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Cubical community · Created a new topic Beta Dev Day #5

Wow! Didn't even recognise time went by so fast. Hello! How is it going? Welcome to the next dev day post for the puzzle game Cubical. Of course it's still in development and we've been trying to allocate as much time as we possibly could because of some various problems and because of University classes. But it's all right. We finally managed to polish the game a little bit more and added, removed, updated bunch of things.

When we first tried to upload the built apk file to google we didn't know if we needed to sign it so it turned out that the application was signed using debug key which was not good at all. For that matter we couldn't continue pushing new releases to the alpha testing because of the new sign mismatches. After many hours of trying to find solution for that we only come up with one last final that was to create a new store application and unpublish the old one. Yeah. Frustrating.

We have updated the google play store listing link here on the main page and also the downloadable apk file that are both new builds and should work fine until next build. We also had some problems with adding in app purchases. That way google was limiting list of available countries plus rest of the world. So this new version which is 1.1.8 doesn't contain any code for in app purchases.

Talking about only the problems never brings progress so let's relax and talk about some goodies! ^_^ We updated some of the downloaded default icons that we really wanted to do for so long. We also fixed some really funny bugs and animals and birds. Yeah a whole zoo! :D Current version also doesn't include levels menu. Instead the current level is shown inside the Cubical logo and you will notice it as soon as you make some progress into the game. It was too repeating, but don't worry we'll find another way of changing level that you wish to play. We also worked on changing some levels and still there are some things to consider. More sound tracks are need to be made too. It's gonna be fun!

As I already mentioned this is first Beta dev day post in the series and let's reach prod together. So far it's been good to have you here. It's been 37 days since the last Alpha dev day post but it's not gonna take that much time to write the next Beta dev day post. Sorry for the delay.

Now it's time to get back to work. But hold on a second! There's some more stuff to do here. :D Here's Itch Cubical Page for you to follow during Beta testing to keep yourself updated on the development. We really wanted to post on each day that we were working on the game but some of the days were not as productive, just trying to track down some bugs, etc. Anyways, don't forget to like our Facebook Page and get the brand new upload on the Beta testing page for Cubical Here!

I also have to update the links to the new store listing page in the old posts now. I'll take care about that of course. Go play the game good luck and see ya soon! :>

Cubical community · Created a new topic Alpha Dev Day #4

Oh yes! How is it going? I have a good news. The wait is over. Next alpha dev day post is here once again and the game got some updates for sure!

There we go. Let's talk about some of the stuff that we added/changed/replaced/removed. Items that help while playing the game. Item unlock and save system. At this point items don't look very nice in store and in game. Currently most working piece of latest addition is the item that removes the board flip when player steps on checkpoint while also saving position for a second chance. We've been thinking about all of the stuff that currently is happening in game and is going to be added and how all of that's going to work so it took us some time to figure all of that out and we have come to the one of several possible concepts that might even get changed (but not so much). Store lists all the active and passive items that player can buy using bits that one acquires through finishing levels. Then the purchased items can be used while playing the game and those are items are positioned on the bottom of the screen straight after the pause button that pauses the level. There are still basic animations that should be changed and made better somehow. We have a new (and still quiet buggy) member in the game that is notification that informs player about various events that happen in game. Also there's a dialog slider that is on it's way for one special item and usage of it in some special moments. Some minor errors were corrected and also level menu has a new design if it's not worse than it was :D. Now camera responds to the player death event by shaking as if it hurts so bad. The update is live and you can go check it out now! Get to the choppa I mean update! Nooow! :D

Here's some of the things that we are going to add in no time. We kind of wanted to make all the paths on levels connected i.e the ability to place start tile and finish tile side by side. There's a minor bug when the notification message keeps coming down and going up at the same time, thus being stuck at some place in between two possible positions, so that will get fixed next time surely. Set own checkpoint could be fun right? It's coming soon! The item will be unlocked and available in the store for purchase, then you can set the checkpoint anywhere you want though you have to use it wisely because the number of times you can use it is quiet limited. An item that revives player will also get added along with the item that shows you the path until next checkpoint. Some levels still need to be modified, adjusted and that's in our mind(and in our TODO list) too.

