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Hi guys!

We are running our alpha testing program over at our Discord community, as soon as we reach the Beta status we will start distributing it here on itch, and on Steam

We will be cross posting all our devlogs here, but you can always join us on our Twitter, Facebook or Discord Server.

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In order to translate Sudoku Zenkai to as much languages as possible we decided to launch a "crowded translation program". 
Basically we have all the text used in game in a site and everybody can translate to their native language!

What do you get? Based on the percentage of strings translated:

  • >30%: Your name on the credits as a translator!
  • >60%: You can design an emblem or theme with us.
  • >100%: We're giving you a key for one of our games or apps (including in-app or in-game purchases) of your choosing!

You can start translating right now! Just follow the link:

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Join us on our server!
For news and updates follow us on:
Instagram:  https:/

[New] Nebula background

[New-DLC] Stellar Spacecrafts DLC, 5 new spacecrafts for your adventures!

[New] Lost Spacecrafts

[New] 3 new tracks on the Original Sound Track

[Improvement-Endless] Drops are now connected with kills and wave counts

[Improvement-Endless] Increased Health % gained on drops

[Improvement-Endless] Added drop labels on the ready Menu

[Improvement-Endless] Added weapon progression

[Improvement] Added behaviour that automatic places the player inside the play zone if it goes outside of bounds

[Balancing-nerf] Mirror, now slows down when firing

[Balancing-nerf] Atomic Bomb and Y2K, now have cooltimes

[Fixed] Perks/Consumables being retained between runs

[Fixed] Invulnerability bug caused by conflicting shields

[Fixed] Issue that sometimes delayed next wave

[Fixed] Cloak being disabled at pause menu

[Fixed] Mixcoatl

Hi guys,

We are happy to announce that we are on track to release the content update on November 21 (Stellar Interface anniversary).

We would also like to share with you that we just joined Patreon! In case you're wondering, Patreon is a simple way to contribute to our game development every month, and get great rewards in return. You will love rewards we promise! Go check it out!

You can expect news and sneak peaks of the upcoming game update on the usual channels.


Keep killing those overlords!

[New] Animated background: Jupiter.
[New] Animated background: DeepSpace.
[Improvement] Audio management.
[Improvement] Overall memory and resource consumption.
[Balancing-Nerf] Turrets life.
[Balancing-Boost] Late level minions damage.
[Fixed] Issue that gave low FPS sometimes at level end.
[Fixed] Bug that prevented StellarNET mission and trophy list to be displayed correctly.

[New] Animated background: Spacestation

[New] Mission progress display

[Improvement] Enemy missiles now have different sprite and trail.

[Fixed] Audio values now display correctly on pause menu.

[Fixed] Boss audio now can be correctly controlled in the options (via SFX)

[Fixed] "Clear all levels in run X times" achievements.

[Fixed] Error that appeared sometimes on the language selection.

[Fixed] Death animations now trigger at the right time.

[Fixed] Bally no longer has all stages active on the last stage.

[New] Spacecraft tilt animations.

[New] Installed software now can be seen on the pause menu.

[New] Reset data option. Difficulty and Full reset options available.

[Improvement] Starfury sprite.

[Balancing] Nerfed Lost lords on early levels.

[Fixed] Typos on the guide.

[Fixed] Fatal Attraction perk FPS issues.

[New] German Language support
[New] Wildcard formations, enemy sets that can appear randomly inside other formations.
[New Enemy] Little Boy.
[Balancing] Nerfed health on some early turret formations.
[Improvement] Saving system, there shouldn't be any more save issues.
[Fixed] Bug that allowed Hot Wings XL and Supreme Burrito to spawn outside spacecraft bounds
[Fixed] Issue that prevented game to sync completed achievements.
[Fixed] Options arrows now work correctly on the pause menu.
[Fixed] Issue that allowed SFX to continue playing after level end.
[Fixed] Frozen enemies not being unfrozen.

