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Impossible Realms

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...I probably laughed a lot harder at this than I should have... Nice job BTW.

Well, because of my own stupidity, I got a score of 0 the first few times, until I reread the instructions. Well, once I learned that I was NOT supposed to let the skulls through, it was a pretty fun twist.

Well, probably better execution than the other version of this idea I've seen. I still don't get why no one (that I've seen) has tried mixing Tails's actual physics into a game like this. Maybe you could try having Tails have to fly across platforms, and then land on them before he tires out and falls. Just an idea, in case someone here wants to make a fangame out of it. Regardless, I would say its a fairly solid flappy clone, but I do wonder: "Why you aren't using actual sounds from the Genesis Sonic games?".

It probably would be easier for me if I could stop reading all of those fake tweets. Nice jab at King BTW...

Eye now u've mad a Sanic gam, n it suppused 2 b bad, butt were's da musik? Ain't Sanic suppused 2 hav a ear-killin' rimix of da Gren Hil Zune sung playn' in background? I giv too sturs untl fix!

Most of the challenge comes from the pokeballs often spawning in places they can't be dodged. If this was fixed, deaths would feel a lot more fair. Also, the score area's text changes to "Text" for a split second every time the game resets.

Plays nice, except for that its a bit too fast to see obstacles coming.

The clicking is sometimes a tad unresponsive, otherwise, a pretty clever and fun twist!

Wow, you're making an actual DOS game with CGA graphics? That's some serious dedication, I admire that!

Eh, I'm kinda against the sentiment of making a genre-based theme. I'd feel that'd do a lot to make all the games feel "same-y". Like, if all the games are platformers, there's only so much you can really do, and to be quite honest, most games would end up being not-Mario. Likewise, for racing games, fighting games, etc. there's also games that many people will try to emulate. Personally, I'd rather see more variety in the jam, especially since the CGA aesthetic is criminally underused by indies. It would kinda stink to see so many people make what amounts to essentially the same game with a new coat of paint.

Completely new to Dreamcast Homebrew, and won't have time to start for a while, but I know I'll probably try doing something in 3D, and also has VMU functionality of some sort, since the VMU always fascinated me, and I'm a masochist when it comes to stuff like this. I do know that 3D Dreamcast Homebrew is indeed possible, since I've seen plenty of it on Youtube, but I'm gonna have to find me a good tutorial for how to work with the 3D hardware...

Thanks for the quick start guide! I've been looking into trying out Godot for a while, so this will come in handy!

So...let me get this straight. Half Life 3: Spooky Ghosty is a strangely odd game made by a novice team featuring, among other things, horror, Sonic OCs, muffins, and artificial restraints to focus the game on it's advanced 2D physics, all while bringing awareness to the LGBT community?