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Really liked the idea of different weapons on each arm and the melee weapons. Mind you I did not have a controller handy and the keyboard was a struggle as warned, but I still a good impression nonetheless. Vertical section was definitely very tricky because of the spikes. 

Really great sound and graphic design as well, retro but also very clean. 

Really unique idea that I think is well executed. The tiny humans running around your feet give a great sense of scale and reinforce the giant hunk of metal you're controlling. Sometimes I found the mech a bit hard to turn but perhaps that was intended. 

The non-linear movement style was also really interesting and definitely enhanced the stompy vibes. 

Your art style is growing and growing on me. At first it was very cool, now I'm obsessed. Has an incredible identity to it.

Really enjoyed this, congratulations for achieving this in the time available. The game controlled really fluidly and I enjoyed the character controller and hover/flight mechanics. The sandbox find the crystal gameplay was refreshing and relaxing, and when combined with the on-foot and flight systems the level acquired a sense of scale and verticality that gave a new dimension to the level. Exploration vibes are on point and I think there's heaps of potential for unique level design. 

I also really loved the mech design. I do love me some low-poly simple material characters and I think your mech is my favourite out of the jam. Design is awesome, and the animations are really convincing and smooth.

If I had one critical point it might be that while the camera is super dynamic and exciting, the smoothing/acceleration made it a little difficult to aim accurately, so perhaps it could be toned down to give the player better control while in aiming mode.

Awesome game!

Love the vibes. Really pleasant overall package with good structure.