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Find the OST on bandcamp:

[New] Factory levels now appear after unlocking all spacecrafts granting one of four unique perks
[New Perk] Lonsdaleite Coating
[New Perk] Tachyon Engine
[New Perk] Tsar Configuration
[New Perk] Overclocking
[New Consumable] Lottery
[New] Golden spacecrafts
[Improvement] The time a consumable stays active now takes into account if the game is slower or faster when the consumable is activated
[Improvement] Enemy lasers have now a different tint than the player ones
[Improvement] Lasers no longer appear instantaneously
[Improvement] Turrets no longer fire at the same time
[Balancing] Increased Machine-Guns' damage
[Balancing] Increased Homing Missiles' speed (including a damage boost to the Sloth homing missile)
[Fixed] Added shebang to the linux script
[Fixed] "Copycat" was having fire-rate issues
[Fixed] Killing Gilgamesh while its lasers were firing would cause an audio loop

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[New] French Language support
[New] About
[New] Linux support
[New Perk] "Copycat" - Unique Eagle's starting software
[Balancing] Spacecraft multiple projectile perks do not affect drones
[Improvement] Improved performance with flamethrowers and vomit related perks/drones/consumables
[Balancing] "Social Dronewinism" now increases the damage given by "Jabba" and "Mustang"
[Fixed] The control binding now scrolls correctly on pause menu
[Fixed] Squids no longer appear in classic formations
[Fixed] Some squids were not firing their goo projectiles
[Fixed] When a laser was triggering a "Gas Leak" explosion, it was instantiating it in the player position
[Fixed] "Gas Leak" explosions were moving

[New] Spanish Language support (thanks to Liaat!!)
[New] Improved ending with new art-work
[New] Options now available in Pause Menu
[New] Spacecraft and Weapons stats are now displayed in the Pause Menu
[New] 40 Achievements
[Improvement] Keyboard & Steam Controller no longer feel laggy
[Fixed] Merchant loadout related missions
[Fixed] Weapon stat perks now only update the correct weapon types
[Fixed] The game no longer hangs when you try to remap a key using a Steam Controller
[Fixed] Steam Controller Key display
[Fixed] Turrets colliders offset
[Fixed] XBox controller mapping issues
[Fixed] Gilgamesh's badges achievement sprite missing
[Fixed] "Slow Bloke" and "El Pibe de Oro" consumables
[Fixed] "Chronos' Watch" and "Broken Chronos' Watch" softwares

[New] Portuguese Support
[New Perk] Drunk Master
[New Perk] Full House
[New Perk] Straight Flush
[New Perk] Royal Flush
[New] Added audio management option
[New Boss Music] Babushka
[New Boss Music] Gilgamesh
[New Boss Music] The Hive
[New Boss Music] Space Winner
[New Perk] Customer Card
[New] Added Gilgamesh's sound effects
[Balancing] Increased rarity of "Mitosis"
[Fixed] Generic control key binding
[Fixed] "Clear all levels" achievements wouldn't trigger
[Fixed] Misc bugs
[Fixed] Capsule's explosion no longer stop
[Fixed] "Customer Card" now gives 2 extra RAM instead of 200
[Fixed] Some carriers were not firing and having small slowdowns
[Fixed] "Hammer Time" was only able to activate once per level

