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Great game! I love the concept of the glasses showing different  blocks and obstacles! I was just thinking it could use some music or some soundeffects. But besides that, it's a good game. And congratz on your first gamejam

Sounds good

I'm excited to see what you come up with

This might be the best jam game I've yet to play, or it would have been, if the game didn't start to glitch once I'd played for 40 minutes, and finally stated getting some black slimes. On some planets, when I were to land on them, my ship teleported across the map, and in the end, when I had about 12 black slimes, I got teleported out in the middle of nothing, and my ship dissapeared. But still, it was an amazing game none the less, and I enjoyed it quite a bit. It was a bit dissapointing that the game doesn't have sound, but overall, a great game.

Since you're using unity, making a web version of the game, might not have been so bad an Idea. That does make more people try your game, and tbh, your game deserves to be played. 11/10, would recommend

I really like the consept of this game, and I enjoyed it for the first 5 minutes. But since there was no sounds, and how the satalites got exponentially more expensive, it got boring after those 5 minutes. Like I said, I really enjoyed the consept of the game, but something like an indicator for where you've selected to spawn the satalite I found myself clicking the same places multiple times, because I forgot where I'd sat the spawnpoint, since it took too long, to afford the next satalite.

I really liked the graphics, and game mechanics but I was missing sound. All in all, pretty good game, and clean execution, but these were the areas I thought your game would benefit from.

Hi TaliOS,

I completely understand your critisism, and if I'd had just a single day more, the levels in question would probably have gotten easier. The difficulty of the levels was something I was very unsure about, since the idea was, that levels: 7, 12 and 18(I believe), should be kinda lika a mini-boss and introduce new game mechanics. I'm all for constructive critisism, and I completely understand, why you'd think that some levels are a bit(or a lot) frustrating.

I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed my game (except for those levels ;)) I'll probably release an updated version in a couple weeks time, since I'd really like, for people to experience the full game. The reason for it taking a couple weeks, is that I'm entering a period of many tests and exams, these next weeks, so I don't really know how much free time I'll get.

Thanks for playing my game, and I'll probably make my future games browser playable.



I only have 2 things to say about this game.

1. The soundtrack got irritating very fast, because it just repeats and is so short.

2. The invisible walls at the start of every level really put me off.

I love the idea of this game, and I love the artstyle you chose for it, but I found it hard to jump from planet to planet. I loved the way you made gravity work, but then again, I found myself stuck on/in the planets for as long time

No worries, It really was a fun game, and you've certainly gotten a good rating from me

Hi, when I started the game, everything was glitchy, and flashed all over the screen. I pressed play, and it was glitchy, whenever i pressed spacebar, nothing happened for like 3 seconds, and then I teleported across the planet. I don't know if I'm the only one who this happened to, but unfortunately, that experience can't get a high rating from me. Loved the idea of the game tho

Really great game! The most fun & impressing game I've seen so far on this Game Jam. I really enjoyed the thinking aspect. The only  thinks I can think of could be maybe a more difficult opponent(I get that this might be hard to do), but overall really great game. I love how you stuck with the theme, and I guess you got inspiration from Risk, or some other game like it.

Again, loved the game

It's true, the only reason windows tells you that, is because it doesen't know the dev

I was thinking hte exact same thing, the controls are waaay to sensitive. But I also found the 2nd level really hard and couldn't actually complete it. But I think you have a good game, that just needs some more "balance" ;)

I will take that into consideration! Thank you

Thanks, I don't have plans to stop anyways soon

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Thank you very much, and it's true, I might have made it a bit too hard, or just take too long to win... Well, anyways - Thanks for the compliments

Great game! I'm really liking it, and nice touch with the music, but... I didn't see a clear connection to the topic of the jam

The game was quite laggy on my pc, which made it feel quite bad, but I love the concept, and I think it's a really good game. One little thing is, you should add a sound when you should use the PC as it's quite easy to miss. All in all, a quite good game

I thought it was quite confusing at first. I think the game would benefit a great deal if you had some sort of tutorial, or pro tips, to get started. Loved the graphics, and a good game (once you get the ball rolling)