomes popular in the Indie game community, and the I think th reason I think that is pretty self-explainitory