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Thank you for playing friend, I totally forgot to terminate the cookie branch after they've been eaten but it seems like everything worked out even better! Your comment made my day! 

Thank you so much for playing, aptos! Glad to hear that the temperature mechanic was effective!

Thank you so much for playing! We're thrilled to hear that you enjoyed our game :D

Thank you so much for playing! We were definitely a bit short on time and didn't finish up writing all the dialogues haha. Hope you still enjoyed it though!


Thank you so much for playing!!!

As others have said, this is a very cool game with very impressive art and music! The assemble theme is very clear, tho I just wish I can know how many of each item is needed for each mech haha. Overall great great job!

Thank you so much for playing and commenting! We're more than thrilled that you enjoyed our game!! And yes, we shall fix the audio some day...

Pretty neat platformer! I stopped somewhere mid level 1, but if I had more time I totally see myself playing more and potentially completing the full demo you got here. Some scenes are really cursed but I love them.

More detailed comments:

- really good job of guiding your players what they can do. The level design and the animations (i.e. buddy shooting projectiles) inspire players to try around and complete the level. Difficulty is pretty ok on my end, though the physics has room to be polished. 

- with that said I really want the game to have a in-game guide to tell the player what are the controls. It's a game jam, though, and you have the controls explained on the game's page, so I understand it's not the top priority.

-The lighting is really really interesting! I like the art a lot, they go with the gameplay pretty well. 

-Checkpoint respawn is a lil fast? 

Overall, great job!! I enjoyed my 15 minute exploring this little world and falling from the platforms. 

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Very awesome game! I'm surprised that you're able to put together such a high-quality demo although it's "unfinished". The graphics, visual effects, UI and game play are definitely all there - if you had some music going on (which I think you don't at the moment) I'd totally believe that it's a game I can purchase on a big platform.

Some more detailed feedback:

- Some parts of the game feels a bit slow. I think this is the most obvious when the level starts and the enemies are spawning in, and when the player waits for the next wave. Consistent and fast collection of the sparkles would be really helpful as well, at some point I thought I was supposed to collect the sparkles by clicking them myself because they started to pile up on screen until they started flying to top left corner by themselves. It might be my computer's lag as well, though.

- I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do in the level up screen, but I did figure out some thing that allows the game to proceed. I understand that this might the thinky part of the game and it looks so cool, but I needed to pause and do a little trail-and-error.

- speaking about pause, it'd be more intuitive if the player can pause the game at any point as well as to speed things up. If the lack of these functions is by design, however, go with what you have in mind.

- For the level up screen's UI, The bottom screen has a purchasable item hub and the tab on the left says "store", which makes sense to me. However you also have a "sell" tab on the right, and it makes me think that I can click on it to switch the store hub to the sell hub, which is not the case. The action I made to trigger "sell" is to drag a purchasable item on screen and then drag it to sell. I think changing the UI layout might make it more intuitive, something like a sell button / area on the right side of the screen that's not touching the hub at the bottom. 

That's it for now, lmk if you want me to specify anything I said! Really great work and I can't wait for the update!

It's really cool to know that Neon Streaks is the first one in the series! Thanks for sharing this.

I hope you'll keep creating these awesome works as well : ))) Best wishes on your future projects! 

It's so amazing to hear a collection of tracks that tell a great story! Catchy rhythms and leads to keep the listeners curious about the world you built. Very impressive work!

(I like Neon Streaks the most if I have to pick a favorite!!)

First of all, I won't bat an eye if someone send this to me and tell me that it's from an AAA game. Really really solid track! I really like how you incorporated sound effects to give that extra flavor to capture the cyberpunk feel! Great job XD

There're so many fun things happening in this track! Like enough to make a 2-hr movie. I really like how you lead the audience through a story (well, the one I imagined in my head) with that crazy melody and can totally see this track being used in a fight scene/highway racing scene. Great job!!

Thank you so much for commenting, Halo!! I really really appreciate it 😊 I agree that the lead is very out there but didn't know what to do besides changing the instrument; but now and thanks to you and other jam participants, I know how to change it! 

I'll give yours a listen in a sec!!

Hey there fellow Garageband user, Mr. NE! The drums are all modern 808 from beat sequencer, I just wiped whatever default pattern they have and build on top of that. The sounds from the kit I ended up using are: Kick, Closed Hit-Hat, Clap, Low Tom, and Bongo.  For sub-bass I used Crushed 808 Bass - Raw 808 from the Alchemy Synth option under Keyboard (if I interpreted it correctly). I'll give yours a listen in a moment!!

Thank you so much for the reply, Rihards! I like yours a lot as well!! Will leave a detailed comment there XDD

Ohhhhh thanks Aran!! I'll definitely try that out in a moment. SO much more to test and learn XDD

Thank you for listening Dataless! I really appreciate it : )))

Thank you for your feedback ACpants!! I'll try that in a moment but I definitely agree that the synth is a lil too out there. I've tried switching the instrument around but was never satisfied. Maybe dampening would be my final remedy...

(Not formally trained in music to critique but here're my very honest thoughts!!) Very, very stunning intro - love how you build the scene with the elevator music, the script, and the sound effects!! I love how you use your voice in so many different ways and you give each voice a soul in this track. The upbeat rap had my head bobbing non-stop! It's just so catchy and fun to listen to. I I just really want to play this game now...

Also kudos for beating up the evil corporate head we love some elevator violence 

Aww thank you for commenting! So glad that you had a great time playing it <3 Your avocado game is pretty dope as well!

Thx sooooo much for playing!!!! Happy to hear that it was fun for you!

I feel like if I don't stop here I'll end up playing this for the whole day... 

Very cool game! I don't many games myself but this is such a fun idea! It took me a bit to figure out the control (I thought the bridges and blocks would automatically fill in when I press a key) but once I did it was so much fun. I like the graphics and theme as well! Great job!

Thank you so much for playing it - this is our first game so your feedback means a lot to us! 

Wow, thank you for the nice comments! Really glad that you liked it XD

Aww thank you so much for playing!

Thank you so much for the kind comment! Really glad that you liked it : )))

This is soooo addicting! Nice game design, graphics, visual effects, music and essentially everything. I can't help but press the play again button again and again!

Thank you for playing and providing feedback! That game you mentioned must be Balls vs Ball, right? Looks fun!