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I wish I still had all my old fighting fantasy books!

Oh my goodness you're right. Those are some glaring typos. I'll get those fixed

I tried a test print for one of my other entires with the same font size and it was small but reasonably legible. I've tried to pare down the text as much as I could while not making it too ambiguous. 

Thanks for the sharp eyes! 

I think you need to change the double sided print to be on the "Short Side" instead of the long side

Hah! This is going to be a lot of fun. Having a helpful skeleton has it's advantages but will probably draw a lot of attention out in public.

Also the line "Apologies for whomever finds this skeleton" is just delightful and got a good chuckle out of me.

Very cool addition. I love the clocks in Ironsworn Starforged so this is an instant winner for me.

Inspired bit of fiction! I love old beliefs finding their home in a modern world that's msotly forgotten them.

I'd recommend revisiting the text at the bottom it gets hard to read near the bottom against the background.

Very on theme. This will make a nice keepsake at the end of a game too.

It took a lot of work to get it to fit into the printing area, haha. I hope the font isn't too small

Very evocative.  Could see these little fellas as a source of escoteric information for the players 

Excellent! My second entry is street art themed as well.

Word lesson every sense of the word. Love the design of this one. 

This sounds like it would be a lot of fun to add in. Great work

Magic train. 



Ah! I wanted to do something on this style but couldn't quite nail it. You've done just that. Well done. 

In fiction warnings are a nice touch. Very cool. 

Excellent use of 2D6 probablility with the advancement of time. 

Love the idea of Underground. A House of Leaves style metro map fits the theme so well.

Gently cursed items are the best items.

This is really clever and extendable.

I'm always a fan of bonuses that come with penalties. Nice work.

(1 edit)

If I feed a slime a jellybean will it turn into a ladder?

(My boys love the slime designs, btw)

Wonderful visual style. I like that this will tackle long distance communication which I feel is often just handwaved over.

I like the push your luck aspect. Very cool entry

I think this is my favorite entry to the jam. It's so on theme and effective.

A goal is a place inside your life. So yes.

Safe journeys for you and your familiar, friend.

If I purchase the PDF here, do I have permission to get it printed at a print shop for my own use?

I'm so glad your familiar finally made their trip. (and you too, of course)

It's hard to know the exact number but if you guess you're probably close. 

I hope they find their way home with you some day, friend.

It's not mentioned for or against in the rules, but can there be requirements for additional components such as dice or tokens? Provided they're not too specific, can we have a list of dice/token requirements for play?

It's everything I hoped it would be. Fantastic job.

(BTW, I loved Drink Up in the tiny library jam.)

Congratulations on your new job! 

I just wanted to say, great job to all the submissions. There's some really outstanding ideas with what can be done with such little space. I'm proud to be counted among such clever creatives.

good. For business!

This would be great for onboarding new folks to TTRPGs. There's a lot of potential in this idea for great storytelling.

Wow, I'm very into this abstract symbol hunting.

A character leaving a party is a very emotionally important part of a story. Second only to them showing up unexpectedly later on, and you've combined them both into one spectacular package!

Really inventive use of dice. I'm printing and laminating a copy for my GM toolbox.