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1. Did you enjoy it overall?

Yes, definitely! Certainly an interesting world, even if it took a bit to get the hang of some of the terminology. I mean I know it's not quite the focus of the story at large but I'm curious how winners are decided in the arena, what a "round" consists of, etc.

2. What was your favorite part?

This is going to be a weird thing but I liked having the timed decisionmaking in the arena matches! Usually visual novels are very veeeery light on the mechanics sort of stuff and even if it's just a small thing, the quick thinking aspect of the timed decisions gives the fight scenes a quicker pace and more of a narrative permanence, even if you can technically save before/during (which is fine, obviously)

3. There are a lot of comedic moments, but was the drama included in a way that was able to put the comedy aside, or did it just seem an odd jump from comedy?

I thought it worked pretty well! In fact I thought the drama was definitely the focus moreso than the comedy, whereas the comedy was more a moment of levity.

also i seriously cracked up at the scene with Lilie following Santana... "NOW HE'S STEALING WATER!" |D also great to see her doing something so... well, silly! Since she's usually playing the straight man. somebody's got a grudge~

4. Who is your favorite character?

I like Siegfried but sickly tall boys with glasses are my bias, soo... I also really like his and Natalia's relationship, and how they're kind of a more serious version of the protags in their dynamic. I want to see how Siegfried's optimism that humans and reavers can just talk out their differences gets tested when faced with the real sociopolitical upheaval that this rebellion likely entails, and how that'll compare to Aldrich's general eternal optimism (or breaking thereof - idk how dark this is going!)

5. Who did you start to romance? Did you find it difficult romancing the person you wanted?

I just kinda played through the game but I ended up, I assume, beginning to romance Natalia, which is a-ok with me! I like the idea of a romantic relationship between a non-point of view character being the one the game focuses on, though, so once it's complete I might get Aldrich and Leslie hooked up in a subsequent playthrough.

Absolutely beautiful. Honestly I'd rate this one a must play for 2016 b/c it hits on a lot of the major sociopolitical themes that've come up this year (in the West, at least.)

The aesthetic brilliance didn't hurt, either.

You might want to warn of the flashing images in the scene on the third level - I wasn't expecting it, though flashing images don't bother me I know they're an actual medical issue for people with epilepsy. Wouldn't be too much of a spoiler to just make a note of it in the description I think.

Anyways this is one of my favorite free experiences I've had ever. Amazing job.

I was pretty happy to see a transhumanism themed game, and the pottery angle grabbed me as unique. While I can't say I share the same philosophy presented in the game (hell, on the account of the game dev, I outright disagreed with the "proper" course of action) I have to say this was overall a really pleasant, positive, and aesthetically pleasing experience. Working the pottery wheel was really relaxing, the abstract shapes you create are like freewriting or inkblots, they're pieces with little/no objective meaning that are not only really intuitive to create, they're also totally interpretive, and you can really get a lot of feeling out of so little - the Empress, especially, but maybe that's just because I'm a tarot fanatic.

The weakest part of this game was probably that it was a bit heavyhanded in its narrative. I think a lot of that comes from this being a game for Ludum Dare - thus it was made in a shorter span of time and is a shorter game. I think if it were a longer game it could've been expanded to include more mods and more possible ways to help each person. But maybe I'm just saying this as the idiot who gave the blogger The Knight so she could beat the crap out of her harassers.

I think there's a really solid foundation here, especially mechanically, and some people will definitely resonate more with the Zen themes than I did. It's ironic I played this on Father's Day, since my dad would've loved this. Definitely worth picking up again sometimes just to mess around with the pottery wheel.