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Updated with mouse control for those who find it to be easier to control with.

Deliver the needed amount of presents for each house. Rudolph and Santa will both collect presents, but you must guide Santa near the chimney so he can drop the presents. Avoid the ground (in normal & hard mode the other reindeer too) and other obstacles.

I made this game in about a week and feel pretty merry about it. Let me know how you like it and how many levels you beat ;)

Thanks! I'm happy for the result overall, but I hear there are some fairly severe bugs out there. Updating as soon as the voting ends! :p

Thank you very much, Rod! That's a high praise!

Thank you! Real glad to hear it!
And I agree, Blingley did a great job with the audio :)

Tune your dragster to earn your place at the top!! 
This is a GBJAM game that was made in a week. Even had 9 minutes to spare!  :D

Arrow keys to move in the menu X to select and start driving.

Play in browser!

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Didn't spot a bug/glitch.
There are a few cases in which you don't lose a life when missing: If the game hasn't started (starts after first hit), it's a dynamite or a health potion, there is a dynamite inside the rock (which was probably the case here).
But nice video anyways, thanks! :)

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KAASUA is a fun and challenging racing game. Up to 8 players can race locally using a keyboard, gamepad or mouse for controls.

The track undulates in real time under the cars so you might want to watch out your gas foot. The most daring driver wins the race!

Play now:

Collect all the gems using your whip in WhipStone!

Simple one button controls allow fast learning but mastering the whipping takes good timing

The landing is all about the right angle of the plane. I think you just mastered it after all the training in the first level! ;D

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Hi! Thanks for letting me know!
Are you playing the Win64, Win32, Mac64 or Mac32 version?

Just uploaded a WebGL version, it should work on all systems! Just run the INDEX.HTML file after you've downloaded and unzipped the file.

I Will try to find the culprit for the bug as well.

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In Sheepwith you fly a small plane and try to save your flock of sheep from danger!
The object of the game is to get as many sheep as possible
back to the pen.