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Inferior Planet

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Very excited to pick this up! The beta and steam games festival demo were both fantastic.

Sweet! I own this on Android, but is there any chance of it showing up on PC as a downloadable game? In-browser stuff is fun but feels a bit limited in some ways.

I can't really make effective use of it because it's the opposite of what I expect when compared to games like Everspace - an option to do this, separate from the flight axis controls, would be awesome!

I do plan on updating the game some after the jam finishes, so check back in a few weeks and I might just do that!

True, I've noticed the same thing. I have some ideas on how to mitigate that that I imagine I'll implement in a post-jam version.

For one, I plan to make destroying a pirate restore a small portion of the player's health - I'll probably also reduce the rate at which "right-handed" ships spawn, too.

Man, I am a real sucker for time loops. Well done!

Good work! Gives me those Kerbal Space Program vibes, and it looks pretty nice too!