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Intro was amazing! Good game :)

This is awesome! Four games in one, good job :)

Yeah, I know. I will be making a new version of the game, so I will try to fix that as well as some other things🙂

For first jam you did good :)

Cool game :)

Nice game :)

Cute and interesting! Good job :)

This is one of the most original games I saw on this jam, good job!

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I tried your idle game. It's simple but pretty cool. And it's still playing when the game is closed, that's so awesome! I wonder how you did that.

My wish is to definitely try making some idle games in the future, idle games and rpg, but I still have a lot to learn before that. I'm only using GDevelop for 9 months now and this was the first time I tried making a game that's not a platformer :)

And good luck on the new game you are making :)

Very interesting and unique :)

Game is pretty good and interesting :)

A pet that carries its owner. Such a cool and interesting concept :)

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Nice and unique! Good job! You could add some music or sound effects though.

Simple but fun to play :)

Very good and interesting game! Good job!

Idle games are pretty cool, I love them. But I don't know how to do them in GDevelop.

Thank you! I live in Croatia, that's in Europe, pretty far from Brazil. But if I ever got the chance, I'll come :)

Thank you :)

Game is really good. I liked it so much! Good work :)

Nice game

I couldn't get past lvl. 2 too, it's pretty hard, but i like the game :)

For first game it's not bad :)

Such a cute game :)

Cute game :)

Fun and cool game :)

Very cute art, I like the game :)

Very nice game :)

Great game :)

Nice game :)

I'm glad to hear that :)

Interesting game :)

So cool, very interesting game :)

Nice game, but you should have added pets instead of humans so it would fit the theme better :)

Simple but nice :)

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Nice, I like the artstyle :)

Very cool and nice game :)

Thank you, I agree

Thank you :)

Controls are a bit hard, but it's a nice game :)