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thanks! and yeah i definitely should have done that

the yellow things spawn on the left of the white thing and when they circle around and hit it again you shoot. Also i wanted to make a better image but the jam was running out of time and i didnt really have any ideas.

Super chill and i like the graphics but i didnt really feel too compelled to keep playing after the first time playing

the game got a lot easier once I realized you shoot faster if you stop switching directions. Very cool mechanic


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Thanks! Yeah I definitely rushed releasing the game.


i won

Like how for example hearts of iron 4 is about WW2 but there are alternate history stuff in there.

i dont know i dont use unity

 sorry i didnt see, thanks

Like for example could i use RNG for snow particles coming from the side of the screen. Also could i use something thats typically random but not really like the dice from the king dice fight in cuphead.

sounds very neat

I think its really good but sometimes you cant really see where you're going

i beat the game, i kinda wish the mic placement was random so that it would be a bit more interesting however this is a banger game

Its just snake. I die randomly for whatever reason.

Honestly it was pretty fun. It was very similar to VVVVVV so good job. I didnt like there were hazards past areas that you could see so you would just die though.

Like say for example to defeat enemies you get them to fall in love with you and then break up with them and then they get sad and go home?

Thanks, I'm glad you like it!

There is a full version for $1

No problem, it was a fun game. And yes you can if you like.

I don't think it was necessary for you to tell your age in the description and rather describe the game and what its about. The actual gameplay on the other hand was really fun and I liked it a lot, the game could definitely do with a lot of polish but its really fun and the mechanics while simple are used really well. The level design in some areas was pretty bad such as having to make leaps of faith because I was unable to see an off-screen platform but in other places it was really cool and interesting like when at a point the entire floor was spikes and you have to maneuver along the ceiling. Very cool game.

The game starting right as I open the page is pretty annoying because of the sounds. The graphics would look really good if the pixels didn't have anti-aliasing on them. The logo for the game is pretty bad in my opinion and the goal of the game is very unclear without looking at the description.  Everything that isn't actual gameplay is really janky and the entire game is very unpolished as well as the music and sound getting annoying after a short time. I think the game certainly has a good idea but it isn't well executed. 

He never completed his flight training.

banger game

That's fair,  it got removed from that jam because I didn't realize the game had to run on a Gameboy so that's a bit of a silly on my part. Also the game was originally made for this jam in the first place. Also thanks for being understanding and I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

It was removed for being made for another jam but i submitted it to this jam first and i didnt start making the game until after this jam started so im a bit confused. It was made in a little over 6 hours about 12 hours after the jam started i believe  

i didnt realise, sorry

I like the banner animation a lot.

(Also the game is pretty sick)

Thanks :D

Can I use the mouse? does the mouse scroll wheel and controller joystick count as a button?

I think that the art and audio is really good but in my opinion the gameplay is somewhat lacking, its not very interesting and it leaves a lot to be desired. Also a death animation or something would have been nice as well as a way to play in browser. I especially really liked the space ship sprite and title screen.

I think I just pressed enter while I was selecting  the wrong thing

I think I put that there on accident. It has been removed :)

this is actually a really cool concept though some music would be nice

Thank you! :)

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I love the concept of the game that you have to gamble to get your defenses and the art is amazing and I love how juicy it is when you pick up a vase but I feel like everything else is somewhat lacking in terms of feedback and gameplay and I'm not sure its very balanced. Though honestly the concept alone is incredible.

the art is amazing and the gameplay is pretty fun though its lacking in player feedback, the music is really cool too.

I'm not sure if there's anything I can do about it firing when the mouse leaves the game (in browser I mean). Thanks for the feedback!