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spoiler alert! at the beginning of the game move the camera to the right (~90° i suppose?) and look down a little bit this should help! :)

Thank you so much for playing my experiment! Yeah, i tried my best to make the movement feel weird, like and underwater surreal scene ahahah but maybe it's just clunky! :)

Try clicking on the game window to make the cursor disappear and see if it gets better! :D

Thank you for playing my game! <3 To reach one of the endings, you need to make the opacity of an image go up to 100%, covering the whole screen with it: the opacity depends on the distance from something, and you should keep pushing forward even if you don't see anything (the world has no borders)! If you find the photo of Dita Parlo, try to complete it to reach another ending!

PS: interacting with the lifebelt is just a way to go back to the surface ;)

A big hello to everyone! i make weird stuff in my free time as an amateur: i'm interested in digital, physical, tabletop and role-playing games of every sort and also in cinema and music... nice to meet you all! :D

Hi! Thank you for hosting this game jam, the theme is simply great! :)
In my case, I made a little experiment about an old film using some fragments of the movie itself, but "L'Atalante" is in the public domain already  so it shouldn't be a problem, right?  Sadly Vigo died the same  year the film was distributed, that is 1934... Thank you in advance for the advice and the attention, hope you have a wonderful day :D

Poor little Survels!!

I liked the graphics of the characters! <3

Thank you!!!!!!

There's a lot of stuff to do in this game! And you managed to finish it in the time spam of the jam, nice work! O.O 

The world needs more games that explore new possibilities, so please keep on making them and trying new things! Have a nice day! :)

Hello! This game gave me an idea: imagine if your objective in the game was to keep the FPS from decreasing too much, then you would have to run through the level to lower the amount of objects on screen! I don't know if it's possible with the FPS extension of gdevelop, but you could try putting a condition that jumps to game over when the FPS are too low! Just a crazy idea, sorry and thank you for your attention! :D

At a certain point, this game became hypnotic due to the incredible speed of the obstacles! ^^

Thank you!!!! :D

I love narrative games, so thank you for joining the jam with this! :D

Nice game, and it works perfectly on mobile, too! :D

Nice! After the jam and after the judges' votes i would suggest to tag the game as mobile friendly, since it works fine on smartphones! ;) Thank you for making the game!

Ok, this game needs only one thing: something to stop me from playing again after 3 hours! I'll never get the first place in the leaderboard, but i can't stop trying! O.O

I don't know why, but this reminded me when i used to play Home Alone on an old Game Boy, maybe it's due to the presence of a thief! This game could be easily expanded with extra activities, minigames, etc! I appreciated the mobile compatibility a lot, thank you for the experience! :D

Thank you!!! ^^ :D

Thank you for these kind words! :D

I'm so happy that you liked the game! Thank you for this wonderful comment! <3

Aaaaaaah, when i start playing an endless runner game i can't stop! Help me! <3
P.S.: this positively reminded me of the wonderful A Ride into the Mountains i used to play on Ouya! Thank you for bringing those memories back, i thought i almost forgot it! :)

The visuals of your game are stunning! Thank you for creating it! ^^

Oh, yeah, the atmosphere is weird and somehow suspended, so i see why you were expecting a jumpscare! Thank you for trying my game and for your nice comment!

Baby's laugh when you push them around is one of the sweetest things you could add to the game! Thank you for this cute and fresh experience! ^^

wow, i really don't know how to thank you! Have a wonderful day! :D

my poor SNOCKOS got eaten by the SNAKES!  (forgive me for this terrible joke ahahah)
can't wait to try again, i want to save it next time!

i love stealing money from cops' pockets! ... only in the game, of course! O F         C O U R S E
thank you for making this game!

i managed to finish the game in easy and hard mode (writing a sentence about the lack of teleportation in hard  version is a great way to contextualize it  from a narrative point of view!),  now i'm feeling happy and satisfied! Thank you for making this game  :)

I don't know how that's even possible, but the first time the accountant asked me the amount of money i had, i said the correct number without   knowing it... This  game made me feel  smart, and that  never  happens, so thank  you  for  making  it!   <3  Also,  doggo  is  too  cute!

I think that the game  is very interesting in one player mode, 'cause the clever design lets you clear the levels even without having  someone to play with... And that's a feature for me! This way you can play the game with a different approach: in two players mode you can walk around  without worrying too much, while in single player  you have to  be careful and put your hands on the keyboard in certain ways in order to overcome the challenges. This reminds me of Zelda Triforce Heroes, where the one-player version of the game was harder than the multi, but still beatable! :D

Loved the characters, loved the mechanics, loved everything about it! Thank you for joining the jam and making this game! ^^

I really really liked the idea of this   game and i think there's a lot of possibilities for you to expand the concept: imagine if the giant could interact with the world of the character below  (for example destroying pieces of levels or buildings,  opening new  routes, ...). The theme of unintentional damage caused by the titan would also be great for a story (something in between Jettomero and Doshin the Giant) :D

Thank you, can't wait to try your game!  Actually, I'm not greek,  i only studied some ancient greek  language and history many years ago at school, and  i've always been fascinated by certain historical figures, like the Pythia!

Thank you!!! ^^

The only way i have to thank you for your words is by telling that if you don't find the solution i will be happy to  give it to you privately on Discord or anywhere else! ^^

Thank you!!! If you're interested, i made the music with  the app version of Korg Kaossilator, then edited it with a little bit of Audacity. :)

Thank you for playing the game and for your nice comment! 

Thank you! I'm happy that you liked it! :)

Hi! Thank you so much for playing this little experiment and taking some time to comment! The answer to your question is no, in this game there is no such thing as a win/lose condition: the focus of the whole thing is the relationship between the fragment of a bigger story shown by the video and the perception that each player can have of the background of this story. The game doesn't tell you everything about what's really happening, and the only tool players have to understand (or imagine) more of it is the oracle device: the interaction with it will define what you get of the bigger picture, so  players' questions become important in defining their personal view of the story and the story itself. At least, that was the idea :)

SPOILER ALERT: also, there's a way to reach a secret ending in the game, but you have to decipher the hidden meaning of oracle's sentences!