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[New Boss] Gilgamesh
[New Scenery] Hive
[New Music] Spacestation
[New Music] Hive
[New Music] Merchant
[New Boss Music] Bally
[New Perk] The Fool's Quintuple Projectiles
[New Perk] The Fool's Quintuple Radial Projectiles
[New Perk] Silver Days
[New Perk] Cloverleaf
[New Perk] Martyr
[New] Options menu with key bindings
[New] Each spacecraft now starts with some perks:
- Lotus: OCD-R Cannon
- Corvette: OCD-R Missile
- Erebus: OCD-R Laser
- Kilgore: Cloverleaf
- Lily: Silver Days
- Dove: Martyr and BDSMag Vol 1.3
- Eagle: Mitosis and Sylvester [decreased RAM]
- StarFury: Joy and Cpt. Rogers [decreased health]
- Stag: Myopia
[New] 32 Spacecraft Unlock Formations
[New] 4 Formations
[New] 9 missions
[Improvement] New string resource system, improving performance and memory usage
[Improvement] Hive debris
[Improvement] Projectile multiplier perks are no longer cumulative and appearance depends on previous one
[Improvement] Guide updated
[Improvement] Multiple projectiles are now incremental in drones, "Social Dronewinism" duplicates the drones projectiles
[Balancing] Increased probabilities of chance related perks to trigger
[Balancing] Increased BDSMag softwares trigger threshold to 20% and 35% of the health
[Balancing] Re-assigned the starting consumables for each spacecraft
[Balancing] Buffed H-Bomb consumable
[Fixed] Achievements are now visible in StellarNet when completed, in the current session
[Fixed] Stoic achievement being triggered at run start
[Fixed] Spacecraft run counter on Stellar Net
[Fixed] Bally and Hober Mallow no longer rotate when hit
[Fixed] Capsule explosions no longer rotate
[Fixed] Hober Mallow's spawner grenades were invisible
[Fixed] FPS drop when having a shield and being hit by a laser

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[New Boss] Bally
[New Scenery] Spacecraft
[New] Unlock levels have a different color for each spacecraft, and happen on the current scenery
[New] Cemetery scenery background music
[New] Different icons for the levels when completed
[New] Consumable icons. Descriptions are also visible on the spacecraft selection
[New-Sprite] Capsule
[Improvement] Changed the scenery order
[Improvement] Minion enemies now have an associated weapon (machine-gun, cannon, shotgun and torpedo) and the waves are composed by the same type
[Balancing] Buffed lasers
[Balancing] Increased health scaling for higher difficulty levels
[Balancing] Projectile multiplier perks are now rarer
[Improvement] Initial load time
[Improvement] Spacecrafts spawned by carriers no longer have more health than the normal ones
[Fixed] Performance issues with some FX
[Fixed] Splash Screen now animates correctly
[Fixed] There was a carrier formation that had a ridiculous amount of health
[Fixed] Player's drones now firing projectiles with the right color
[Fixed] Generation issue that hanged the game when entering a boss level

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[New] Merchant Overall:
  • Weapons are associated to a tier. Every run has the same base weapons, but better weapons can be found in the merchants. Each visit to a merchant unlocks more powerful weapons for the current run.
  • Each merchant now gives 4 extra ram when visited
[New] Weapon projectiles, new shapes and colors for enemy and friendly projectiles
[New] Drone sprites (now easier to distinguish from enemies)
[New] Kamikaze Carrier sprite
[New] 16 formations
[New Perk] Mustang
[New Perk] Jabba
[New SFX] Added sound effects for "Tofu Delivery", "Flamethrower", "Dutch Oven" consumables, and "Supreme Burrito" and "Hot Wings XL" perks
[Balancing] Re-balanced drones fire-rates and rarity
[Balancing] Bosses have now 3 different difficulties depending in which level are they
[Improvement] Projectile's' speed
[Improvement] Merchant levels are now more spread in the graph
[Improvement] Renamed "Charlize" to "Cyclops"
[Improvement] Performance improvement with collisions
[Improvement] Performance improvement with multiple projectiles in screen
[Improvement] Homunculus SFX revamp
[Fixed] Main menu background scrolling issue
[Fixed] Frame-rate issues in Homunculus when damaging the heads
[Fixed] Re-ordered projectile's layers
[Removed] "Martyr" and "Killing Spree" perks due to game-breaking issues

