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This price is proof that capitalism is the devil. :-)

This is great. I would love to have a King's Field style first person system that morphs into RPG battles when you're  hit by one. (Ya know rather than taking damage, you just start a fight.)

I'm totally on board - I think this is such a great idea. And I love design, and organizing and all that so this is fun for me.

Unlike sitting down to code, I am just sitting here like Todd Howard with an army at my command, ready to implement imagined mechanics on a whim. I've had SO much fun doing this. Here's a sneak preview of some sketches that lead to the idea. Can anyone guess what this game is inspired by?

Here's the picture I posted to Twitter.

You're getting a job from this buddy. From one dev to another, I love it, and I see the passion.

When it's jam time, it's always best to stay with the devil you know. However, as a Pico-8 maniac, I hope you come over to our side soon. The limitations will set you free.

This is fun idea, I genuinely like it! For constructive criticism, I think you should take some time on the presentation before you submit, and I'd be happy to help you out with that if you want. Just private message me on anything!  I'm making a submission of my own, and I want to help out with a complete game so I can make my own even better (we are competitors, of course!).

Let me know! I'd love to help you out any time, even today. And no, I don't want any money!

Although  normally used to make D&D5E homebrew, this website by Natural Crit  allows you to make complete, professional looking tabletop homebrew modules in your browser. It is easily modified and highly customizable, and will be an extremely useful tool to anyone without access to professional software from Adobe and the like.

The Homebrewery

When clicked, it says there's no page by that name.
If you want to update it to the right thing, here's the link:

The Jam Page Itself

The Entries to the Jam

Love the game, excellent level design!  I've had to pay more than I care to mention for the pixel art in my Pico-8 stuff. You make it look easy.

This is the way all devs should behave - and you are an example to us all. You took the words you saw to heart, and even though you were nervous to reply, you did it anyway. You've bought all the good will in the world friend, and I can't wait to play the game. Thanks so much for the prompt reply, it was very much appreciated.

I will be telling everyone I know to play this game when it comes out just because of this one interaction. A man of integrity, you are good sir!

No rush, I know the last year or two have been a mess. However, if you have a moment, please give us an update on the game. Even if you don't intend to finish, that's completely fine. I just want to know for my own peace of mind. 

If you want help ever, I'm a developer too, and I LOVE this game. Get in touch if you ever need a pair of eyes to help out. You've done a fantastic job with it on your own, and I do sincerely hope it comes out one day.

But more than that, I hope you are well, and that you have been able to make it through the tough times. Merry Christmas to you.

Get back to me here or the forums if you want to! If you are new to Pico-8, I will even teach you how to make something like this. Quarantine is awful, lets be friends.

PS, I'll change the title to your recommendation. Since it was for the jam, it was "GameBoy&Jam30" GB&J30. But it seems  weird, you're right. If you've got nothing, I'll probably just call it "GBS5"

I know this, and this was not intended to do anything other than to help me to learn about the way aseprite parses and requires files that already exist in a .pal format. I do not benefit from this being posted here at all - and it's usefulness to others is up for them to decide. I spent time making it to learn more about the software's API .

That said, the one listed in the documentation is not the filetype I intend to work with, nor is it the kind that most people would  understand if they wanted to make palettes of their own. This is why I am giving an alternative, because for a while, Aseprite stopped allowing users to save in a .pal format (which is my preferred style, whether or not it is the most efficient or not)

If my palette sucks - don't use it. But I  make things for myself whenever I can to learn more about the way they work behind the scenes. Thanks for stopping by though!

Is that not showing up in the file I uploaded? That's strange, as it is showing up in mine. I will fix this -  thank you so much for letting me know!

I know, this is more work than it needs to be, but it's for a good cause. I'm working on the Aseprite API plugin for sublime text 3, and the extension I'm releasing with that to show off what it will help people do is a palette editor,saver, modifier wizard thing. It's coming on, and this was a way for me to study the way Aseprite understands extension-style palettes. They are not the same as other types.

