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When Episode 3 is finished! Hopefully at the end of June. If not then, then later in the summer. 

The alpha build is indeed online only as this is a browser-based game. Patreon gives you access to the alpha build's private link and password for as long as you are pledged (think of it more like a subscription than paying for content outright). The alpha is in-development content that will eventually be released publicly for free.

This symbol will indicate polyamorous flags:

There aren't any poly romances for a while, though. Not until Episode 6 at the earliest.

Possibly! There are guides on my Patreon, but they take a while to finish (the full episode 1 walkthrough is still in progress).

Thank you so much! 💕 There won't be an option to disable skill checks. That would cut the player out of about half potential routes and outcomes, which impacts things like faction rapport, companion approval, romance, and other story moments. Failure--and the potential to fail--is a crucial part of the game and the main character's journey.

It is possible, but only with very specific choices. If you investigate the town, you need to find the chalice and deliver it to him. If you did not investigate the town and took Zenaida's offer instead, you need to end up on a path where you fight the basilisk with Rhodarth and then leave him behind.

You shouldn't be getting a nonexistent page anywhere in the game. Could you submit a bug report and describe exactly where that occurred or copy/paste the last text you saw before you encountered the error? Thank you!

Check your browser settings and extensions. If you're losing your saves or the game refuses to save, your browser may be automatically clearing your cache and browser history, which would delete your saves. 

If you're playing on the app, try launching the game from a browser instead. 

The game is going to stay online only while it's in development. I'll be looking into developing an offline version for PC and porting it to a mobile app for mobile players once it's complete. :) 

There aren't more browser save slots to help prevent an issue that can occur when the player has too many Twine saves saved to their browser.

You can save infinitely to your device (this includes mobile) using Save to Disk and manually upload them using Load from Disk. This is the best way to save your game in the long term as it means you won't lose your saves if something happens to your browser history or cache.    

Thank you so much for including Wayfarer on your rec list! 💖

There are 3 acts and 15 episodes total. :)

If you don't have enough money, there's an item you can find in the Viridian Lady's villa you can use to trade with them.

No. Other companions don't start unlocking until Episode 4 (although one has an early introduction in Episode 2).

Yes, you can get Cenric or Sero as your mentor. It's dependent on a few different factors after the fannarl fight; try experimenting with your dialogue options. :)

Luthais is an Episode 1 character only. Rhodarth may show up again... depending on your choices. ;)

It's RNG. The skill check system is inspired by D&D; the combination of your skill level plus the dice roll determines the outcome. Even if you have a high skill level, there's still a chance you may fail. Just as there's always a chance you might pass with a low skill level. You level up at the end of each episode and will have a chance to improve your skill check chances for the next one.  

Failure is a critical part of the story and game. This is not a power fantasy. The player character is skilled, but even the most skilled people are capable of messing up. Failing skill checks doesn't mean the game is over, it just means your character will find a different path. 

Thank you! Music isn't possible right now since I can't find what I want from royalty-free libraries. I'd prefer to compose and mix something myself (or hire a composer/sound technician to do it), but that's simply not feasible at this time.

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You need to click on the map itself! Each available area will light up when you hover over it with your cursor and you can select from there. The list is there to show which areas you can click on (since the map names all areas, not just the available ones).

If you'd prefer to click on the list, you can toggle the interactive map off in the game settings.

Game tutorials that explain all of the mechanics are available at any time from the game menu. If you're not sure how something works, I definitely recommend checking those out!

Launch errors won't have anything to do with your operating system. It sounds it's an issue with your browser or with a browser extension. Many privacy browser extensions (UBlock Origin, Privacy Badger, etc) will cause Twine games to fail to launch. You also cannot run the game if you're in incognito mode. 

I would try running the game in a different browser first and see if you have the same issues. Check out this post here for common launch issues and try out some of the solutions--hopefully something there will help!

That's ok! If you're still encountering the issue, I would try refreshing the page to make sure the arrow icon loads or try a different browser. You could also check your resolution (if your screen resolution is too high--usually above 125% or 150%--the arrow can get knocked off the page). 

I can't replicate the error so unfortunately I can't offer more solutions than that. 

Thank you! The game is made in Twine, which publishes to HTML and runs in-browser.

There should be an arrow in the lower right corner below the text.

If you're not seeing it, can you tell me what browser you're using and if you have any privacy/adblock extensions, or if you're playing on the app? I've had a couple people have this error, but I have never been able to replicate it.

Thank you so much for the lovely comment! I'm glad you're enjoying the mechanics and the story. 💕

Thank you so much for checking out the game, I'm glad you're enjoying it! Wayfarer's files are not available for download. I am personally not comfortable with players accessing the files of my in-progress game, even if it's just to poke around to see how I coded it.  

If you're interested in making your own game in Twine, there are a lot of resources available to help you get started:

  • Twine Cookbook
  • Grim Baccaris' Twine Grimoire, Volume 1 and Volume 2 (this is a beginner's guide which explains the two most popular story formats, SugarCube and Harlowe, as well as basic CSS and JavaScript that can help build the UI design of your game)
  • nyehilism's annotated SugarCube template. This is a basic version of the default SugarCube template, with explanations on how to add commonly asked for features. You can import this template directly into Twine and poke around. 
  • vahnya has a SugarCube template that is also based on the default SugarCube UI. You can import this one into Twine and play around with it.
  • The twinegames subreddit (good for asking questions if you get stuck, but I would definitely recommend trying things out on your own first on your own)
  • I also have a "coding in twine" tag on my development blog that may be helpful for folks who are starting out. I'm by no means an expert; this is more of an informal explanation of basic Twine elements and mechanics

Good luck with your game!