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[New Boss] Babushka
[New Perk] Capitalist Consumerism
[New Perk] Salty Elixir
[New Perk] Killing Spree
[New Perk] Martyr
[New] New enemy type: Bomber
[New] New level scenario: Cemetery
[New] 17 Formations
[Balancing] Shotgun projectiles now move 35% slower
[Balancing] Decreased the health of the turrets in some formations
[Balancing] "Energy Router" perk duration decreased
[Balancing] Nerfed all of the "Black Hole" consumables
[Balancing] Nerfed Machine-Guns fire-rate
[Balancing] Nerfed "OCD-R" perks
[Balancing] Buffed "Missile Salvo" consumable
[Balancing] Buffed "Mixcoatl" perk
[Improvement] "Lord of the Piercings" now affecting drones too
[Improvement] "Oscillatory Magnetic Geode" renamed to "Social Dronewinism",now also affects "Joy"'s power, and nerfed it so it only duplicates projectiles on other drones
[Fixed] Lost Lords won't repeat in each run
[Fixed] Drones that were created by "Mitosis" can now fire
[Fixed] "Multi Projectile" perks no longer overrides "Oscillatory Magnetic Geode" perk
[Fixed] Overlords now appear in the correct order
[Fixed] Some explosions were not removing enemy colliders, making projectiles hit them
[Fixed] Some formations are no longer spawn in-screen
[Fixed] "Splash" perk working again

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[New] 6 Formations
[New] Graph Map background
[New] Main Menu background
[New] Graph icons
[New] Level names
[Improvement] Homunculus SFX
[Improvement] Level scenery generation is now linear instead of random
[Improvement] Lasers now take damage on hit
[Improvement] Added joystick deadzone on the UI
[Improvement] Added dependencies and renamed perks,balanced some stats and rarity of the following perk series: "Galaxymart Super Sale", "Missile Maniacs Digest", "Rudy's Sturdy Upgrade", "Cannon Weekly", "Lasers Lovers", "BDSMag".
[Improvement] Renamed "Galaxymart Super Sale" perks to "Flea Market"
[Improvement] Buffed "Humble Dumble"
[Improvement] "Oscillatory Magnetic Geode" and "Mitosis" will only appear if player has drones
[Improvement] "Maso-Glutton II" will only appear if "Maso-Glutton" is installed
[Improvement] "Nostradamus" will only appear if "Boy Scout" is installed
[Balancing] Mole: Health (35 to 38)
[Balancing] Corvette: RAM (16 to 22)
[Balancing] Erebus: Health (35 to 45) and RAM (45 to 30)
[Balancing] Kilgore: RAM (36 to 34)
[Balancing] Lily: Health (35 to 38) and RAM (48 to 40)
[Balancing] Enemy health balancing increases health in lower levels and decreases in higher ones
[Fixed] Issue where the transition between background layers was noticeable
[Fixed] Display issue on StellarNet when the player didn't have 1 mission complete
[Fixed] Factory level now only spawns the space to unlock





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[New] Missions System (91 missions total)
[New] StellarNet Entertainment System cartridges
[New] Cam shakes
[New] Each spacecraft now starts with its own different consumable
[New Perk] Iron Skin
[New Perk] Electric Skin
[New Perk] Chronos' Watch
[New Perk] Chronos' Broken Watch
[New Perk] Hot Wings XL
[New Perk] Supreme Burrito
[New Consumable] Slow Bloke
[New Consumable] El Pibe de Oro
[New Consumable] Dutch Oven
[New Consumable] Flamethrower
[New Consumable] Tofu Delivery
[Improvement] Increased enemy toughness when the player uses better spacecrafts
[Improvement] Rebalanced damage on contact
[Improvement] Some perks might only appear if other specific one has been previously selected
[Improvement] Selecting some perks can change the probability of other perks appearing
[Improvement] Increased the success rate of the chance related perks
[Improvement] Added relevant information pertaining Missions and Cartridges to the Guide
[Improvement] Removed the HDD 3.5 perk as it now becomes obsolete with the new Cartridge and Mission system
[Improvement] Merchant no longer as an option to swap the consumable, since now any consumable can be obtained via cartridges
[Fixed] Stoic Achievement
[Fixed] Winner no longer auto destroys itself after some time out of the screen
[Fixed] Carrier was not exploding even though it was killed, triggering level end
[Fixed] Some miscalculations when generating the formations regarding selected spacecraft's overall power


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[New] Ten new high-difficulty formations.

