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A member registered Nov 10, 2018

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but will it be drm free on steam tho

Can you post your upcoming title on GOG.Com. i only buy Drm Free Titles

So i can play the version only ?

Why is this version Around 1gb but the steam one is 5gb.

oh alright sorry. what do i have to do to get one ?. i really enjoyed the demo so i would love to play the full game

will the full release be free ?

What do you mean with a free steam to anyone who asks for it?

Well if the game is going to be paid im not buying it. i dont think its a good idea making the game free at first and then changing it to a paid game. You should just said its a demo or that its a beta.

Will there be anymore updates ?

it looks really cute. good gam

Im gonna follow you here on itch so i can see if u update the game

Alright, just wanted to tell you that the game looks amazing

it looks amazing  i mean the graphics are amazing but its lacking in gameplay. still i enjoyed it somehow

I really liked your game and i hope you finish it. it had a gorgeous artstyle and amazing mechanics. didnt enjoy nykra though. probably cuz i dont really play platformer games anymore.

I have an question is the game complete or in development ? also if there is going to be a full release, will it be free ?

this game is amazing hope you continue development

Dude it looks amazing i'll make sure to check it out :)

Man thats a really hard question. My all time favourite has gotta be Hitman Absolution. But if we are only counting games it would be Fran Bow. Man i miss Fran Bow, its such a good game. But  i also really like stray cat crossing and sally face so i dont know man.

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So i've been looking through the Top Rated list and havent found anything really... that high quality. Im looking for some high quality 3D, 2D, RPGM, Open World, FPS, TPS, Platformer, Top Down, Horror, Roguelike Metroidvania, RTS, Low Poly, Pixel Art, Painted,  Cartoon, Photorealistic, Aesthetic, or Survival. Any of those tags as they are my favourite :) Now please dont post Visual Novels  if they arent Extremely HQ as i generally do not count VN as ''Videogames'' So yeah guys if you know any HQ Games with these tags then please tell me. I dont mind if you are promoting your game. Thats all i hope you all have an Amazing Day.