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oh, it never traveled more than  a couple car lengths for me

Perhaps sonething is going wrong with physics or the framerate

this feels rather complete for a gamejam game, well done!

the graphics are nice and the gameplay works well
the enemies as well as click count per object could have done with some tweaking imo
(slimes are hard to aim, having to click so often is a bit tedious)

i'm not sure about the whole color and symbol system it feels a bit tacked on rather than something that synergized with the core gameplay

while some variety can be nice in a longer title i think i would have preferred for you to focus on one of the two games and really make that as good as it can be in the given timeframe

the stealth sections are quite neat and fit the theme nicely
the distance at which the guard catch you is a bit hard to determine, some view-cone visuals might have been nice
also doors not opening back up in rewind can lead to some strange situations, i would have been nice for the whole system to be a bit more deterministic

the parkour stages felt like a cool and quick diversion at first with some nice aimation and music
unfortunately imo they are just way too long and the perspective sometimes made the jumps hard to time
(they reminded me of the shoot em up stage in bayonetta, nice diversion in a casual playthrough, super frustrating in higher difficulties) 

i could not get past the second parkour stage, tried 10+ times but the boxes and poles sometimes spawned in such a way that made it really hard to avoid

great entry with a really cool concept
could even have gone a bit longer if you ask me

cool take on the theme

wish the max speed wasnt to low, i mean give a kid a wind up car and the first thing they do is wind it up to the max to see it go flying

cool concept, as soon as you have a room memorized its quite fun to breeze through it

since discovering the layout of a room is a bit trial and error having to do the earlier rooms over and over is quite frustrating. i feel there should have either been checkpoints or some way to preview the other timelines though is can see how that problem might be hard to see when your the one developing it

this was great fun, i really like the concept and the implementation is solid
appreciated the different enemies and the combo meter works really well with the mechanic 

rewinding is kind of overpowered though, while thats perfectly fine for a prototype i wonder how that could be balanced in a full game
might be cool to have different modes ala geometry wars(limit extending path length, enemies in closed path areas are killed, ...)

i got a highscore of 554

i really like the concept and the meta stuff is fun too
the art it pretty cute

wish you did not reverse my controls, that always annoys the hell out of me
also the hitbox is really large making avoiding projectiles kinda frustrating

PS: lmao, i see a lot of us had similar ideas for our games names

very well done!
the art is cute and gameplay is solid
movement is really well done

you could have gotten a bit more creative with the level design
after getting the rewind ability most levels are solved by getting the key and rewinding

the clean simple style is quite nice and the rest of the game is really solid

the  two plates are a bit weird, i'd just switch between them until the clock moved in the right direction
i think this kind of game desperately needs a score and not using the clock as the score is a bit of a missed opportunity imo

i think i can see where you were going with this and that concept is pretty cool

honestly i think you might have been a bit over ambitious with all the features you added here
i've been guilty of that in the past, sometimes less is more

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nice idea, jumping on the platforms as they are raised is fun
i wish there was some more variety
managed to get to the first platform of the moving box segment

had to peek at the walkthrough twice(lvl 1 and 3) but eventually i did it!
theres some pretty clever design here and when you get the hang of it its really fun
the rewinding background also looks great!

physics base movement is always a big challenge in unity and the general movement could have used some tweaking for sure. combined with the high difficulty dodgy movement can be pretty frustrating. thankfully the checkpoints are very forgiving

good job overall!

pretty original take on the theme, nice!
i always like it when people record voices for their games.

would have been nice to have some indication of how close i got when rewinding
the timing is really tight and i struggled to get any hits, maybe awarding reduced points for a larger window would have been nice

neat mechanic pretty well executed, good job!

i wonder if there is a way to do the last level without kiting the enemies round the bottom

gets kinda tricky in the end but i did it! well done!
the general system is pretty solid, 
some more general polish would have been nice too(jump acc/deceleration, speed of the box)

pretty pleasant experience, good job!
since exploration is the focus i wish there was some more interesting stuff to find
(even if it was just a little flag at the top or something)

well done, gladly played through it
i quite like the idea of adding a rewind feature to a jumpnrun, might work better than restart of checkpoints for the right kind of game
movement could have used a bit more work imo, feels a bit floaty to me

dude must be living over an ikea or something :)

has a nice satisfying feel to it, well done!

really fun, don't know about the ethics of stuffing sick people in a box ;)

damn, those aliens are scary

a bit hard to judge where exactly the sling would fling you

cool entry overall, good job!