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Okie dokie. Unfortunately, I've been way too busy with other game jams. Heh... fun fact: NEVER participate in several game jams at once. xD

lol That won't be necessary. xD

Hey, I just came across the jam, and was wondering: Are there any rewards? I couldn't find anything. Thanks!

Game is... pretty good. It is lacking audio, the aiming should've been better, as on occasion you can't hit them, it could use some audio, and the sprites are a bit blurry.

Hey, maybe eventually it will become Overgrown. xD

I get these jokes from my dad's side. Sorry. lol

UnityAL was made so you can have the most confusing layout in your Animator, and UnityAL will read it, so all your animations are literally at the push of a button! Just drag the script that is in the package onto your object that holds the Animator, and select the key you want to press for the animation to trigger, type the name of the bool that triggers it, and then click play and you have your UnityAL setup! No longer do you have to enter a million lines of code to test your animation, now you can do it with a key, and a string! 



*ahem* I hate to be that guy, but it is not speeded it is sped. Sorry...

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Thanks man! This is my first ever game jam, and I understand it can be frustrating to have to wait through these things, however the warning [of course in a game with flashy explosions, and a supernova] is VERY important so my family doesn't get sued by anyone. Also, I am by no means an Audio designer, so this was my first soundtrack, and all other sound FX were made via voice sounds, then heavy audio editing.

Also, it didn't really say go make friends, it said "make his friends not suffer a terrible fate" maybe I should've made a READ-ME.txt file, and I understand I probably should've made it possible to skip the opening scene. I was pondering making the screen shake, and also debris be able to hit, and damage the player, however, I had spent 2 days of the 7 to brainstorm on the game, then the next 3 were lots of trial and error. 

The upgrades are very minor, to add a sort of grind element to the game, so the player has something to work for. Also, the gun does always shoot [shoot delay is kind of tedious at first [hence the fire rate upgrade]], and also the aiming does [of course] rotate with the player so sometimes it may actually hit the player.

Thank you for the feedback, and I apologize for any inconveniences in my game. -Wildfire Games :)

Yeah agreed. Thanks for the feedback tho!

Yeah, that was my first ever soundtrack I've made, so that was the best I could do. Also, the controls are in the description

Make sure to rate this game for the #BTPGameJam! Thanks!


Hey, if you enjoyed the game, make sure to rate it! Thanks! :)

Hey, if you enjoyed the game, make sure to rate it! Thanks! :)


Glad you like that, now you can raid your own country! xD

Thanks man! Also, I have added Earth!

Agreed. I'll do that.

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Also, I'll probably nerf the last statue to 1/2 the health, and set time to 10 - 15 minutes, as more planets will be added. Not Jupiter, or any other gas giant though [Unless I make incendiary rounds lol] I mean, the code is there for a secondary gun, I just need to make it.

Thanks, man! Also, I am working on adding Earth so that people can raid their own country [XD] and wanted to know what you think. 

Thanks! The last statue has 1500 HP to be extra hard, in which... wait... did you know you could spend skill points on fire rate, and damage? Hold TAB. Also, I was going for more of a Descent feel in controls. Mouse look, W is forward, S is reverse, A - Roll Left, and D - Roll Right. rolling will really come in handy one I add the asteroid belt. >:D Thanks for the review!

I played a previous version and there was this giant T shaking on the planet. Trust me it could be worse. 

Literally just a shaking T...

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I agree. I posted a very similar thing below your comment like an hour ago. I didn't want to be mean, but it just doesn't feel enjoyable with how rushed it was...

Heck, he might just have bad english, and not have it as his primary language, but it even says: Plant Defender, though the theme is Mini Planets.

Could be a good game. Not sure what to think currently tho. It has 

  • Very Slow Pace
  • Bad Colliders
  • Spelling typos
  • and Could use better art.