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Check your extensions. Adblockers can interfere with Twine games, so you may need to whitelist the game page in order for it to run. Privacy Badger in particular wreaks havoc with the Twine engine. Also, running your browser in any non-standard modes (i.e. incognito mode) can prevent the engine from launching. 

Thank you! I'm so glad you found the story immersive, that's definitely the goal ahaha. Next chapter is in the works!

Thank you so much!!! 💕

Thank you so much, I'm so glad you're enjoying! 💕 Next chapter is in the works, but it likely won't be released publicly until January.

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I use SugarCube (which I personally prefer to Harlowe). I use a custom template (created by cerberus, it's available here, but it will only work with SugarCube). The default version of SugarCube does come with a sidebar, so if that's something you're interested in having without a lot of additional work, you may want to switch formats. 

There are several ways to remove options based on previous choices in SugarCube. I tend to use the visited([passages]) function, but you could also use the <<choice>> macro. I don't work in Harlowe, so I don't know how to do that in that story format.   

If you're starting out in Twine, there's are a lot of sources available that can help you get started:

  • Grim Baccaris' Twine Grimoires (Vol 1 & Vol 2). These are introductions to both Harlowe and SugarCube, alongside using CSS to change the appearance of your game
  • The Twine Cookbook
  • If you do switch to SugarCube, you'll want to go through the documentation to learn the basic syntax, macros and functions

In addition, the Twine category on and the twinegames subreddit are good places to ask questions if you're struggling with something specific. To be honest, the best way to learn is to read the documentation, guides, and try things out for yourself. You'll get a better handle of how the story format works and what your personal preferences for coding are.

Good luck with your game!   

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They can't learn magic, their immunity prevents it. Magic can't effect them at all.

It's not possible to lose the bet, since the bet is about whether you will break the enchantments on the Runes & Relics shop or not. Aeran always bet that you will, the MC will always bet that you won't. The enchantments never break, so the MC is always right.

The bet is less about winning/losing the bet and more about the MC selecting the outcome (secret, favour, money, etc). I didn't add the option to have the MC lose the bet because it would double all of the options (secret, favour, money etc for if Aeran won and secret, favour, money for if the MC won). That's too many variations for something that's little more than a throw-away line. 

Additional, the option to make the bet only appears if you have high approval; if your approval is too low, Aeran will push on to the shop without further comment. 

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Hi! There should be a little arrow on the far right hand of the screen. Click that to progress any black screens.

It looks like this:

Depending on your device/viewport size, it may be farther down. If you're playing on the app and the arrow has disappeared, I would quit the app and play in a browser. The app isn't really great at running Twine games and it does funky things to it sometimes.

Because the game doesn't use a hit point system. there's no real reason to buy or craft upgraded weapons or armour. It would unnecessarily inflate the inventory system for something that doesn't really have an impact.  

Also, Wayfarers can't use magically-enhanced gear, so most of the weapons and gear available from weaponsmiths would be ineffective. They have their Alassar steel sword and it's the only one they need to do their job. 

Thank you so much! The dice rolls definitely seem to be a love it or hate it mechanic, but I'm glad you're enjoying how that aspect works. 💗

Thank you!! <3

Thank you so much!

Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying it!

Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I'm glad you're enjoying the game. 

I just wanted to mention a couple things you mentioned in the review you left (thank you very much for that, too!):

- All skill checks combine  a dice roll with your current skill level. That means it is possible to fail your skill checks even if you have  a relatively high level; it also means it's possible to pass skill checks even if you have a low skill level. There is an element of risk with every choice and the dice rolls may not go the way you want. Because Chapter 1 is the first chapter, the skill checks are the hardest here because you haven't had a chance to level up. You mentioned not being able to pass an Agility check with 8 points in agility--8 points in a skill only gives you a 55% chance to pass the check. The exact percentages for passing checks are stated in the game's tutorials (check under Skills & Skill Checks). 

- Leveling up is also combined with a dice roll. Your chance of getting the maximum amount of skill points (3) depends on your final health status. If you reload the autosave to re-distribute your points, the game re-rolls the dice, which is why you may end up with a different set of points than you did the first time if you try to reset it. 

Ahaha, yes. The game preloads some of its images, so if your internet connection is unstable or slow, that could add to the load time (it usually only takes around 5 seconds to load). 

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Of course! I approach many indie and in-development works the same way, so I totally understand wanting to hold off until there's more content out. 💗

The game is divided into three acts. Act 1 has 6 chapters, Act 2 has 4 chapters, and Act 3 has 3 chapters. Not every chapter will be as big as Chapter 1 (I think it will remain the largest chapter in the game, just in terms of word count and volume) and some chapters will be more linear than others to keep the story moving, but all will hinge on player choice. You'll be able to see the consequences of your choices (good and bad) ripple throughout the rest of the game.