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We're back again for the second year running with the 2021 One Page RPG Jam! This jam is about making new, one-page table-top role-playing games. Entire systems and settings on single sheets of paper. Rules lite by necessity, one-page RPGs are easy to pick up and learn, but that doesn't mean there can't be emergent complexity or that they can't result in excellent games. Restriction breeds creativity, the only limit is the imagination of the designers and the players.


This year the jam has a Discord server, to help everyone come together to discuss their games, ask questions about the jam, and find out more about one-page RPGs. The server is open to everyone interested in TTRPGs in general and one-page RPGs specifically, even if you're not sure you'll be submitting to the jam.

Join us on Discord

You can also follow the jam on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Be sure to share your submissions with the social media accounts. Also remember to use the hashtag #1pRPGjam

There is also the One Page RPG subreddit with lots more information on, and examples of, one-page RPGs, so check out /r/onepagerpgs. Be sure to post your submissions there too.


Visit the Community tab for a list of some resources for making TTRPGs (and feel free to comment and share your own) as well as some popular one-page RPGs to hack. For more examples of one-page RPGs, check out the submissions to last year's One-Page RPG Jam and get inspired.


  1. Submissions must be a fully playable RPG system on a single page. (Back pages and separate character sheets are allowed.)
  2. Submissions must be made during the jam period specifically for the jam. No old games reposted. 
  3. Hacks of other systems are fine (Laser and Feelings, and Honey Heist are popular examples). Make sure to credit where necessary.
  4. Multiple submissions are encouraged, so long as they are unique and not just reskins of the same game.
  5. Games can be released as free, PWYW, or with a price tag. If you're charging for the game, please send me a copy so I can review for content which breaks the rules, and consider adding community copies.
  6. Label explicit or graphic content. Consider using or referencing safety tools, such as the X card.
  7. No hate speech or bigotry. Nothing that breaks ToS or local law. Be cool.

Optional Jam Theme

This year’s optional theme, as decided by the community, is…

What does ‘Borders’ mean to your game? Are players crossing a border, or defending it? Is it a physical border, or a metaphorical one? Is it a border between places, people, time, or ideas? Or perhaps the entire game takes place in the liminal space between two opposing states? 

The aim of the theme is to provide direction or inspiration to anyone staring at a blank page (quite literally possible in this jam), not to shackle people to a single idea. If the theme does nothing for you, or you have a totally different idea, feel free to ignore it.

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A no-DM competitive or solo TTRPG dungeon crawl for 1-6 players utilizing a deck of tarot cards and a set of dice.
Role Playing
In this RPG, the player characters are senior citizens living in an assisted living facility.
A monsterous summer camp hack of Lasers and Feelings!
A solo journaling RPG where you write a book report.
A game about supernatural people living between life and death
A one-page RPG about the clerical workers of the Lords of Hell
Play in an apocalyptic world where you live on the border that protects the city.
A one page rpg about Demigods lost in another time, land, or universe
Depression-era deep south ex-convicts on an odyssey -- a mini Paragon playset
A game where you play as The Action Heroes in an action film.
A one-page RPG, in which a family of mice gets vengeance on the terrible Mr. Shaw.
One page RPG in which a group of backpackers must escape from a faerie forest before becoming fae themselves
An RPG system for those who want to have adventures as secret agents
A Duo Journaling Game of Time Traveling Love
A one-page "heartbreaker" RPG
A one-page RPG of pizza delivery in the future.
Classic Tombs & Crabs Fantasy Roleplaying
A one-page RPG about magic, haikus, and harmony between worlds.
A worldbuilding and map-making game chronicling the conquest of an invading force.
Lo-fi heroic fantasy, inspired mainly by Tolkien.
A one page tabletop RPG about monkeys solving problems and eating bananas on a space station.
Pickin' yer way across the southern US, battling weird menaces.
A one player survival horror RPG based on a true story
a simple rpg and one shot where a scout camping trip goes very, very badly!
Mixology is a one page RPG made for sharing music with your friends in a fast and fun way!
A city-building game/tool for two to five players with some pencils and paper and a LOT of dice.
Ever wondered what would happen to you if you woke up with your friends in a fantasy dungeon crawler?
¡Un juego de rol donde serán plantas que eliminan zombies!
A one-page ttrpg about masks... And glocks...
A One Page Meme TTRPG to play out High School Football Drama
No boundary will keep you apart.
a short TTRPG about the instability of symbols over time
A minimalist sword and witchcraft RPG
Your shift is nearly over, the apocalypse is here, and you've got one hour to escape this Borders.
A zine about mining and crafting
Sistema generico gratuito. / Free generic system.
A one page ttrpg about cows disappearing,
A one-page RPG about life & death
Combine Player Created Elements to Create Powerful Spells! A One Page Magical RPG System!
Lo-fi Cosmic Horrors using the 24XX engine
A space western about rustling cattle and falling in love!
A journaling game about making monsters and writing about them with friends
A mini-zine ruleset for tabletop adventures
A One-Page ttRPG about solving things in a given time.
Scrounge for supplies and fight monsters in the last city left in all of reality.
A horror journaling experience.
Can you work together with your team and avoid a construction disaster?
a Role-Playing Game of procedural magick & Dice
A one page RPG about killing the unkillable
Escort THE CHOSEN through the city as they avoid THE CORPORATION and discover their true purpose.
You have psychic powers after escaping experimentation. Use them at your own risk. You are being watched.
Role Playing
​She broke up with you, and you deserved it, but come come discuss it.
A lightweight narrative role-playing system capable of fitting its core rules on the back of a playing card.
Role Playing
A Gothic horror RPG pamphlet that uses playing cards
Brief outline of a military style wargaming seminar (including Hotwash)
A concise RPG in the world of Fullmetal Alchemist
A Lasers & Feelings Hack With Psychics
Setting agnostic 1pg TTRPG based on FU. Just answer six questions to play.
A one-page tabletop medieval fantasy RPG with unique mechanics!
A One-Page GMless storytelling game about dwarves mining.
Pull this pin, let this world explode.
Uh-oh! Your lover's dead and a mysterious letter warns your inheritance is under threat. To the Warlock Tavern!
Lead a crew of fellow goblins who think you have some kind of authority or something. They're gonna die. A lot.
A role-playing game in which you can incarnate a brave superhero or a powerful villain.
A one-page RPG set in the Wild West. Each player runs a gang of outlaws struggling to make it big, or die trying.
A single page RPG about working together to pilot a giant death robot
A supernatural medical mystery game of demons and disease.
A solo journaling game using the Second Guess SRD.
A One Page Fantasy Adventure Game
One page RPG about cats falling in love with each other.
A dumb one page RPG written (almost) entirely within the borders of the page.
Do you have what it takes to adventure using the worst rules imaginable?