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This is a real gem of a game.

I was at first a little frustrated with the whole "need to rest" mechanic, assuming I would have to rest through out the game, but then as the story unfolded it was really touching and just made so much sense. 

There was a little weirdness with the chair sometimes disappearing but I thought it was fantastic that it was available and definitely minimized the "need to rest" frequency.

It was a great story that unfolded in a very touching way and was well executed. I appreciate the games ability to communicate potentially sensitive issues without resorting to lecturing or getting beaten over the head with it.

The ending was a little bittersweet, but still very appropriate.

Great job!

I have no idea how the controls actually translate to doing anything. I accidentally managed to get to a room with enemies and approached a table. I couldn't exit out of the menu that popped up when I interacted with the table and an enemy killed me.

It would probably be worth while as there isn't a reset/re-spawn option and while it may be possible to jump out of there I couldn't manage it.

Ah.. I just restarted and didn't repeat the same mistake. Thanks for the reply!

It's a dead end to the right.  I couldn't get the slime to jump back up to where the vine is located, although it's apparently possible.

In FireFox shift and right click open up a contextual menu so it cannot be played in FireFox. Seems  fun in Chrome although I had a hard time wall jumping. Everything does look great!

Everything was going well and I was having a fun time until I got softlocked in the area below. I can't make the jump back up and it's a dead end to the right.

And yet another brilliant game with some incredibly well thought out mechanics and some fantastic puzzles. I am always impressed you achieve to create such high quality and intricate puzzles without over-complicating anything or relying on gimmicks.

I can't seem to do anything in the Library. Something got activated in the shelves (it lit up 2 lines) but I can't seem to interact with it.

More at the beginning would be a great compromise. That way you could start your build and being more selective about items would make more sense.

That follows the previous natural progression of unlimited items. By floor 5 or so I've usually committed myself on a build and most items I don't pick up...just healing or synergy items for my build.

My brain is melting :D  But I will try some more!

I have no idea what I'm missing. I think it may have something to do with bubble type tiles having the ability to push columns pieces on them?

Oh wow! That makes everything a lot more forgiving! Thanks so much!

I'm still stuck with the bear...I always seem to be missing one block or column piece. I've gotten the fox and squirrel... the bear is next, correct?

This is very well put together and greatly improved in terms of quality over the initial release.

And undo button would go far as a QoL improvement. Resetting the level all the way back to the beginning to have to re-attempt a puzzle gets a little tedious.

I'm currently stuck trying to reach the bear. Hopefully someone will have a wallkthrough before too long.

Great stuff!

Very welcome :)

I usually don't like PuzzleScript games a whole lot. This game I forgot it was PuzzleScript because it felt so "Metroidvania" and I really enjoyed it.

You are most welcome.

The entire core concept of the game is kind of genius. The art is just an added bonus and I love monkeys.

My advice on tutorial stuff. It's a weird balance. Players tend to not like too much "hand holding" or having to absorb too much information in a tutorial.

They just want to see what the game is all about and see if it entertains them as quickly as possible. You have maybe a minute or 2 to get the core mechanic communicated to grab the players attention, at which point a player either likes it or doesn't.

Unlocking things after they have core concepts already familiar is probably the best advice I can give... at that point a player that enjoys the core game mechanics has vested interest and anything that gets unlocked becomes an added bonus that enhances gameplay and it is not to much to digest.

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That piece of floor that falls away is important in G1.  You will probably need to reset the room.

I might have missed it but I don't think the Path feature was covered in the tutorial. That may have made for some pretty slow progress without the multiplier. I get that it's a demo.  And it may have been skipped because the basic mechanics do take a while to explain initially.

All in all this is really nicely polished. Graphics are awesome.

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When you say move the plants with the salt water do you mean plants in frozen areas that require the thermal upgrade?

The order of the upgrades is the static projector which pick up and move blocks, the botany gloves that can push plants, then you get a grapple to access the green blocks and then some others after that.

All puzzles are completely solvable just some are really tricky. When you start getting into the ice flowers it gets quite challenging.

Oh. You need the thermal power up so you can walk on ice.

Spoiler below (I've been taking screenshots of the ones that I found really difficult A5 was one of them).

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G5 I solved yesterday but now has me completely stumped.

Spoiler Below:

No problem. Just a little frustrated with myself because I'm stuck on puzzles I solved yesterday.

Aack.  All progress lost after the update :(

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That one got me.

Spoiler image below.....

These are all really clever puzzles. Very well thought out!

I'm probably going to need a walkthrough if the puzzles get harder :)

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Really great stuff. Any hints for C2 ?

Edit- Got it. Bit of a red herring with the plant in the other room.

That was one of the most challenging games I have played in a long time!

Some of the sections were really difficult but do-able eventually.

I had a hard time finding the underground location that has a battery and links to the tutorial area. I found that accidentally.

I think more health would have made everything slightly more enjoyable. There were some areas that were really unforgiving and the closest save point was kind of far away.

All in all a very well put together experience! Thank you!

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Hey There!

Really great looking! 

In the area right after the tutorial there is a 3 light door:

This can be opened with only 1 battery:

I'm not sure if that's supposed to happen. I thought I needed 3 batteries to open 3 light doors.

The battery in that room can be gotten although it took a lot of attempts. Those middle platforms are really tricky.

Before back-tracking to that 3 light door I got stuck. I couldn't seem to make it past the room of many sweeping cameras.  Once I did get that 2nd battery I could open a door (a level with palm trees and a battery) and I've been making progress from then on.

