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Hello there, just here to tell you that I LOVE the game and the characters (they're obviously my favorite part. Even though at first I literally felt like strangling someone, Everett mostly). I also haven't bumped into any issues, which is honestly really relieveing for a Mac owner. (Except for the time I spent about 3 hours trying to get love points with Jeremy only to realise he wasn't avaliable on the free version, but that's not an error. It's just me failing.)

It's also a game that I would definitely recommend to any friends who like otome and dating sims. I bet this is going to become the next best to MM.

And I was wondering if this game would ever come out in other languages? I would honestly love that.

Aaw, thank you so much <3! I'm so happy you like our obnoxious characters. And I'm sorry about the Jeremy thing :'D.

I'm not sure if we'd ever be able to translate it to another language. We don't have experience with that currently or any connections to those who could do it. But never say never. Maybe someday it could be possible.

Uh, well, this might come off as a bit of a straightforward/blunt(/rude?) offer, but if you would like, I'd be willing to translate this game into Turkish (Don't worry, Turkish is my native language and you can probably tell I can English pretty decently. And I kind of already have a small amount of translating experience.)

So if you ever think of going Turkish, I'm only one reply away!! (And I also know a few people who know other languages, so who knows? Maybe it'd be like killing two birds with one stone.)

Thank you! I really appreciate such a nice offer. We'll have to see if the game is received well before we can consider putting more time into getting it out there, but I'll definitely keep it in mind :D.