I'm now surrounded in whistles that is caused by the waves of fast wind outside. It's not very nice. It's rainy and it's cold. So I might as well go to sleep :D.

But hold on a second! There's some stuff to do here. Here's Itch Cubical Page for you to follow along with alpha dev day posts to keep yourself updated about Cubical game. Don't forget to like our Facebook Page and update your the current game installation or get new one Here!

Thanks for reading and hope to see you soon! It's been a good evening talking with you! :>

Cubical community · Created a new topic Alpha Dev Day #3

Heya! Welcome back to the third alpha dev day which was fantastic!

Here's a quick run down of some things that we added, changed. Bigger cube that is made out of boards (also called boss) had not so great rotation animation when transferring game from one side to another so that got an update and now it doesn't look so bad. We kind of improved the level menu design but it's all the same and it still needs some work. Player had to spend all the bits that is being accumulated after playing some levels and we are planning to add some goodies and items that will help completing large levels.

Difficulty of some levels may change because once it gets asymmetric it's really hard to remember the path and it's even harder if the table rotation happens when player steps on a checkpoint. We haven't mentioned about our level editor which is fantastic and we will talk about it later when the game will be released. All I can say about it now is that you can design any level using it even boss levels which are again made out of boards and you can also change some colors from there. We will separately talk about the game level editor's technical side once we release the game. Stay tuned once again!

I still don't know what was wrong with the workstation I've been talking about in previous post. It was full of malware and windows opening by themselves here and there so it needed a major safe cleaning procedure. It took almost 2+ hours to clean it and get it back to it's normal shape. It felt like it needed help so bad we had to put our pc master race mascot suits on to get it cleaned, get it "beasty".

As we are having some more free time tomorrow and the day after tomorrow it's gonna be quiet busy of course doing Cubical development. We still haven't decided upon releasing open beta version. Wait! :D Hold on! Stay calm. Everything's working fine. It's gonna be here soon.

Now that we have spoken about many of the stuff above let's finish this post with me making sure that you follow Itch Cubical Page and alpha dev day posts for more updates. Also don't forget to like and share our Facebook Page and play the game Here!

Thanks for reading, good luck and see ya around!

Cubical community · Created a new topic Alpha Dev Day #2

Amazing, just amazing! Today we got to work on a real beast workstation with 32 GB RAM, Xeon CPUs and Nvidia Quadro with 20 GB of video memory. Wait what? I had seen nothing so fast and smooth like that before.

All right now that I made sure that you know about it, let me write what we have done today. First thing that we made sure got added was the Send Feedback button that allows you to quickly send feedback directly to us. We also added the WebGL build that is already live on the Main Page here at Itch. We made sure that the weird UI system worked on large screens and that enabled the fullscreen mode to not look so terrible. However there might some minor bugs that we didn't recognize during testing and this post also has to serve as a police officer for all the bugs that we didn't destroy yet. Please make sure if you notice something strange to comment on this post so that we know about it and make sure that it never happens again.

Sun has already hidden behind the horizon hours ago, night has come and semi-quiet laptop fan noise is the only thing that remains not silent in the room so it's the time where we talk about the second alpha dev day! Cozy as it gets. That's right! It was raining all day and it was boring most of the time.

