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I already said this on the poll, but I might as well say it here.  

The plot is intriguing, feels original, and the characters aren’t the cookie cutter Dating Sim/Visual Novel love interest stereotypes I thought they’d be. I’m not a fan of Paxton’s design—it’s big titty gf or goth bf for me—so I never did his route.  

I kind of would’ve loved a polyamorous Zaina/Alex/Finn ending. They feel like the most natural relationship. I say this a lot when I play this type of games, but sometimes there’s a couple/route that feels Official™ and in this case that’s them. I see some of myself in each of them, which was nice, too.  

Also, I love how Finn is bisexual. Usually, there’s a kind of biphobia/insecurity over having a male LI be bisexual in a way that’s not a fetish of ooh boys kissing for my viewing pleasure when it’s a girl-protagonist VN. I was pleasantly surprised he casually mentions an ex-boyfriend in his route. It was nice. I would’ve liked Alex’s own bisexuality to be more on the spotlight—Zaina is her first time realising she’s also attracted to women, after all—but the game is short and I get there wasn’t time.  

Nice game!

First of all, this game is incredibly well done. The puzzles aren’t the absurd kind that usually drive me away from this type of game (“find the candelabra, smash the tree, and stick the wasp up your arse to get the key you hid there to get to the parlour”, that sort of unintuitive and unintentionally hilarious thing). In fact, they’re the kind that makes one go “ah, but of course!” after one figures it out. It sounds silly to say, maybe, but it makes one feel a bit smart, a bit in cahoots with the developer.  

The ambience is also fantastic. The attention to detail—in Valérie’s story this is most striking, though Jordan’s isn’t too shabby—is chilling yet delightful.

(spoilers below!) 

As for the characters, Carlo and Jordan are my favourites. I think Carlo was the most innocent; it was an accident, after all, and the bastard deserved it. And Jordan had actually worked for his redemption already; whatever he’d done in the war was more than paid for at the hospital. Given the opportunity, I would’ve tried my damnest to give them a second chance in life—perhaps in the future, today’s world, where they would’ve found living a tad bit easier. Though not by much, unfortunately.  

I see the characters more or less represent society’s downtrodden: a gay man, a mentally ill woman, and a black man. However, I find it most disappointing that the storyline for the woman was “husband dead, life over, kill my cat”. The game sells it just fine, thanks to the glorious atmosphere, but the story errs on the side of ridiculous in retrospect. Also, as a mentally ill cat lover myself… yeah, that’s an unforgivable crime, lady; I don’t give two fucks about your husband. To be perfectly candid, one does become a bit numb to storylines about women that centre on heterosexual romance, especially when one has two fascinating stories to compare them to, like in this game. “Woman goes mad for man, kills cat” is not nearly as compelling as Carlo’s or Jordan’s story.  

After finishing the game, I cannot help thinking that the writing is just not on the same level as the game design, and that the ultimately predictable story, the cliché ending and resolution drag the game down. It’s still worth playing, though.

Pssha! The game was awesome. As I said, those were nitpicks. I am exceedingly pleased to see how well you take constructive criticism, though. My respect for you as a developer is shattering the fucking roof, haha.

WRT the game's difficulty: I just finished the third ending, with the primordial daughter possessing the mother’s body, and it was the toughest boss battle in the whole game. So, I was not disappointed. The game definitely offers a challenge to those looking to unveil lore secrets or find the hardest fights. Will try to find the triangles and the bones and all those little deets I might've missed at some point. This is one of those games I can see myself revisiting.

It's funny because I don't know if I can honestly tell you I'm a fan of multiple endings. I've played games that have them and have enjoyed them—the Silent Hill series comes to mind—but I think it depends on whether the game is intriguing/fun enough to play, because that's what would make me want to go back and try for the other endings in the first place.

When you say "more like Luxaren Allure" you mean the genre? I'd be kind of disappointed if that's the case, haha, though I'd still play it, of course. I am actually not a fan of the fantasy genre and only played LA due to the sapphic/gay/LGBT content. The whole existential horror/reclaiming Lovecraftian from Lovecraft's grimy racist homophobic hands genre is more my thing, and you excelled at it.

Anyway, thanks for TWO amazing games, and for the lovely replies. Wishing you the best in your career as a game developer!

First, play this game if you haven’t already. It’s great!  

Second, I am stupidly attracted to Elothu and I am not ashamed to admit it. He’s hot. It had to said and it was said.  

Third, Farudon is so adorable!  

