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This is a very interesting game. The first thing I tried to do was kill the eye, then eat it, it seems like that wasn't what was expected, but I can't quite tell. Exploring is very is strange.

The environment and camera angles give this game such a sense of intrigue.

I really liked this! The dialogue is (to me) a rather charming mix of more serious, either introspective or philosophical leaning dialogue, and some more lighthearted gags and 4th wall breaks (I'm not always a fan of them, but they work rather well here, I feel).

The Ace Attorney crossover works fairly well; the whole evidence system is definitely simplified compared to the actual AA games, and that works quite well for a game of this format. 

Also, a minor note, I quite like the fact that Marisa appears fairly well-read. It's a take on her character that makes perfect sense, seeing as she's a book thief, and yet one I rarely see done. And as a maths student myself, the "hearing something and then making an analogy to something more abstract in mathematics" is just oh so relatable, lmao.

Really fun! For something made in 3 days this is quite impressive. Also, I'm not sure if this is intentional or not, but being able to use your spin move as a double jump is actually really fun mobility-wise,and helps make Youmu just feel quite nice to control (but also it lets you exit the main stage when combined with the dash, which I don't think is intended?)

Also, I have no idea what this would actually entail (or if it's a remotely reasonable thing to do), but honestly this makes me wonder if it's possible to mod Youmu into RoR. 

Really fun! seems like a really nice game to speedrun. The physics reminded me of the fancy pants adventures series from the olden days, so it really felt like a nice little blast from the past.

I really loved this! The sound design and backgrounds in general worked really well to accent scenes. I loved Reisen's vibes and style in particular, absolutely *immaculate*. I really liked the way Kana and Kotohime's dynamic was written (and also, as someone who's grayromantic myself, the representation feels very nice). A small thing, but I do like the way it was split into parts, with each part having a notably different focus; I think that helped to keep the transition from feeling jarring. 

The one thing I want to comment on is that Mokou's change of heart felt a tad sudden to me? I don't mind it per se, and I feel like the way that entire exchange was implemented and written still made it a really effective moment. It's moreso just that Mokou's previous conversation and the way she seemed to talk about Keine in particular gave me the impression that she might need some more time to think about and understand her own feelings. 

Also, would it be feasible to release the surprise bullet hell section as a standalone thing, or to provide an easy way to replay that specific section? I'm nowhere near good enough to actually do well in them, frankly, but they still seem like they could be a fun thing to try and get better at. 

A fun exploration of queer identity and some non-euclidean geometry~

love it!

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Besides that, the "Xe" door seems to be somewhat buggy; It didn't let me enter it from the front, but when I tried to enter from the side, I effectively got stuck inside the door, only being able to walk back and forth and trigger the dialogue

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I really love this game, but I did encounter a glitch where, while walking through one of the pronoun doors repeatedly, back and forth, and ended up falling out of the world

this is the first one ive played that i actually needed to write out some notes for, and, wow, that was actually quite satisfying. i was kinda unsure if the oneyed bats clue was supposed to be the, well, one, or if it was supposed to be 8/4, that felt a little unclear at first. 

also, i am embarassed to admit how long it took me to figure out what the super chess clue was.

This is actually really good.  Strange as it may seem, I really like how many opportunities to turn down Toyle's advances, it made it seem more real to me.