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A small but heart-wrenching (and nicely polished) visual novel with a relatively simple story but an impressive depth of world-building around it! Emil and Emilia's story contains so much more than I expected, and I loved being able to find more context in the ending cards and story. Thanks so much for making this <3

A whimsical and macabre run-in with the Grim Reaper. Nice overall aesthetic and an interesting character study! Great work <3

Bittersweet and complex, with art and atmospheric effects to match. I felt as though I learned a lot about the player character as well as Gad, and the story, though short, was well developed! Encore!!

A fun little game and quite challenging to play! I love games inspired by letter-writing and it was fun to cobble together amorous phrases. I only lasted 9 days, but they were a fun 9 days.

This was my first delve into the Bertram Fiddle universe, and it was delightful! The story was full of quirky personality and unexpected turns, and each ending I encountered made me want to go back and see what else would have happened had I chosen a different fate. Thank you for making this!

Thank you for this guide and the linked resources! They definitely helped confirm some decisions I've been considering for my own GUI :)

This is a lovely little game! The tension you managed to build with the music and imagery really hooked me in. I felt that Aziraphale's groundhog day-esque confrontation with Gabriel was very fitting.

(Copying over from Steam)

I returned to this game, after playing Act I in June, when Act II came out- and it delivers on everything Act I promised with a vengeance and then some.

Act II is just as well researched and realized as the first act, and the story successfully sprawls across all the shell-shocked ground it  covers. Allies and foes alike are pulled into the light as you venture through the trenches as Elfriede, and through her words you feel the sheer gravity and fatigue of everyone who is caught up in the war.

The addition of so many new characters and perspectives enhances, for the viewer, what is at stake and what the war means to people from all walks of life. Though senseless acts occur, the actions make sense given the circumstances.

This drama works in contrast with its more light-hearted art style and somehow makes things all the more tragic when everything goes wrong.

BWH thus far is an arresting game that will take your heart, drop it on the floor, and leave it to beat helplessly through rain or shine-- and while it does pour, the sun peeks through!