Now, that that’s been said, I have to admit I was feeling neither Alicia nor Miriam, to be honest. So, I was super excited when Lamar joined the team. And Dottie is adorable, too. I’m glad to see a child character written as an actual child—not obnoxiously precocious, just an adorable little girl.  

By the time I got to the memory sparks, I liked them all well enough—don’t feel the “I’d die for you” feel like with Luxaren Allure, though, except for the Outer Evocations (yes, they’re using me; no, I don’t care, haha), Lamar, and Dottie.  

Lamar is also hot, by the way. Not sorry, either. Had to be said.  

(spoilers below!)  

I wasn’t expecting Vi and Erick to die. I’m glad this game doesn’t play around. Nobody is safe. It’s weird because it made me sad when they were revived as zombies more than when they were actually killed—likely because they were there-but-not-really-there.  

Fighting Amethyst pulled on my heartstrings HARD. And now that I think about it… I didn’t check if there was an escape option that could’ve triggered a different resolution. OH GOD I COULD’VE NOT KILLED AMETHYST?!  

I knew something was off with Sadie, but I thought she was going to be a surprise party member eventually, not the big bad. Colour me shocked.  

If I had to nitpick I’d say the Snake Zone got a bit tedious after I defeated the Inner Evocations and was trying to just uncover the secrets and the little things that I’d missed the first time around. Maybe a third level of “don’t bother me” after the bar turns yellow would be a nice addition. A blue bar of really, really infrequent encounters after one has defeated a certain number of enemies or has a certain number of successful fights, at least on that level? I didn’t run away from any fight, by the way, and I feel stupidly proud of that fact, haha.  

This is a first time, actually, but I’d love it if this game had an official guide. Not that I didn’t like the game—I love it—but I’d rather not have to play it all over again for the different endings or the things I’ve missed and I must absolutely, definitely see because I love this game’s lore and will not stop till I know everything.  

I don’t even know which ending I got, to be honest, haha. The first time I got the “Daybreak gone, but you survived” ending, which I thought was cute and is probably the normal/standard ending. I was satisfied with that ending, honestly, but because I knew there were things that I hadn’t done the completionist bug bit me and I had to go again.  

Makyo feels like a bit of a drag, though. I don’t know if it’s because I’d already “finished” the game and was happy with the ending I got or because the enemy-encounter bar isn’t my favourite, but finishing it felt like a chore. And the ending is a bit underwhelming, considering the nice boss fight before it and the lore with the primordial child.  

But, again, I’m just nitpicking. This was a joy to play and I cannot believe it was free.

If I have to ask a question it'd be: what happened to the cultist the team leaves alive and is seen still alive in the endings where some people survive? She was shady as fuck, but I'm kind of curious about her.

FYI: I didn’t find the second Primordial Bone or the Makyo Triangles. I am most likely missing at least two endings and so much lore. I failed OTL

I expected it to be more unusual, but beside one or two colourful details, the characters' problems are very human and so is the dialogue and everything else. Sure, pus will be mentioned a few times, but Nyargh is essentially a kind-hearted cat lover, Yiestol a workaholic and his route (could be read as) a metaphor for serious long-term relationships, Brattan is the enthusiastic best friend... The characters personalities and struggles are too human. I expected something far more alien.

This doesn't mean the game isn't fun or anything of that sort, though. I had fun playing the game and would recommend it, even though I think the concept is far more interesting than the execution.

Not a fan of the MC’s design, by the way. She looks too human. For a moment I thought her being completely human would be a plot twist and I was kind of living for it, because how would a human adapt to that world and how did she get there in the first place? But no. She was just pus-in-the-eye girl with gorilla hands and kangaroo legs, I guess?  

Yiestol I wasn’t interested in, but his smooth, affable personality won me over. And that’s saying a lot, considering he’s what seems to be a police state’s panopticon.

Brattan is adorable, like a puppy. He’s so enthusiastic and passionate. He’s my second favourite LI, but his route is my favourite overall. If a hot werewolf told me “hey want to leave your life and come with me to another world?” I’d say: fuck, lead the way, mate. Wait… did this game make me a furry? *gasp*

Nyargh’s design is pretty cool and the different mood animations involving different mouths opening are pretty awesome overall. I love how he’s the gentlest soul and the most visually strange out of all the LIs. He’s my favourite LI. I was counting on the tentacle sex, by the way. No tentacle sex? WE RIOT.

Anyway, play this game if only for Nyargh's route. He's a cutie.

