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beautiful experience, thank you for making this.

love that i was given enough time and room to build relationship with the plane, especially knowing (and not knowing) it's carrying something and flying somewhere. and even though never for a moment i wanted to let it go, it felt very nice doing so. 

please make more <3

tried to get off the cutting board and nope that didnt help.


hope it was a good break :)

thanks aris!!

nice!! thanks for playing :)

glad you liked it! and thank YOU and all other souls for your sacrifice <3

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thank you!

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lol thanks ian (aka danny in his silver III era)

enjoyed the offline network. always feels good when seeing what people said at a different time! --Apex Champion Danny(Silver III now)

too hao

Thank you! and welcome to northviolin289 hater club

Thanks! We'll do our best.

the game mechanic is a little bit unclear, but it's a good game overall!

Great work and clean execution! I was frustrated at myself for dying and then.. the end scene is gold. Really amazing touch. May I ask what's the consideration behind the rotated perspective? 

Really clean look! The jumps shot feels really good so perhaps the game can lean towards that a bit more? Also a more bouncy edge might make it feel a bit better.

Really enjoyed this game! Played till the end. Lots of great designs such as the box and a good feeling difficulty curve, and there are definitely room to expand on this. Also appreciate the details such as the select box shrinking as you move out of the play zone -- really neat touch! One idea could be that instead of making the time a limitation, which wasn't really forcing me to take risks and add attack to the enemy, maybe consider making it a resource, say player has x amount of time in total for the entire level, to achieve a similar goal but make it more strategic and create some split-second decisions.

Thank you!!

Wow, really appreciate the kind encouragement SpicyFrog!! Your comment made our day for sure. It took us a while to come up with the concept and glad it paid off.

Fantastic visual design with fun mechanic, love your game!

Thanks for the kind words! It's definitely our fault not making a few mechanics clear enough. Game ends either when you leave the room or die six times, both of which have an ending!

Thanks a lot!!

There is one place that has music suddenly playing, although most people don't get that far. If you're just rolling on the desk then there isn't any!

Visual's really cool and gameplay is also quite unique. 

Movement is quite fun and the gameplay really match your mechanic. Levels are also cool.

simple but fun mechanic!

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Fun and addicting! Lots of room for improvement such as level could be smaller, maybe let the player choose between two dice, etc. But still amazing for your first game in pygame!

what a game! enjoyable to play. youve made a wonderful game experience with a really simple mechanic! 

Aww that's very kind, thank you!

Thank you!!

Thanks!! That's an interesting suggestion.

Glad you like it! We'll definitely keep working on the level afterwards.

We definitely recommend with audio! The side with 6 holes is intentionally covered to help you hide from danger.

Totally agree and we have added some instructions on our game page to hopefully clearify a little bit. Definitely something we're working to improve on after the jam ends!

Thank you for the kind words!

Thank you!! We'll definitely try to incorporate more visual indicators, just got to make sure it fits and doesnt break the atmosphere. We did try transparency at some point but wasn't too satisfying with it tho.

Thank you for the kind words and making the video! and yes we all felt that we could have explained the objective and mechanics a bit better, and will definitely try to improve the game after the jam ends!

Thanks for playing and putting effort into the video!! Super glad that you liked it. We're planning on fixing the bugs and making some improvements in the future.