I do seem to keep ending up in places I can't proceed but the tool popups indicate that I should. I've reached the room with a battery and the tooltip is telling me about that jammer ball, but I only have 3 batteries. Perhaps that's all by design. Just a little strange that it took a lot to get that far to just to not be able to get the battery in the room (or maybe I've just not figured it out).

It is a really clever mechanic being able to kill the robots to recharge your own battery. I've have had quite a few "Ah-ha!" moments figuring some things out.

The robot's laser being able to follow/track you into the next room made for some occasional frustration.


I did actually attempt again and managed it. It was the healthpoint kind of close to the beginning.
This was a really good puzzle platformer. Reminded me a little bit of Ferociter's stuff.

Really great stuff!

I didn't really notice a major difference with different characters and that wasn't a bad thing.

The only aesthetic advice would be to somehow make collectable items more apparent. There is usually so much going on in any level that collectibles can be hard to discern, especially  if you have the spell that leaves flames behind the character walking path.

It would have been more enjoyable if backtracking was more rewarding, specifically the raven power up and accessing areas that were inaccessible previously.

I can completely understand if that would make the scope of the project overwhelming. I just saw open areas at the top of some  dungeons that were inaccessible to a character and wanted them to lead to a new level if I had the raven.

I did really like the ability to backtrack.

The inventory was a little awkward to manage with the limited space but I think it explains itself well after a few playthroughs.

The tutorial gave the equipment for combo bonuses. It again took several playthroughs for that to really become apparent.

It might not be a bad idea to be a little more "hand holdy" for the first few areas and don't give too many spell choices. Then again, if the player is invested they will hopefully figure it out.

All in all, this is a really great project that should do really well.

Thanks so much for developing!

Interesting concept. Couldn't make it out of the deep pit after getting the dash upgrade. That got frustrating. After around the 20th time of missing the last platform and getting dumped to the bottom again, I had to move on.

Thoroughly enjoyable! Some nicely tricky puzzles and great power-up progression!

So very glad the issue is fixed :)

If you need a QA tester, let me attention to mundane-repetition detail is pretty awesome!

Hmm... on leaving the shop I get "Stick to the plan!" and cannot leave. I can't interact with anything in the shop and the gallery owner says the same thing about looking at the painting. And I cannot access inventory.

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Good to know about the claw machine!

I encountered a soft lock when deciding not to buy the painting. I can't leave the art shop and the owner keeps saying not to talk to him and to look at the painting but the rich guy has already left.

Does the demo offer the option to go to prison? I got Girt arrested but demo ended there on that branch.

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My pleasure!

I played the browser version. I think that might have made the target shooting and hurdles so weird. Perhaps the Gameboy re-centers the X/Y axis and the web version does not?

Getting to the job fair there was enough of a hint with the puzzle not being available in the demo that it was fine.

The only other weird thing I can remember was in terms of story line. When playing the conveyor belt game that manipulates the worker's quota, if you (intentionally) get a really low score, the union people still complain about working conditions (more work but no extra pay) when their quota has been significantly reduced. And then the factory foreman tells Girt that he has to do at least 5 for his shift.  Perhaps make the minimum for the conveyor belt game that sets the quota be more than the current quota or something similar?  That would fix the union narrative - more work but same pay - and give Girt a reason to side with the union (or get fired and live in a squat and get addicted to Mapota).

Is there any way to win the claw machine, currently?

Really great stuff, overall!

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The world building, storytelling and immersion are all really top notch.

Girt, under my direction, has lived  incredibly varied and interesting lifetimes.

I really enjoyed the clever little branches that were introduced in many dialogues and it was a pleasant surprise to discover that many decisions were not inconsequential but had lasting impact.

Potential Spoilers

The only improvements I would suggest that would have enhanced my own experience would be:

  • The ability to skip sections once completed if all branches have been followed. The factory worker path up to where I got mugged and refused to hand over the chump change. Sorting all those boxes again and signing everyone up for the union...I just can't right now.  I understand I may not have decided to help the union or whatever and that would have changed the available options so I can see it being a tricky request. The same to get to the police office / fixer branch. Some of the academy mini-games were pretty brutal. I understand there is value in re-playability but I just found my first 8 or so minutes of game play to be a rinse and repeat of the dialogues and choices to get to the same branch points.
  • A fast travel for the train sequence unless there is a new interaction available.
  • A few of the mini-games in the web version had controls that were a little unresponsive. I noticed it most on the police academy hurdle course (the first race always seems more clumsy than the second...that might be by design) and target shooting. The target shooting the X axis targets would sometimes be awkward to get to and I was wondering if it was even possible to pass the test or if it was used to force you to quit becoming a police officer. The ballot switching was also a little strange but that just might have been me.
  • It would have been great to know what dialogue options were decisions that impacted the story, and even what options had been previously selected.

All in all a really nice experience that was really enjoyable.

I ended up:

-As a squatter that was kicked out for Mapota addiction

-A fixer

-A police officer that was liberal with the use of the truncheon and was investigating a dead body in the acid

-Being Killed by a thief after winning the horse race

- An artist that both sold a painting and made the mistake of telling someone that I was a smuggler

- As someone that past the exam but found there to be no jobs available at the job fair

- Chancellor elect and became (ashamedly) a member of the Gears and Levers club.

Again, really nice experience!