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Inferior Planet

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I've not seen this before but I'll take a look, kind of a baffling issue. 

What are you using to unzip it, just windows' default? I wonder if it'd play nicer with winrar or 7zip or similar for some reason - just as a workaround until I can figure this out.

Keybindings are in the works! They used to be in as part of a config window Unity had built in, but they sneakily removed that in one version or another so I'm having to implement my own solution.

I thought I mentioned that in the tutorial, I'll go back and check - I should also mention the tutorial can be re-enabled through the settings screen.

Yep! On mobile the status screen can be accessed by tapping on your health/shield/power indicator. On PC this can be accessed using the "I" key.

Not at the moment. It could be cool down the line and may be an option if I implement controller support in general, but this isn't a terrifically simulationey game - it's more Freelancer than Elite if that makes sense.

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Interesting, I've never had that happen. Currently, both Empire and Millikan rep is increased when killing Cartel ships in neutral or IMC space, but Empire rep increases MUCH more slowly than Millikan rep decreases if you kill them in Millikan space, and vice-versa.

I figure this is a bit of an edge case given that it can only happen if you're close to allied with the Empire and decide to go pirate-hunting for Millikan (who you have much lower rep with), which is why it hadn't been found before - I'll try to include a fix in the next patch.

Thanks for the report, I genuinely wouldn't have found this otherwise!

Edit: Not 100% sure how this happened to you, I reviewed the code and it would appear that in Millikan space Empire rep is reduced by killing Cartel ships, as they don't appreciate you doing pirate hunting on their enemy's behalf. I'll double check whether or not there's a Millikan sector that's tagged incorrectly as a next step.

Edit 2: Looks like all the sectors are tagged correctly. I'll attempt to reproduce the issue and report back if I manage it.

It is not - it's built more in the image of something akin to Freelancer or Galaxy on Fire, and has pitch, roll, and yaw plus forward-only throttle control. Not very realistic but I like the kinds of maneuvers it encourages!

Very excited to pick this up! The beta and steam games festival demo were both fantastic.

Sweet! I own this on Android, but is there any chance of it showing up on PC as a downloadable game? In-browser stuff is fun but feels a bit limited in some ways.

I can't really make effective use of it because it's the opposite of what I expect when compared to games like Everspace - an option to do this, separate from the flight axis controls, would be awesome!

I do plan on updating the game some after the jam finishes, so check back in a few weeks and I might just do that!

True, I've noticed the same thing. I have some ideas on how to mitigate that that I imagine I'll implement in a post-jam version.

For one, I plan to make destroying a pirate restore a small portion of the player's health - I'll probably also reduce the rate at which "right-handed" ships spawn, too.

Man, I am a real sucker for time loops. Well done!

Good work! Gives me those Kerbal Space Program vibes, and it looks pretty nice too!