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It's Never Dark Enough

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Thank you so much for taking the time to write your review! We really appreciate it! We're incredibly proud of the art in Shattered, and count ourselves fortunate to work with the artists that we did. If you have any suggestions or ideas on how to improve the game, please feel free to reach out on social media or join us on Discord. We try to engage our small community as often as possible and would love your input as well, both for Shattered and some of the other projects we're working on.

The INDE Team

Thank you Ben_John, we're glad you think Shattered is awesome!

Thank you, we hope you enjoy it!

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A little late, but please add our game, Shattered, to the bundle:

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Shattered: a Grimdark RPG is a tabletop role playing game set within the world of Feneryss.

The world was torn asunder by dark forces trying to summon the god Ragnarok. Those attempting the ritual had failed in bringing forth there god but what was left was a harsh and unforgiving world. Those left sought shelter were they could and began the task of survival. Millennia has past and the descendants of the event now known as the Reckoning emerge changed, no longer one, but eight distinct races. each with their own strengths to try and tame this unforgiving world.

Contained within this book are:

•Full rulesets for players and a guide for Game Masters.•
• A detailed description of the world of Feneryss, its important places, and interesting people, complete with gorgeous full color landscapes.•
• A helpful guide to the 8 playable races, their cultures, and their origins.•
• An experience-based character development system: create the adventurer you’ve always wanted by purchasing stats, talents, and skills.•
• Archetypes, such as Arkäna, Conviction, and Psy. Manipulate elements, raise the dead, use supernatural forces, and pierce your foes mind.•
• A complete tutorial for constructing and operating your own unique airship. Take to the skies as a sailor, mercenary, merchant, or pirate!•
• Craft the ultimate enemy and surround it with an army of underlings using our monster creation system.•
• A visually detailed Bestiary filled with more than 75 monsters, and a guide to creating your own!•


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