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Nice idea. The graphics were cute.

An indicator to know which letter you are typing would be good. Also, when you play some time, the timer goes up like crazy and cant take any customers.

A very cool concept, a really fun game. The art is good, but the music is a bit annoying.

Pretty fun!

Nice music, very pretty graphics, nice idea for the gameplay, althought the controls were really hard, even with the hardest sensitivity it was hard to maneuver (I just realised is intended to be played on mobile).

Amazing game!

Loved the art style, loved the puzzles (althought the last of them was really annoying). The story added a lot to the game.

Also, the sounds were on point!

One of my favorite games of the jam :D

Pretty fun!

The audio was too loud at the begining (RIP headphones users), but the gameplay is pretty good.

I always got confused while trying to change weapons or abilities. And the balance of the game is kinda wonky (The rushers are so OP)

Overall, a pretty fun game, keep it up! :)

Really fun game! Such a shame it doesnt have audio.

A really original idea, never thought about combining those two generes.

The art was really great. Keep up the good work :)