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So is TGNINESOFT you, or has somebody ripped off your game and published it on XBox? If it's you, are there any differences between the Windows and XBox versions?

Yes, that worked thank you! It now says "You own this game"

Sorry, I mean on Itch you have a library of items you own, at . As well as items you've paid for, it includes redeemed keys and items claimed for free. Claimable items/games have a button to "Download or claim" instead of just "Download".

I just want to add Pacewar for completeness (and because I owned it on Desura)

Hi, I bought this game in the DIG Desura Bundle 4 (I can email you evidence if you like). You didn't promise keys for other platforms but I'd quite like to own it on Itch (not just download it). Would you be able to provide an Itch key please?

Hi, I bought this game in the OtakuMaker "Bundle Greenlight #4". It was supposed to go on Steam but ended up here instead. Could I please have an key?

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Thanks! My email is [redacted]

I emailed you, thanks!

Hi, I bought this as part of Shinyloot Bundle 7, and owned it on Desura. Sadly Desura is no more. I wonder if I could have a key for I can email you my Desura or shinyloot key if you like.

Hi, I bought this as part of Groupees' Casual Bundle. I owned it on Desura, but Desura died. I'd like to add it to my library, not just download it. Could I please have a key? (or you could just make it claimable)


Hi, I used to own this on Desura (from a Bundle Bandits bundle). I'd like to add it to my itch library (not just download it). Would I be able to get an itch key please? (or you could make it claimable and everyone could add it to their library)

I didn’t realize people already had libraries with 1000 items

Desura coped with 1213 items at last count. My Steam library is 10 times that, and all the obvious ways of viewing it still work perfectly.

 Would you please consider fixing it on Itch? I actually paid for 11 of those games directly through your site.
It seems like a quick easy fix - change a "20" to "99999" or whatever.

Thanks for the reply. It encourages me to continue reporting bugs - there are plenty :) In fact, the results are further incomplete - some pages give fewer than 50 results, which means some items are getting hidden in another way. Once I have the complete set of pages, I can compare it to my data export, and if all the items are listed in the latter, I can figure out which ones are missing in the former.

"Bought, claimed & gifts" page 21 onwards gives copies of page 20.

(you need > 1000 items in your library to reproduce this. "Free to download or claim" items are handy here, and many but not all can be found at , or )

Of course, you will probably not see page numbers for "Bought, claimed & gifts", but rather "infinite scroll" (assuming Javascript is enabled). I first noticed something wrong when the infinite scroll indeed seemed to be infinite - it was in danger of overwhelming my browser. Closer inspection showed that a set of items was repeating, and digging in Developer Tools revealed the JSON the script was fetching - the same result every time saying "page":20 at the start, regardless of the page number requested.

If you don't want to fiddle with Developer Tools, you can see the bug easily in a regular HTML page by disabling Javascript in your browser globally, or just for the domain, and visiting page 20. Then open the "next page" link at the bottom in a new window or tab. It will be page 21 according to its URL, but notice that it is the same as page 20, and so are all subsequent pages :(

That would explain it. Somebody traded me the itch key on groupees (it didn't include a steam key). For some games you redeem the itch key and then get the steam key from the itch download page, but I guess this isn't one of those.

No I mean I already own it but don't have a Steam key. I'm pretty sure I got it from redeeming an Itch key.

It says "You will receive Steam key with your purchase.", but the download page doesn't seem to contain a Steam key?