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    Hey everybody! Released my newest game Sword of Hypotenuse, along with a free demo. Its an action-adventure (sorta metroidvania) 3D isometric game (although there are some 2D levels, and a bunch of 2D hand drawn animated cutscenes). 

    Think hack-n-slash with tofu ninjas and world building of a math-programming based world, and level permutations that switch depending on what world you just came from. The game is my sort of love letter to the mystery of the Pythagorean Theorem (a^2 + b^2 = c^2), and how Pythagoras is linked to so many math topics. You don't have to love math to get into the game. You can also just battle your friends and run around to see all the different worlds. 

Hope you like it, thanks!  :) 

I have deleted my post that was not visible within Release Announcements. 

I seem to be having this issue now too? I totally get internet propagation, but my post in Release Announcements isn't visible either. If I look at Community > General I can see that the last post was by me 56 minutes ago, but if I click into Release Announcements the actual post I made is not there at all. I reached out to support via email. I also checked from a different computer with same results.