[New] Steam Controller Support

[Improvement] Rebalanced some perks

[Improvement] Turret-Asteroids were too slow in the triangle formation

[Fixed] Space Winner wasn't being shown as a boss

[Fixed] Turrets no longer keep rotating while laser is firing

[Fixed] Fixed "Fatal Attraction" perk where the projectiles were being destroyed too soon

[Fixed] Xbox 360 mapping issues

[Fixed] PS4 controller issues on Mac

[Fixed] Level/Run related achievements now don't maintain state between levels/runs

[Fixed] Weapons are now always sorted by ram and unique

[Fixed] Bug where player needed to select a level a couple of times to enter it

[Fixed] Some enemies were being spawn in-screen





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[New] Ten new high-difficulty formations.
[New] Steam Controller Support
[Fixed] Space Winner wasn't being shown as a boss
[Fixed] Turrets no longer keep rotating while laser is firing
[Fixed] Fixed "Fatal Attraction" perk where the projectiles were being destroyed too soon
[Fixed] Xbox 360 mapping issues
[Fixed] PS4 controller issues on Mac

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[New] Controller support: PS4 (Wired), Xbox One, Xbox 360, Generic Controllers
[New] Unique in-game music for each scenario
[New] New enemy type: Kamikaze
[New] New enemy type: Carrier
[New] New look for Laser Turrets and Missile Turrets
[New] More than 20 new enemy formations
[New Perk] Myopia
[Improvement] Improved StellarNET's Boss tab to show total badges needed for 100% completion
[Improvement] Buffed "The Hive"
[Improvement] Fatal Attraction revamp: added fire-rate penalty; no longer automatically fires accumulated projectiles; projectiles have a 4s lifetime
[Improvement] Rebalanced some of the early perk probabilities
[Improvement] Reduced damage taken when colliding with enemies
[Improvement] Rebalanced some formations
[Improvement] A few seconds of delay until the first enemies in a level appear
[Fixed] Space Winner no longer randomly shows Game Over
[Fixed] Homunculus center eye should now despawn correctly
[Fixed] Sensibility issues on the user interface
[Fixed] Lasers no longer hide other projectiles
[Fixed] FPS-related issues on "The Hive"
[Fixed] FPS-related issues when many missiles were on screen
[Fixed] Enemies no longer can have boss-specific weapons
[Fixed] Improved enemy spawning points to avoid them popping in-screen

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[New Perk] V-Aggra
[New Perk] Anti-V-Aggra
[New Perk] Brobdingnagian Fuel
[New Perk] Lilliputian Fuel
[Improvement] Re-balanced a turret formation
[Improvement] Equalized explosions and SFX
[Improvement] H-Bomb animation and explosion
[Improvement] Space Winner SFX
[Improvement] Hober Mallow SFX
[Gamejolt - Fixed] Game dialog no longer shows at the same time as the Gamejolt one when an achievement is unlocked.
[Gamejolt - Fixed] Achievements no longer available on the Demo version
[Fixed] Issue where perks that increase weapon stats were not working
[Fixed] Sometimes the level would end with a turret still alive
[Fixed] Homunculus issues that prevented it from damaging the player.
[Fixed] Issues that prevented players to damage Space Winner's head
[Fixed] Main Menu background now cycles correctly
[Fixed] Fixed shield collisions with projectiles
[Fixed] "I'm a black hole" consumable wasn't attracting enemies
[Fixed] Shield drones now working correctly
[Fixed] Laser disappearing when hitting a shield
[Fixed] Lasers sometimes not hitting enemies
[Fixed] Hober Mallow small graphical glitch when being damaged
[Fixed] "Galactic Lieutenant" achievement name typo


