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What went well: The idea came to me quickly and I got the basic framework for the game done within a couple hours.

What went poorly: I had some issues with the buttons and their hit boxes, also some issues with the changing of the blocks.

What did I learn: I was trying a new game engine with the this game. Godot, a bit of a learning curve moving from GameMaker:Studio, but it was one of the easier engines to migrate to.

Thanks for giving it a play. I enjoyed watching your video. I'll check out the rest after I take a nap. :P

Hey there Pwnstar! We are working on the full direction to take this project for it to be more than just a prototype, and I do believe we may aim for Greenlight eventually! If that happens and we are greenlit, I'm going to try to get keys out to everyone from the bundle! - Adam

I was planning on finishing it last weekend but got sick. I'm still planning on completing it once I feel better.

Sorry for the delay.

And for the first annual Extra Jam, our theme is...

"Modern weapons with a magical twist"

Now on to development!