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OK. I hope that in the future Dasius can implement a "store" where we can buy things like extra lanterns and stuff like that. Thanks for your help :)

The door seems to have fixed itself. I forgot to mention that I am missing my lantern. I left it in the mine one day, and now it is gone. Thanks for all your help.

Oh! One more thing. The door opens inwards now. I don't get the sleep thing, though.

Thanks. I have one more bug. The front door is bugged out. It seems that the positions are glitched. When the door is "closed", I can click on the "Shop Open/Closed" sign and it opens the shop. But the door is still closed. Then when the shop is closed, I can open the door.

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Is the latest version .82 or .86? I strongly remember looking at the version number in the corner and it saying 0.0.86. Then I downloaded it with and now the boxes don't have lids. That was such a good feature. Is there a way I can download 0.0.86??

Newfound Bug: With the slightest bump of a tree and the cart, the wheels will fall off, things inside will slip out, and the cart itself will go haywire. It just launched me into the air on top of an invisible barrier.

Crashing Bug: 

                              This has showed up twice when I put my computer to sleep with the game running.
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I'm on the latest version 0.0.86, and I took my horse and cart with me into the mine. Unfortunately, the game crashed (thank goodness it saved my progress!) and when I re-entered the save, my horse was nowhere to be seen. I have checked the whole map. So now I can't easily haul wood or ores. And I don't want to start over because I finally started making profit.

OK Never mind. I looked up a few posts and saw "My Little Savegame Fixer. I ran that and it reset my horse and wagon for me. I'm glad it works!