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Thank you very much for your comment! :D

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wow! this tiny manifesto is really important to me on a personal level, so i don't know how to thank you for your comment! in this period i would like to have enough strength to finish a little project i'm working on: i had to put everything on hold for a few weeks, but your kind words gave me new energy!
thank you so much <3

thanks for your comment! ^^

WOW, thank you! :D

This is the most beautiful comment I've ever received! THANK YOU!   <3_<3

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Yeah, you're right! Thanks for your comment! [I've edited that part ;)] :D

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WOW! Thank you very much for your comment! I'm so glad that you liked the game!! *-*

!!!!!!!!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!

The part of the dark room also contains one of the secrets: if you download the game and modify it with Bitsy you should manage to see the "invisible" sprites! eheheheheh ;]

Thank you again for your great tool :D

ahahah thank you very much! this is more than I expected! really! <3

Thank you very much! I made a terrible and crappy game, so it's perfect for the theme! XD However, this jam is fantastic! I can't wait to play the other games!!! :D