For example - in older versions of Aseprite, you could save files in the .pal format - this is no longer the case. That said - the functionality still exists, and my code will reintroduce it, as the .pal format is in my opinion an easier thing to work with over the gimp .gpl that is the new standard.

Sorry for the technical explanation, but I just wanted to say that there's more to this than meets the eye!

(3 edits)

The GBStudio palette is a strict 4 colors , and Aseprite didn't have it predefined already (which as per the GBStudio docs ) and so I made an easy to use extension here on ITCH.IO! Also, here it is on my website too!

It's the first link right there on my website, and its just a zip file with the two files Aseprite needs to recognize a palette as an extension so it shows up in the palette menu nice a pretty like.


All you have to do is unzip it (keep the files in the internal folder) in the extensions folder within your Aseprite/data/ install location. Usually, this will be Program Files on windows, or if you aren't sure and own a copy on Steam, just right click the Aseprite launcher, and choose browse local files, This will open up the necessary folder where you can put the palette in and have yourself the necessary colors to make an awesome game!



I do my  best to try out every engine I come across, especially in the 2d space. I have a website dedicated to that fact, whic h I wont promote here as that wouldn't be very cool. That said, I can't justify using the 40 bucks I don't even have to try this one, despite how cool and unique it looks. I will make no judgment calls as far as if the price is fair or not, though, I will point out that Game Maker Studio is often available for this same price. I wish you the best and I hope to have the spare cash to be able to try this out one day. Good luck!

But I'm glad you make so many, thanks from the whole community, YAL.

Yeah , my name is discord is Vee#5991

I absolutely love this software, but I think you can do a lot more with it. I have loads and loads of ideas, I code all day, and I have some spare time. *Cough cough* Hit me up. Seriously though. I'd really like to help contribute and I don't want any pay or anything like that. I just really like your software and think it has a lot of potential, and if I'm wrong, well I'll still use it all the time. I'm currently using it to plot out my first ever teaching course, and it's wonderful. There's a lot of things it doesn't have, but it's the closest to what I'm looking for. I've scoured the internet looking for similar things, and nothing comes close. 

Email: iiviigames AT pm DOT me

Absolutely fantastic. The influence is clear, yet different in enough regards to feel completely unique in its own right. I'd be the first in line to buy this game if it was made into a larger project. You've got something special here, and you should keep going. One of the most fun games I've played this year by a long shot.

Game design is nice, from an artistic standpoint. However, the "moral" of the first story I got (the only one I played) was so heavy-handed and overbearing that I couldn't bring myself to play any others. Different strokes, I guess. Still, the game has a nice atmosphere aesthetically.

Really fun game you've got here. The swing is very satisfying, and the damage received sound is pretty awesome too. 

Always nice to see something awesome from a fellow dev working in GML!

I like it even more now knowing that it came from a homemade engine. That's incredibly impressive.

This was really fun! I enjoyed the simple design and the premise was good too. I'm curious as to what engine you made this in? I'm in the ever ongoing process of learning Game Maker, and I was wondering if you used it?

I've been really thinking about using it, especially since I'm participating in my first game jam starting today and want to make sure I have a finished product. My limited experience is only in game maker, and I like it's coding system as its not too difficult to understand, in the same way python is.

So I have RPG maker, but after just one session of messing about with it, it's tools seemed very limited. Can you recommend a good starting point? Perhaps for a game similar to yours or one like The Witch's House? Scripts or tutorials that helped you out? Thanks in advance, and great job on your game once again!

Ps - Amazon has amazing hardbound collections of Uzumaki and Gyo and Tomie for only 15 bucks each!

Really felt the Junji Ito vibes! In fact, after playing this, I went and got my hardbound copy of Uzumaki to reread. You did a fantastic job overall. Really enjoyed your color palette, and especially your font choice. Brings me back to the "Kid Pix" days.

Looking forward to more from you! And I'm very impressed with the quality of the game considering it came from RPG Maker. Maybe I need to give the engine another look myself.

Fantastic concept, really enjoyed playing this!