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[New] Steam integration: Achievements, Overlay and Cloud Storage (To be released)
[New] New level scenario: Asteroid Field
[New] New level scenario: Jupiter
[New] New scenario component: Supermassive Black Hole
[Improvement] Buffed The Hive
[Improvement] Time played achievements now show actual hours instead of percentage
[Fixed] Enemies no longer explode randomly
[Fixed] Lasers now detect shields
[Fixed] Merchant level issue that didn't allow level selection
[Fixed] Minor text changes


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He are happy to announce the biggest update we had so far! New Bosses. achievements, and a lot of improvements.

We also launched the game on Gamejolt with full client integration.

Gamejolt store page -

[New] GameJolt Integration
[New] Achievements
[New] Stellar Net
[New] Guide
[New] Three more enemy formations
[New Boss] Homunculus
[New Boss] The Hive
[Improvement] Shields now take damage to enemies
[Improvement] Consumable and weapon selection UI now aware of the ESC key to get back to empty slots
[Improvement] At least 3 low-tier weapons appear in the weapon selection to avoid not having RAM to fill up every slot
[Improvement] Rebalanced Hober Mallow
[Fixed] Shields now show the hit points correctly
[Fixed] StellarNet spacecraft runs now show the real number of runs, not usages
[Fixed] Missiles no longer stall the game
[Fixed] Homing missiles have a lifetime
[Fixed] Splash screen crash in OSX
[Fixed] Crash when selecting a level 8 or higher
[Fixed] General bugs

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Released: 19.07.2016


[New] New level scenario: Destroyed Space Station

[New Consumable] I Fought the Hole

[New Perk] The Maso-Glutton

[New Perk] The Sado-Glutton

[New Perk] Golden Days

[Improvement] Enemy projectiles now flash to be distinguished from friendly projectiles

[Improvement] New spacecrafts sprites

[Fixed] Health dependent perks now reset to inactive state when conditions are no longer met

[Fixed] Final bosses no longer appearing in regular level before it appearing in the final one

[Fixed] Consumables available in Merchants are now unique

[Fixed] Carriers no longer crashing when it was destroyed after spawning a spacecraft

[Fixed] Cloak perk is now deactivated when player uses consumables

[Fixed] General bugs


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Released: 14.07.2016


[New] Player now fills up the consumable bar by killing spacecrafts. When bar is full, one use of consumables is provided

[New] Player can now swap consumables at the Merchant

[New] Changed consumable firing key to space-bar

[New Perk] Nostradamus

[New Perk] All Seeing Eye

[New Perk] H4ck3r

[New Perk] Boy Scout

[New Perk] HDD 3.5

[New Perk] The Glutton

[New Perk] The Glutton II

[Improvement] Increased the probability of some high-end perks to appear (multiple projectiles, cloak)

[Improvement] Added backgrounds to most of the menus

[Improvement] Improved the galaxy map UI probabilities generation

[Fixed] Percentages shown in the galaxy map are now refreshing accordingly and in a more intuitive way

[Fixed] General bug fixes



Released: 12.07.2016


[Bug] Fixed crash due to Lily's weapon slot missmatch

[New] Added new background to the galaxy map

[New] Added some Laser turret formations

[Improvement] Removed some boring enemy formations

[Improvement] Fixed attracter position in some formations where they would be too close to the bottom border of the screen

[Improvement] Relocated some difficult turret formations to higher difficulty levels

[Improvement] Buffed all health related perks

[Improvement] Nerfed the cost of health in the Galaxymart perks

Stellar Interface community · Created a new topic

New uploaded version includes the Merchant systems. Find them in the galaxy to be able to swap your weapons mid-game!