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I really enjoyed this! It was charming from the get-go and hooked me with great characterisation and vibrant 1920s setting (I'm a fan of anything historical.) There are a lot of great tasteful choices made here, from the GUI design with its limited palette to the writing voice and integration of 1920s slang in contexts well-primed for modern players. The use of the backgrounds was simple but effective, and while different from the character art style, still conveyed each location nicely.

I'd be excited to know if there are plans for sprites of James, Elsie, and Cherry down the line! It's lovely to see those supporting characters be so prominent and fleshed out (especially featuring a constructive relationship between ex-partners) even in the short span of the demo.

I was already looking forward to the voice acting and it very much enhanced the story, complementing the delicate art style and character chemistry. They all sounded distinct and fitting, and I want to hear more of everyone!

Great work 💖

Your words and feedback are oh so darling, thank you so much! We will do our best to work diligently and bring more to you, for sure 💖

All our sprites will actually be redone, as the sprite artist who did the current sprites has not been able to continue due to unforeseen circumstances. The style is different, but we'll have sprites for all the characters mentioned and upcoming!