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Cool game. I liked the idea, there is the potential😊 It is a bit rough and I could not get past a certain level, but i liked it.

It seems like you have not uploaded the game.

Hey I don't know if it is my browser or something else but i could not start the game

We realized it that not everybody could play the game😢 but thanks for the cats!

Thank you very much! I'll look at them!

Good game! played well! and i liked the changing colors

Awesome game! felt good to control and I liked the twist on the theme.

(I want to know how to use the engine you use, pico 8, are there any good tutorials for?)

Thanks a lot!

Awesome Game! I had a lot of fun. Sometimes it was a bit annoying to spawn all the way back at a checkpoint after having placed a clone but that is my only criticism. While playing the game I did not get why it fit the jam theme, but after reading your explanation it made more sense.

I kept accidentally hitting space because i wanted to jump but that was my own fault😅 Good Job!

No we did not make the music:( all the sounds were not ours. Everything else was made by us😅

Thanks! good to hear you like it! Next time we'll turn down the volume😉

Thank you very much!

Yeah I noticed😊 I lost the ship for a sec haha. Still good for the amount of time you had!

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A nice platformed that gets a lot of marks right. I liked to play the game and it is a fun twist on the theme(even though it feels a bit like cheating as you can make any game you want😊)

Nice art, and felt polished, but the gameplay was a bit boring to me. After two tries I was done as it took quite long.

I liked the the game it was fun to play(I could not complete the level with three angry planets and two normal planets😅), and nice art. However I did not think it fitted the theme that well. Well made though!

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I liked the Simple art and the idea were fun. It was a but frustrating though if you missed the enemy they would follow you and damage you no matter what