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wow this game is rly neat

so i was reading the game and found this, like WTF

This is very great! It would be even greater if it included non active actions (eg: react quickly and so on).

This is very cool. I’ll make some tweaks to use it for my own system.

Page 9 is empty btw, and the last page seems to be bugged.

Woah this is quite well made. It makes me want to migrate from Dungeon World to this game instead. Good work! Subbed!

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Page 27 of rulebook: the sentence “What the Darkness Demands of You” has no format.

I would do a Ctrl+F to make sure that this doesn’t happen on the rest of the book.

The trait Fast Healer of Middlekin is objectively inferior to Hardy of Largekin.

For the next version you may also implement the skill system of Infinigrad. The Combat, Magic, Social, Utility, Exploration and Survival cathegories are quite evocative.

I LOVE this game. The design choices are right into the spot. I specialy like:

  1. That the 1UPs give items instead of lives. Because in the original game lives are useless since you get em when you have none.
  2. The ninja powerup. As an improved version of the fireplant.
  3. The time trial parts of levels.
  4. The 4 characters to choose.
  5. The level design.

Although I have to say that there’re some bugs (I’ll make a list as I continue playing), some desert levels lower the FPS a lot, and some aspects could be changed to make the icons better (eg: instead of the star for the “ninja” power up, make a ninja suit sprite just like the penguin suit of SMB Wii etc).

I was thinking about the game and I thought something.

This game is intended so that the goal of a session involve completing the quests of the party. But then I thought… what if a PC dies before reaching the goal?

‘Cos then you have to restructurate the mission to acomodate the quests of the new PC, because if you don’t, then the power level is unequal between players.

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2 things:

  1. There’s a typo on page 23. It should say “If you fail, you can’t use any of these powers”.
  2. From pages 3 to 17 and 38 to 61 there’s a total waste of paper. Too much borders and white space for very little text. It makes the book heavier than necesary and needs more sheets. I’d suggest to improve it, by making the margins (top, bottom and exterior) smaller and reduce the distance between paragraphs.

I loved this game.

Nice game!

really engaging, would be cool a 1v1 mode of 2 screens where the player who beats X number of enemies first wins.

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It was my 2nd run, got many luck

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You can drink the same drink multiple times and it will stack. But auto buy would be really good.

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There is a bug that makes the Farmer keep working but it can’t be stopped. It’s very annoying cos I die by reaching DL when I’m just fighting. When the Farmer is “unstoppable” you can at the same time progress the bar on other activities (including other jobs).

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We need:

  • Speed up button

  • Pause button

  • Auto death button

  • A button that adds some background music :P

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That depends on the Damage you do per attack, in my case I could get to 4.98 attack so for me it’s best to farm the Dummies III, they always hit me once even if I take the Speed drink so that’s my strat to farm essence atm.

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Pro tip for players: If you want to know if you’ll win the fight, multiply YOUR DAMAGE x YOU ATTACK SPEED x YOUR CURRENT HP. If that value is higher to that of the enemy, you’ll win.

For example:

You have 5 DMG, 0.2 ATTACK SPEED, and 300 HP.

5 x 0.2 x 300 = 300

The enemy has 2 DMG, 1 ATTACK SPEED, and 100 HP.

2 x 1 x 100 = 200

In this case you’ll win.

I call that number your “Combat Stat Product” or CSP.

By “class level” does it mean the one from combating?

On Store, does Mastery Upgrades increase “xp gain bonus” or “mastery xp gain”?

Also, what is the difference between both?

Toiled Cleaner should be Toilet Cleaner

Something that I do while I’m not consuming Tavern effects is to click on Jobs, wait til the bar is 95% full, and pause it. That way when I take the DLx0.5 drink it will also affect the jobs once they have finished.

So, maybe a button to speed up everything would be a solution so I don’t have to wait 130 seconds making no choice in game.

I like this game a lot. I think that it would me cool to have a tab to make notes so that we can write the succesion of what to be active on: For example: Thinking 1 -> Caution 10 -> Thinking 4 -> Toiled Cleaner etc

There’s abug where you can grab 3 items. I’m using it to pick up the sickle, the watering can and seeds and move the mouse around.

Snow Hack community · Created a new topic What's W&W?

It is mentioned on page 10 but I have no idea what it is. Also, why not adding the rules to the PDF instead of redirecting the reader to another place where it seems like they’d have to pay (that’s my assumption from the line “Let me know if you need help buying a copy”).

I read this and I love it. It makes so much things very well.


i wish there were community copies, cause this game looks good.

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I have two questions.

1) Regarding creature’s attacks on Cooperative Mode:

The following example is of an Alchemist (who rolled 1 grunt & 2 peons) and a Wizard (who rolled 1 scroll)

  • a. The turn alternatition looks like: Player A + Player B → Grunt + Peon + Peon
  • b. The turn alternatition looks like: Player A → Foe → Peon A → Foe → Remaining foe
  • c. Other.

2) Regarding treasure (scrolls and potions) on Cooperative Mode:

  • a. All players share it automatically.
  • b. Each player has its own reserve and it cannot be shared.
  • c. They can share it (automatically) only outside of combat.
  • d. Just like C, but in combat they can share treasure to another player by taking an action.
  • e. Other.

I have only read it, but it already looks fun and easy to play.

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Errata on page 8. It says:

4 High-Strung

  1. I’moutta here.
  2. Can’t someone else do it?
  3. I want to go home!
  4. I’ll try, I guess.
  5. Yes. I think. Maybe?
  6. Ok, but it sounds dangerous.
  7. Won’t work, try something else.
  8. Why do you think?
  9. I guess, let’s go.
  10. Well, I can tell you all about…
  11. Oh, crap, oh, crap, oh–

And should say:

4 High-Strung 2. I’moutta here. 3. Can’t someone else do it? 4. I want to go home! 5. I’ll try, I guess. 6. Yes. I think. Maybe? 7. Ok, but it sounds dangerous. 8. Won’t work, try something else. 9. Why do you think? 10. I guess, let’s go. 11. Well, I can tell you all about… 12. Oh, crap, oh, crap, oh–

Sorry for the layout, I’m clueless of why Markdown isn’t working. But you get the idea.

I like this!

I thought about this long ago as an intuitive baseline for rolls. What a surprise that someone has done it!

This game does a lot of things really well!

I love the concept and the rules that back it up. I’m gonna recommend this!