Because I did the Angie romance first, I thought all the characters were children, haha. Possibly because the story, narration, and dialogue were infantile; the characters are young adults yet they were written like children, for some reason. But that only applies to the Angie romance. The rest of the game is quite fun and doesn't read like that. Not that there's anything wrong with a childish game for baby gays, by the way.

The art is adorable. And the message of “it’s hard at first, but you should cherish small victories and never give up on your dreams, and age is just a number if what you intend is to follow a passion” is an ageless one.  

(spoilers below)

However, it's kind of odd how the game tries to pass the Hikikomori ending as valid in its own way, even though it's very sad if one has already seen the other endings where Cici leads a more fulfilling life than being, uh... fandom famous on the internet.  

I loved the Multi-Talented Ending and Squad Ending. It was nice seeing a friendship ending that warms the heart just as much as a romantic one.  

Love Interest Ranking (because why not):  

Bea. BEA? MORE LIKE BAE. It’s the romance that felt the most natural, too. I love how she has “manly” interests. As a non-binary person, I understand how people assume just because you enjoy some things that could be interpreted as typical of the gender you were coercively assigned at birth then your gender identity is a lie. I like she doesn’t have to be this perfect picture of femininity so that her gender/womanhood is validated. I related so much to this character, especially when it comes to her drive of being the best because if not then you must go back home as a loser to your abusive family. She steals the show, to be honest. I love her.


Delora. Sugar Momma!

Angie is last because I guess I’m not a fan of the insecure love interest? Doing all the emotional labour in a relationship, propping up someone who would be better speaking to a therapist isn’t really what I’d call #relationshipgoals.

So fun to play! And I appreciate the difficulty setting. Sometimes one wants to slay monsters and some other times one simply wants to enjoy the story. This game deserves a vocal and populous fandom. It’s girls! Who love girls!! And they fight monsters!!! What more could you possibly desire?  

By the way: I LOVE MEREL! That little jumpy dance she does when she's excited lives rent free in my brain. Merel/Chisa OTP.

It’s a long game, with so much love and detail put into it, and I can’t believe it’s free. I would definitely recommend it.

(Spoilers below!)

I love the writing; it’s funny and engaging. And those moments like when Lynette falls asleep during her character introduction? Or Reginald getting banned for “repeatedly punching the king in the face”? The little inside jokes, like the Manos Bat having hands on its wings being a reference to Manos Hands of Fate, that aren’t guaranteed to work, but in this game they do? Prime Content™   

However, I wasn’t feeling the Karuna Aurelie romance. Lynette makes a fine point when it comes to the Darkloft. If you’re the hero “making kissy faces at her until she turns good again” is a sound plan, but to everybody else around you it is ridiculous.

I would’ve preferred a more complex character arc for Aurelie without the mind control aspect. She could’ve been a more interesting character. It was fun playing as her, though.

I hope there’s a sequel about Lynette’s subsequent adventures. It’s a bit disappointing that killing the sea serpent that destroyed her ship didn’t do much beyond giving alchemy ingredients. I was hoping to see how Lynette would react knowing her frenemies had avenged her fallen comrades.

My only complaint is that I would’ve liked a map option. Sometimes I got lost and that was not fun.  

Glitch report: during the last level, the hell dungeon stuff, the game would randomly stop responding to the arrow commands.

I am living for the Toffee&Butterscotch theme music. Trap remix when? (only half joking, actually; that song is fire)  

Not gonna lie, I kinda love the Syrup ending where she gets that paper and invents capitalism #girlboss

Also, I love Toffee’s design and that ze is non-binary. As a non-binary person, let me tell you, the good intentions are appreciated, but the non-binary options in these types of games are often done badly.

This is my new favourite developer, I think. Their games are simply so *chef’s finger kiss* that to complain about anything (if there’s even anything to complain about) feels like slapping manna out of the hands of god.  

OK, that was a lot. But I do love their games. And, fuck, do I love the character designs. The developer’s style feels so fresh and visually pleasing that just seeing the characters on the screen brings an instant smile to my face. And the Love Interest game is always on point. The LIs are always so fun to interact with, and more complex than what they seem.  

I mean, height difference big titty Succubus influencer gf? I AM IN IT TO WIN IT. And DANG is she SMOOTH! Every thing she does has me pulling pen and paper.  

And vegan nymph garden enthusiast gf? ALSO VERY GOOD. The transition from “wait aren’t we just friends” to “oh f u c k I like like her tho” is so cute.  

