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That only looks like 54.  Amazing update :)

Softlock at 9,195,226.  I think I grabbed a card as they were moving in the bottom part of the screen and tried to place it as animations were happening? That created a strange double outline for a card placement.

Like all your other creations, incredibly intuitive, fun and addictive. It's very impressive how you continually create such great games with a simple initial premise by adding imaginative twists that start to change the entire flow of a game. Thank you for sharing your creations..

Same issue as the AFRiFICTION.  I can't seem to make any money. If I price the lemonade where it sells, I can't ever get ahead. Customers are constantly unhappy. No idea.

This is a lot of fun but can get repetitive. More random encounters would help (enchanted tree/lake kind of things), especially when entering a prison/barracks it would be nice if you just got a reward/recruits or something instead of combat.

I came across a few bugs but none really game breaking. The most serious one was when dropping a hero he was outside of the room and could not get into the room .I guess I had dropped him right on the boundary of the allowable area. 

It being in early development I am thinking there will be more help available for some of the nuances, but I managed to figure out what I needed without it. I did not thoroughly understand the loop mechanic, that might have just been the name 'loop' as opposed to sail to new island. It was a little strange when selecting that to then select the Boss option and....have to "loop" again. Sail to another island or sail to the Boss island would have been clearer.

Really promising beta and one of my favorite games I have encountered on in a while.

This was a bunch of fun to come back to. I really wish I had read directions more thoroughly because I didn't realize you could rearrange the letter to form a new word. I just replaced 1 letter at a time until I got stuck on iron and ogre, then tried the game in chrome and read the directions and got the whole "rearrange existing letters to make a new word".  So...103 words solved just by changing one letter at a time... sigh.

Beat me by about 150. But eventually, I put sword in scabbard. It was good.

Hey There!

Not a problem. I think was a great entry for the jam. I really like these kind of escape games. It is not contrived, just nice and logical puzzles.

Good luck in the jam!

This has been really nice. Can't figure out what the 4 digit code is. Every combination I can think of doesn't work, starting at the top as 0 or 1. Can't seem to find the rope, either.

The semaphore appears to be a red herring.

Some of the inter activeness wasn't immediately obvious, or what to do, which made it seem like trial and error, specifically the discs on the dresser.

I have the bulb lit, so that's good.

I got as far as trying to leave Tull when the game crashed when one of the town's people tried to use a Double Attack. I had neglected to save so will likely revisit later.  I did notice trying to load a game that there seems to be a place holder with some random name in Slot 1.

Really nice presentation and the use of story and dialog from the series is really well implemented, as far as I had gotten. I think  someone not familiar with the story would be able to follow but would miss some nuances, and that is fine. You don't want to have someone required to read pages of text in an rpg.

Great job :)

Took a little bit of playing to understand the mechanic/strategy involved.  Transition screens got a little/lot irritating and detracted from the experience, although I understand, as without them it would be a very quick game.

Overall, fantastic job!

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Nice aesthetic!  Would have been really useful to know you could use the mouse and interact with certain items... almost gave up at the bridge. Did not know about inventory. I made it to the house at the end, moved clouds, had a rock and magnifying glass. moved clouds and got rid of the shadow, put the rock on top of the tower... and did not know what else to do :(

Again, I thought it looked really great.

That was a nice short distraction and was cute and satisfying to finish. Great job for a first game!

I am not sure about saving the level state mainly because I revisited some to get a better understanding of the mechanics when I encountered a level that confused.
Having a level to go to select unlocked powerups before going to a boss might be a good workaround, although that might confuse the player if they go to that level and they don't understand why the power up doesn't appear on regular levels. Maybe a reset level option if you do decide to  save level state. Either that or have available powerups on each boss level.

The lave thing was weird because it was inconsistent which I though was just to mess with the player. The one place I noticed it the most often was in the screen shot I sent earlier with the Minotaur getting hit by his own projectile, just to the right of him that lave kills the player. I think it happened a few other places, but that one was the most memorable.

