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I feel like you just didn't want to do collisions

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really fun game but i got this crash. "memory allocation failed: attempting to allocate 433152000 bytes at gml_obj_shadow_renderer_draw_0"

also i feel like the parry and the push could be the same thing? it just feels a bit weird having 3 buttons that are all just different version of pushing the shield forward

cool game very goofy, would be cool if there was another section with something to do with the fire extinguisher or engine room but still very fun and cool goofy game. 

trash man 3 - taking out the trash

I think having an option to swap the left and right inputs would be nice. I understand that its to represent each leg but I would find it more intuitive if you turned in the direction you were pressing. 

music still bangs, you can get into the walls if you get pushed in by the moving ones

i liked when he said "its hoppin time" and then he hopped and bopped all over the place

theres a weird thing that im not sure how to fix where you sometimes cant control the ship when you first click on the game, it should work fine if you reload the page

thats an issue with the html5 build with gamemaker i think, you might just have to reload the page

its pretty cool but sometimes the cards would do something different than what they said

i dont get it

You know like make em see through ya know??????

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finally someone sees my vision

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do not eat the gongff ball

i love the ending

its like weirdly satisfyingly

my thoughts exactly


1actose made this

Thank you! I'm happy you enjoyed it.

Played for a good 2 hours straight

pretty cool

i speedran it. prety gud :)

I like the concept a lot and its really fun, its just a bit janky sometimes.

very simple but very very nice

Do i have to have submitted a game to be able to rate other peoples?

Really cool game.

I killed Jeff

I was pleasantly surprised several times. The only thing I dont really like is that i would often take damage as soon as i entered a room before i could really see where enemies were. But other than that it was an amazing game!

Thanks! I think there is a bit of friction but I didnt add it correctly or something so its pretty inconsistent when it happens. 

Very fun and silly. I would have liked some music though. Good game

its pretty fun but its a bit confusing when starting off

i like that you have to sacrifice your gummies to buy defenses. the only thing i didnt really like was that you had to give your guns ammo.

The gameplay is very fun and the presentation is very nice but the lack of coyote time and variable jump height annoying at some points. Also the display for the controls was shown after i would have needed to know them.

I like the art and controls a lot but most of the hazards were really annoying and it didnt help that you had limited lives.

Its a neat idea buts its just drums without any real gameplay.

The game is pretty fun and interesting and the visuals are really nice but i always got a bad grade and i dont know why

thank you :)

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you shouldve got that steam key bro