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I have a question about the game. I know that the answer is "whatever the table enjoys the most" but I still want to know the point of a feature.

The SYNTH ancestry has a column in the table called "BUT YOU REALISED", and some of the results contradict the "9 facts about Vaarn that are known for sure".

So the question which is true - the realisation? The 9 facts? Or the truth is supposed to be up to the GM, leaving it unknown for the players?

Thanks for your attention.

Yes you! Do you see that download button fellow reader? Don't pay money. It's a prank game.

But still it's really funny prank. But don't pay.

I don't know why, but brazilians have the power from birth to create great TTRPGs.

Saludos desde España.

Yes it is. But remember that it's a supplement for this other game:

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I see this system in this way:

  • Skill - For checks
  • Stamina - Phisical save
  • Willpower - Mental save

And I like it.

By the way, what if...

  1) enemies died when they reach 0 HP by not having a Stamina stat...

  2) but they had variable HP from 1 HP to 5 HP...

  3) and also had a Reflex stat to determine the turn order - if they roll 1 or 2 they use their action after the players.

super fun game!

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I have found a chessy strat to pass the game quickly: hold RIGHT and spam ATACK (jump where it´s necesary).

Would be cool if the atack button costs mana or were limited in someway to avoid what I mentioned.

To be able to play matches against randoms, if you want  to create a room call it "tomato", in this way anyone can just click on "Join" and type "tomato" to play a match.


What I am supposed to do in the "Music" screen? I press J, K, B, Enter, Shift... nothing happens. Help.

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I want to use the mouse wheel to bind some action, but the game doesn´t "accepts" it. Also I want to bind an action to Mouse 4 button, but when I press it, it moves me to the back page, the same thing with Mouse 5 button (only happens in menu). I think it can be solve by adding an integrated in-game  full screen button, The fullscreen button from creates this issue. Thanks.

Could it be a "tick" option in the play screen to enable or disable competitive mode? Like when it´s off the wins and loses don´t get register on the leadboard and you only get matched with people who also disabled the option. Thanks.

Somehow I decided to play the game without taking the portals and just following the path the first try. And it could be good if there were subtitles, cos with the music, the exploration and the voice modulator, I haven´t understand the narrator. Thanks.

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I have found some animation/atack bugs, I can exploit them to perform multiple dashes at once to get high speed and damage. But it was so fun that once you fix all of these bugs and the other design issues, I´d like you to keep this old version as an optional file so it can be speedrunned. Thanks.

Alright, I´ve seen some things that could be improved about the game:

  1. Diagonal movement is faster than fordwar, back, left and right. This issue can be solved with this system: WASD keys determinate a direction, and if at least one of those keys is pressed, the player moves in that direction.
  2. The flying bridges (more like about the 1st one) isn´t signed enough, also because the camera position doesn´t rotates verticaly with the player, it´s imposible to see the bottom of the front of the player.
  3. Arrows are really small and white over light floors, it´s hard to see where are the arrows going. And also it´s hard to see where is aiming the player, and because of the camera it´s hard to find a spot where arrows don´t go to the ground.
  4. The sprint (left shift) should be mentioned on "How to play".
  5. When I exit the game, the music continued playing, it can be stopped by refreshing the page but I don´t know why this happens.
  6. The health bar doesn´t fits on the theme, mabye you could put a shield icon on a corner which gets destroying part by part when taking damage.
  7. In the stairs the camera is too close to the player (can be solved by camera vertical rotation, see point 2)
  8. It would be good to see special effects when disapearing the potion, healing, damaging enemies and taking damage. Also an health bar for the enemies would be also cool.
  9. There´s a potion that can´t be grabed.
  10. The distribution of the enemies could make the issue of being on a 1v4 because of moving to far or going step by step and being boring to play. This can be improved by making enemies appear from doors, houses or mabye a floating boat once all the enemies of the stage (small number) are dead.
  11. The gameplay is a bit simple, with no depth to interact. I´ll suggest some features: rolling, light arrow and heavy arrow (holding the button more time), cooldown ability (i.e.: shot 3 arrows), upgrades (after each stage, like: more health, more firing speed, less cooldown, new abilities...), melee option, jump and high ground maps, enemies with more types of atack (i.e.: 2 melee atacks + charging in)...


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But it couldn´t be on the start? I don´t see the logic, players can already have the same rate of fire without getting the auto-fire, giving it on the start prevents getting handhurt. Mabye it can be balanced by reducing the normal rate of fire at the start, and increase it to the actual state in the upgrade. Thanks.

