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Thanks for playing and the feedback.

Thank you for playing our demo.

Thanks for playing

Thanks for the feedback!

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IceVayne Games' presents THE MMI DEMO. A first person psychological horror game set on a space outpost where you are alone and your only job is to mine, day in and day out. But today something seems off. We welcome your feedback as we continue to develop this psychological horror game.

 Download the Demo Here

Thank you. I had the file extensions on my windows hidden so that was the issue Thanks again.

Here is the file and the path in the command line. I've tried pretty much tried everything but have had no success.

If I only put the "" around the path, it says it cannot locate it, it can only locate it when I enclose the entire command line in quotes. But is looks like it can't find the target page on itch. Thanks for your help with this.

getting closer, here is my path butler push "C:\Program Files\Butler\TheMMIDemo icevayne-games/the-mmi-demo:win-64", it is the correct user and game id, so I'm at a loss. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hello, I have followed the youtube tutorials. Butler is working correctly and connect, however, I keep getting that the system cannot find the file specified. The path is copy and pasted directly from the properties of the file. I've been trying for a week now and keep getting this error. Any ideas on what is causing it?