And I got an unfortunate error going to a previous level after getting the blade of magnifica. Image of the level attached with  stack trace below.

An error occurred running the Unity content on this page. See your browser JavaScript console for more info. The error was:

abort(245) at jsStackTrace@





























Ok... figured those out, I actually had the first one solved not too long after posting.

Some feed back, and this is just my humble opinion:

Having to replay levels to get the power ups gets a little tedious. If you have already defeated whatever boss, having to go back through a previous level just to be able to defeat the boss to obtain their powerup again can get a little frustrating. I notice some levels are trivially easy for getting a powerup, but that is not always the case. Having some kind of repository level for all currently obtained levels would improve QoL in the game, especially when trying to work out how to beat bosses.

The mechanics of both the eyeball wind directs and mushroom reflects can be a little random which makes it a little awkward. The eyeball seems to be able to do unintended things, see below. I couldn't kill the Minotaur but could blow him around. 

The teleport powerup available in Shetia was strange to first encounter because when the enemy was killed their portals where still there. Maybe removing them would communicate things better to the player? Also they are placed by the cursor, not so much "aimed".

The lava being able to sometimes kill the player in Shetia is a questionable design choice and makes things unnecessarily twitchy, especially when all previous levels did not have this mechanic. It doesn't seem to be at all consistent which lava can kill you.

The teleport power up also had some interesting side effects going on with the Minotaur. He was constantly launching explosives at himself. I also managed to kill one of the fire enemies with teleport. Not sure how but I had a loop of teleport blobs going.

This is lots of fun and it is obvious a lot of thought and care has gone into it. A save feature would be incredibly useful. Accidentally closing tab made me not want to start over again.

Good luck :)

I have no idea how to make it past this level. The top right flame guy can't be killed even when I  am right in that corner with them. 

Same with this level here. I know I am supposed to ricochet back and forth between shield mushroom to try get the flame thing, but it's just been frustrating.

Some really neat mechanics up until where I am now. :)

That was enjoyable. It took me too long to realize I had to eat the men. I thought those were lamps.

That was fun! Made it to level 15 and got caught on that level between 2 ice wizards.

The inventory was a little confusing at first and I accidentally deleted items trying to equip them, but eventually figured it out.

The only issue I think I ran into was treasure chests would sometimes spawn on stairs and when going to loot the chest, you would just end up descending.

That made me a little irritated when it happened after beating the troll, as I thought something great would be in the large chest, then beat the Forgotten King and that large chest had useless boots. Mini bosses apparently don't necessarily drop better loop.

Enjoyable stuff, thanks!

Ok.... this is awesome stuff. Thank you for developing!

I had no hit points left, but was at camp and had the ability to heal and had the perpetual Game Over screen. It was interesting. 

Excellent stuff...and like your other projects, addictive!

As always, a bunch of fun :)  I did encounter a neat phenomena where I managed to teleport as my last hit point was being taken and I made it back to camp with a persistent Game Over screen.
I sat by the campfire and interacted with the totem and re-entered the dungeon, the whole time Game Over was displaying.

I also noticed the Snake was able to damage enemies through barriers. That was kind of neat.

Sometimes enemies would automatically die on entering a room, I am thinking they clip with an obstacle. That was not an issue.

The only other thing that confused me was my very first playthrough, in the very first room I encountered a trader/blacksmith but didn't know that and he proceeded to annihilate me after I had tried to kill him - I just didn't read his dialogue :)

Enemies appear to scale by day or by and not by totem use, totem use just changed size of dungeon and loot quality. Is  that correct?

Great stuff as always! Nicely original and creative :)

Some really great puzzles in here with some really elegant gameplay. Great stuff :)

Oh... I tried that and I could not get it to work in Firefox. Maybe more doable in Chrome or some other browser?

Appreciate it. On the Web version I could not access the top root as it was cut off so the mushroom could never be pushed over. It was not an issue in the downloaded version.