Damm, all of your games have such as an enjoyable gameplay, a distintic artstyle and a confortable sound. After playing Guardian Sphere I tried your other games, you do really great works. Really good! Subbed.

Just saw two thing to improve:

  • Exploring: it´s really hard to know the direction to go. You could try something like in Doom Eternal where the way to go it´s marked with a green light. Mabye you could try neon lights on buildings (for the theme).
  • Ammo: when the player runs out of ammo and there´s no ammo packs, the player is forced to wait until is killed by the robots. Mabye a melee atack could be a solution for this issue.

Anyways the game creates tension really well. Thanks.

It would be cool if the guns were auto mode, it hurts having to click for each bullet. And sometimes the bullets don´t go where they are supposed to, like having a zombi in front, pointing the mouse directly on it and the bullets pass away. Also an inprovement would be pushing the character backwards and giving some frames of invencibility to avoid the weird to see situation of getting instakilled for 3 zombies. Anyways the upgrade system looks cool. Thanks.

Hi again, could you paste the link of the sequel here when finish? Thanks.

Hey, how is going your sequel? I´m hyped.

If you dash on a ramp you will rise, the game has fall damage, so if you remove that damage, put more ramps on the maps, make the enemies faster (you have more mobility but the enemies need it too) and do that by crouching you fall down really fast (like the game "Ultrakill" so you dont stay on the air too many time) the game will be funnier.


  1. Remove fall damage.
  2. More ramps.
  3. Enemies with more mobility.
  4. If you crouch in the air, you will fall down.

Anyways your game game is fun.

I´m sorry, but the game have a really nice reload animation and a cool weapon design :(

Thanks! I honestly prefer this game to other smash bros that I have played

action number 1
of  Step Event0
for object Effect_GroundShockwave:

Pop :: Execution Error - Variable references invalid object (-4).<unknown variable>
at gml_Object_Effect_GroundShockwave_Step_0
stack frame is
gml_Object_Effect_GroundShockwave_Step_0 (line -1)

I open this thread so that errors in the movements or attacks of the characters are posted.

  • Bug example: I start with Prince Slime, if you jump and as you fall you grab a character and throw him down, he crosses the platform.
  • Theory: This may be because the enemy appears in the "x" and "y" position of the trident.
  • Solution: One solution could be to draw a line between Prince Slime and its target, and if it touches an obstacle the "x" and "y" position of the target will move closer to that of Prince Slime until this line does not touch any obstacle.

There is a bug, if you press attack while doing the dash, the character goes very fast.


Vale, todos lo personajes se hacen lo mimo en el escenario 3.

- - - - - - - - 


Okay, all the characters do the same in stage 3.


Espero, he jugado un poco y me he dado cuenta que pasa lo mismo con Cat Tosser en el 3º escenario.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 


I hope, I have played a bit and I have realized what happens the same with Cat Tosser in the 3rd stage.


Abro este tema para comentar de algunos errores en la IA del juego:

  • Sputnik:
    • Muchas veces Sputnik se pone a sobrevolar a lo alto del escenario y una vez en cierto punto Sputnik se va cayendo a la derecha en ve de aterrizar en el escenario.
      • NOTA: Si le atacas o te acercas lo suficiente este te atacará y con suerte regresará al escenario.
  • TC-C016:
    • Algunas veces hace lo mismo que Sputnik pero más raramente.

En estos dos casos me he fijado que son los personajes con más capacidad de vuelo, puede que esté relacionado.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


I open this topic to comment on some bugs in the game's AI:

  • Sputnik:
    • Many times Sputnik flies to the top of the stage and once at a certain point Sputnik falls to the right instead of landing on stage.
      • NOTE: If you attack or get close enough it will attack you and hopefully return to the stage.
  • TC-C016:
    • Sometimes he does the same thing as Sputnik but more rarely.

In these two cases I have noticed that they are the characters with the most flight capacity, it may be related.

Hola, de nuevo. Esta sugerencia consiste en que haya modo on-line para jugar con otros usuarios.

Hola, me encanta este juego pero cuando lo cierro no se me guarda ni la configuración en "Opciones" ni los botones de los mandos. Estaría bien que se quedase guardado para jugar sin interrupciones.

Demasiado fácil, me lo he pasado en el primer intento

Estaría bien un modo Enless o Arcade y que hayan jefes y más de un tipo de enemigo con estrategias diferentes para matarlos.

A, y por último. Hay una técnica muy poderosa que consiste en saltar, cargar ataque y antes de tocar el suelo liberarlo. Esta técnica se debería hacer nerf.