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Thanks, awesome.

Try the other community channels.

The builds have been restored except for the mac and javascript.

Note that the current system is offline until I can get a new power supply unit.

Seems like I can take a cached version of moltenvk and move it to\Contents\Frameworks\libMoltenVK.dylib.

Where do I take from Vulkan SDK distribution and where do I put it?

I have the correct tools app template, but haven't worked on the “libMoltenVK.dylib” yet.

I will investigate the next time slot, hopefully this weekend.

The reason I did not use LTO is because the GCC from default Fedora crashes Godot.

The releases of Godot custom patch gcc.

I didn't feel comfortable doing that.

Please try the latest builds.

Web builds are now on the itchio site.

Contacting TMM for help with the HTML5 builds. He's able to answer my  questions. I may be able to get HTML5 at some point, but this weekend is busy.

I'm not currently building android, ios, mono or HTML5. 

May look into more platforms in the future.

My minions await!

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Anyone want to start a gathering place for the game jam? 

I prefer discord, but irc works too.

Is there an eta?

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What is the suggested method to install these runtimes?

* Visual Studio 2015 Runtime

* DirectX 9 Runtime

* DotNet Runtime

There could be a first run executable that executes the UE4Prerequisites installer (executes a random executable once).