I went ahead and downloaded the windows build and it was not an issue to solve :)

This is really nice!  

Noticed a few  bugs on the web version. When approaching the suits for the first time, it does not always go through the cut scene of giving you the suit. You can interact with the terminal and it displays that all other suits are beyond repair, but you never get the suit. What's strange is that the suit sprite is still visible but doesn't have any clip mask.

Also, if you do get the suit and backtrack to the first room you start in, it appears to have been reset somehow because you cannot use the special ability so cannot leave the room.

Sometimes the map seemed to do weird things and I was not sure if it intentional or not. Leaving and re-entering a room it would sometimes be a different room. I noticed that when going to the floor the worm boss is on.

The worm boss you can walk past. I am not sure if that changes anything. It moves the story forward you just don't see the dialog about it being the cause of your suit doing weird things.

Once I got on the prisoner ship my first time it never advanced to the judge's chamber. It ended on the previous screen and I had to reload.

I did make it to the end of the demo and it's an interesting story and looks great!

Seems that every time I collect asteroids or whatever, I sell them and max out at 3 money, which cannot buy anything, then the power goes out.

This is a bunch of fun!

Is this part solvable I can't seem to figure it out?

No worries! 

I ended up restarting and when  I reached the boss room actually fought the boss as I am pretty sure that's one of the places I teleported out from when I got stuck. Second play-through was a lot quicker as I knew where things were.

It was a very nice Metroidvania. Good luck in the jam !

I appear to be stuck. I am on a long level with nothing on it except this one group of enemies. It's about 9 screen wide and the walls on the ends can't be teleported through. Am I missing something ?

Thanks for that! I figured it out eventually by button mashing :)  This is great stuff and really well designed!

Why is this not front paged somewhere?

This is a fantastic metroidvania, so far, as I sit at 48%. What a lot of fun :)

There are a few times were I have almost thought about quitting only to realize that I could back track and maybe grab a jet pack or something,  because either a door is now open, or I have an ability that means I could make a jump/climb  I couldn't previously make.   That and the wonderfully generous checkpoints. It is very well thought out.

Finally got the radar working, which works fine in a desktop browser.

Can't wait to get allllllll the chickens :)

This is fantastic stuff!  Thank you so much!  

This is a bunch of fun! 

I cannot figure out how to dash?  Also, the menu (?) icon locks up the game in a browser. I was trying to hide the on-screen mobile controls.

Peace of mind is priceless :)  Thanks for the update, previous minion behind the barrier !

I just seem to be able to navigate around but cannot interact with any of the machines or anything else. Tried Chrome and FireFox.

This is really awesome!

I don't see why Auriplane would not endorse or even contribute. It has honored the original concept and added a new tech stack....coding part is in place. Story, level design and *whatever* is all that is needed. Really great stuff!

This is the best "fan" made game I have played in a long, long time, and you have added so much potential to the adventure but kept it so close to the original.

Frustrated that I cannot find the key because I think there is one. Also puzzled about the barrier with the heart potion and creature behind a barrier.

This game should get a lot of traction and I am surprised it does not have a lot more comments.   

I would advise you to contact Auriplane, I think they would be both flattered and helpful in many ways!

Thanks for developing!

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I don't seem to see a portal anywhere.

Edit - OK... it populated above the other location list items.

I have gotten to a point where I built a shrine. I was able to sacrifice some party members but not all of them. The prompt is there to do it but nothing happens. Just wondering if I am missing something?

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this is really interesting! Tutorial would be helpful.

I have 4 locations available for quests. I see a tomb on the map and have houses right next to it but it still doesn't appear as a journey location. Am I missing something?

Edit - Apparently a few more houses and suddenly it was available :)

Wow.... Tricky, cruel, frustrating and brutal in places but not rage inducing.  Fantastic stuff.

Thanks so much for developing! I look forward to your next project!