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Thank you for your help but, i'll just stay like this.

It's good though, it's fun but i don't know how to do something on the patient i just read the ripped things in the 'key search' (idk)...and, i dunno what to do next

I don't want anyone in real life to know this... i'm scared...  if my parents knew about this i don't think they'll get worried.. they'll..... ..... ......


Hi Tokimekiwaku! i have played all of the liar liar you did! I really like your art styles, the blood of yours is good. I don't know how to draw splashed bloods on my animeee...Mind if you teach me pls? I just wanna be like you. :P

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THERE ARE SO MANY ENDINGS!!! AND I NEED MORE!! THIS IS THE STORIES I LOVE!! YANDERES!!! PLS MAKE MOREEEE i wish i know how to do splashed blood on my animes...;v;

this is hella hard

I didn't get any Doctor/therapist, i'm only 11.. but i think like a mature person.

This game is good, and i'm depressed.(i made an account because of this.)

i am from the philippines and it seems the creator too,(i guess)

I have a depression since i was 6 years old, i am so depressed and tired of my life.

Keep talking to myself saying "Why do i exist? do i need to live? i'm nothing, i'm useless, i'm helpless, i'm a mistaken child, i don't deserve a family. I just want to die while smiling, my heart hurts so bad every night i cry ti'll my eyes hurt. But this is fine, i want to be tortured." Sometimes i  laugh insanely and hurt myself badly, i'm so tired so i promised myself when 3 strike, i kill myself. There's 2 strikes and my end is coming near, i keep giving up because of bully. They judge me for who i am, but they only became my friend because i'm funny. I have a one best friend, who only truly understands me, i am addicted to online games because people who's on online games understands me too like my best friend. I have a one classmate who likes to ruin everything to my life, and i always smile even it hurts. This is true, "The nicest person gets hurt a lot the most." When i was 8 i point a  knife into my neck, but my family came so it didn't happen. If i didn't kill myself and i turned 18, i'll start killing people. I'm just wasting my life, promise aren't meant to be broken, so i did the 3 strike. I always sing when i'm alone because they hate when i sing, but sing well. But they do not like me so they don't like anything to me, my parents only cares about my grades. So i don't tell anything about my exams or anything, because when they see it, they're dissapointed and probably ground me. My family keep saying to me "Your nothing but a naive child!" "Your so stupid!" "You don't know nothing in the world!" "your so lazy!" my sister agrees too..."youre so annoying" "i won't ever love you" "buy your own!" "faster! i don't have much time!" "ahaha your ugly ____." i have many more problems in this world, can't fight my depression. "I'm not perfect, they want me to be perfect."
Sadness is always on me

Knifes always in my body

Words In my body

People hate me

i just want to die.