Here's some of the things that remain to be added, changed and are not far away from being alive in the game. We are currently worrying about the Levels menu and it's items because it looks really simple, flat and bit scattered. There's sometimes a weird transition from portrait to landscape and vice versa, sometimes when you are holding device in landscape mode the orientation gets changed to face up or something other than landscape left or right, then it activates portrait mode as we have it implemented and the game quickly changes screen orientation to portrait. Store is coming soon and icons at this stage need so much work because they are like default, sure some might say it works well but we think of different and much better ones that fit with the game's design. As we already mentioned in our previous post we are going to add google play achievements too at some interesting points inside the gam. Boss levels also need some tweaking that mainly is about the rotations and sometimes the path showing doesn't work correctly, but the idea that you get to play the game on the cube made of boards that are made of tiles stays the same.

Now let's end this second alpha dev day post together and I'm gonna make sure that you follow the Cubical Page, our Facebook Page and if you haven't tried the game yet here's the link to the Cubical Game which is also available on our page. Sharing also helps, trust me, it won't hurt anyone. :D

Thanks for reading, checking out and be back when third alpha day post is ready for you.

Have a great day, see ya around! :-)

Cubical community · Created a new topic Alpha Dev Day #1

Wow! First day of open limited alpha testing has been so exciting and filled with emotions. Whole day we were reading comments and feedback and what not around the internet wherever we have posted about the game.

This post is first from the series and is dedicated to development days during alpha testing phase! Surely we were waiting for this moment when we get to write about our game that is finally playable and contains lesser amount of bugs and errors than previously suspected. It finally feels nice to be able to show something to an audience, to people who might be interested.

Today was a bit busy crawling through the web. We got to test the game on couple of 7", 10" tablets and also on more powerful smartphones than mine (Huawei g620s) is. Frames per second seems to be stable on most devices that we currently tested. It's also surely interesting how other devices perform on the game load and rendering. Why? There are tons of devices that we don't have at our hands of course. For that matter and also for some showing off purposes we have decided to release the early access alpha version that has probably the simplest user interface and some of the design elements still need to be corrected, tweaked, changed. The store is in our "Todo" list too and the first level which happens to be the tutorial needs some more work too. Some achievements are also on the way. We know this at some level. We currently have a strict direction towards beta release which will be much broader than it is now and it will be as open as possible for all the testers who wish to get the game and play it, test it until production. We really thought at this point that it would be awesome to have people checking our game and sending us feedback if they are willing to. So we will be very thankful if you go now download the game and send us feedback about it!

Oh, wait I now thought of an in game way to send feedback directly to us, pass me the "Todo" list there's a brand new item I'm gonna add. Not kidding at all. It will be much simpler for you to send your thoughts this way. How nice it sounds to send your thoughts to someone, if we could do it in real life without ever saying anything to one another. That's one of listed impossibilities that Michio Kaku's book "Physics Of The Impossible" contains and if you haven't read it yet, I mean what are you waiting for? Go! It's awesome.

It's already 11:24 PM it wouldn't be any better without writing this very important post. It's nice to have you here. Hope you liked most of the things that is written above and hope you'll share our game with your friends, neighbors, family, dog, cat, polar bear, elephant, zebra, monkey, alien friend. We love them all :D! In fact we should have a party together!

I'm gonna end this first alpha day post with me making sure that you follow the Cubical Page. You can also find us on newly baked Facebook Page and of course here's the play store link if you have't tried the Cubical Game yet and this post made you do it :D.

Great thanks for reading this post. We sure will be posting on each of our dev days (meaning days when we do development) during the alpha and also beta stages and if you follow us we will together have nice journey to the beta and production release!

See ya around!

Cubical community · Created a new topic Welcome!
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Hello and welcome to the Itch page for game Cubical! It's been months since we started the development and finally the Open Alpha testing version is here.

Cubical (shaped like a cube) is a beautiful puzzle game that tests your perception skills using levels that change colors time to time. Player has to remember the path when the level starts and repeat the same using swipes.

We are currently offering the game only through android play store. You can use Cubical Page to download the game for your android device.

We will be more than thankful if you participate in Alpha testing and let us know your thoughts using Play Market reviews and feedback that we really need to finally release the game.

Thanks a lot!