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Of course! There is no secret formula to a good game, it's about testing the game and trying out what feels right! The things I noticed are just suggestions.

1. I totally understand you wanting it to be forgiving. It is only the instruments with the least notes. It felt like it accepted me spamming the keys. If someone starts with one of the easy instruments, and their spamming is accepted they might think about it.
If the player thinks too much about it, it might disturb the flow of the game. I'm thinking about the overanalyzing-type of players. But it is difficult to make a game that pleases everyone so don't pay too much attention to that. :)

2. Yes! Exactly! Don't wait until the section has finished playing, but just wait a half second before the Rhythm Panel closes, and show the player some positive visual feedback.

I wanted to finish the note before the the Rhythm Panel closed. It felt more like the game played the note, and not the me. 

3. I agree. ^^

I'm glad you could use my suggestions, or at least thought about them! Your game already is a masterpiece. Short, cute and with an attention to detail. My favourite type of game. c:

Snakker du dansk


Mega fed idé!

Manglede måske noget lyd?

Fedt spil! Fede effekter!

Men hvordan vinder man?

Hi wonderful game!! Feel like Jonas' constructive feedback weren't very good. And I noticed so many things when playing it sorry.

In the first level. When you play the instruments with few notes. Like this one 

You can get away with just timing, and then pressing Q, W, E and R. I like how the system is forgiving, but I think it is too forgiving in instruments with fewer notes
You could make it so that in instruments with fewer notes, you are allowed to do less mistakes. (Than the standard 4?)

Second, instead of exiting the Rhythm Panel when the last correct note is played; just allow the player to finish the last note. It'll make the player happier.

Third, when you play a note the entire screen bounces as positive feedback. I Instead of bouncing the entire screen just bounce the background. Bouncing the Rhythm Panel disturbs the player a little. <_>
Also since it's a positive feedback, I don't think the screen should bounce when you are playing transparent notes.

It's only because the game is so nice, that you notice these things. :)

fed spil, fed budskab, fed virkelighed

Hvad er reglerne? :)

Thank you alot.

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Thank you!:D

How did the game stuck?:(

I only experienced it glitching if you don't wait for the messages to finish.

I'll go try your game when I get the opportunity!

Me too... And now it's too late. Not an extra 5 minutes even?

I just wanted to see the game but I was hypnotised by it. Who would have known puzzle games were this fascinating. Well done. Simple and nice idea.