Also, this sounds silly to say (not that that’s ever stopped me from saying something before) but I feel I actually learned about tech stuff thanks to this game? My technologically impaired brain appreciates it.

I was surprised when I realised it had gay women in it. Maybe the LGBT/lesbian tags could be added to the game's description? That way more people would find it.

It’s a good game! I loved the atmosphere, the story, characters, and the choice of music. I got all the endings. I assume Lucky is the Golden Ending, though. I enjoyed it and Boss the most.

I was hyped at the start, but then the hype hit a brick wall.  

Yoshi doesn’t have much of a personality—well, that’s not quite right. He has a personality, but it is Coy Twink Bottom straight out of Mormon Boys, which is nice if that’s your thing, but it isn’t mine. I do appreciate that his design is mixed/non-white, though. I assumed the main character would be white, because whatever, that’s how it is sometimes—but the game surprised me by making Yoshi a Japanese and Latino mix, with a bit of alien in him.  

I wasn’t feeling the LIs designs much? But then Razix won me over with his perpetual horniness, the fact the he defected from a military family, and good humour.  

I never got the urge to pursue any of the LIs except Razix, to be honest, and that’s only after I got to know him better. So, I didn’t feel the completionist need to see all the endings. The characters feel like gay tribe stereotypes, here’s the bear, here’s the stud, here’s the jokester, here’s the daddy… and then they never break off the mould at least a bit, enough to add a personality to the characters or arouse a need to see it all through in the player.  

A lesser nitpick would be that there are a few grammatical mistakes and the font isn’t all that visually pleasing.  

I would’ve overlooked all that and more if the game had been entertaining; however, it is a bit tedious. I usually finish these games in one sitting, but I had to take breaks from this one. I found myself skipping sex scenes, I mean…

I’m sure that for someone this will be a decent enough game, and if you’re looking for LGBT content… well, beggars can’t be choosers.

I just feel there's a lot of wasted potential here, that’s all. The writing was just so underwhelming. If this game committed a “sin” it is that it is painfully boring and not even sex can sell it. But, hey, if it didn’t worked for me it might still work for you.  

By the way, is the ship shaped like a cock or is it just me? Not sorry, Daddy Freud!  

Also, just now I realised the ship is named Barakai. Nice!

It’s a nice enough game with beautiful background art and animated cutscenes, but it feels like a demo, not the first episode of a series, and it is ultimately a tad underwhelming. At first I was super hyped, but the more I played the more my enthusiasm went down. A shame, because I love horror games that acknowledge LGBT people exist.

Issue #1 I had with this game—and this isn’t a flaw of just this game, mind you—is that I wish the gender neutral/non-binary option had pronouns other than they/them. With all due respect to people who use these pronouns, I am non-binary and they/them are not my pronouns; I feel it can sometimes get unnecessarily confusing in certain contexts, too, if the narration uses they/them. Ze/hir would be a better option. Just something for developers in general to consider when they want to be inclusive to us. FYI, not every non-binary person uses neopronouns, those that use he/him and she/her are still non-binary.

Issue #2: A specific warning of animal abuse would’ve been nice, by the way. The game warns about “disturbing imagery” and “gore” but those are warnings so unspecific they could mean anything from a graphically mutilated arm to aesthetically pleasing bleeding eyes. It’s really unclear and I would’ve liked a warning before having to see the entire woods section.

Well, enough about that. The random nitpicks I have with the game are as follows: some of the dialogue choices are a bit juvenile and glib and sort of clash with the mood, to be honest.; the different traits and unlockable dialogue options don’t seem to do or add much to the game at all; most choices feel inconsequential, like padding.

All that said, I love Frou-Frou the cat and Dustin the Opossum, by the way. The Talks to Animals perk was the best, and the Gretchen dialogue options were surprisingly insightful; I was expecting just funny dialogue options. My favourite human characters were Kaneeka and her mum Sybil.

Great game! Sequel when? haha no seriously sequel when pls

I loved all the characters designs and I love, love, love Syd’s. I stan Magician Lady, Syd the Useless Lesbian, and Angry Cyberpunk Mom! Everything, from the font choice to the music, feels very comicbook-y and helps with getting immersed. I’m not even into superhero comics and I was all hyped playing this. I don’t know if the developer is into superhero comicbooks or not, but if they aren’t then they are really good at imbuing the game with a love for superhero comics that I’d only thought I’d see in a true fan. I’d read a Scrambled comic, not gonna lie. I love that dumbass butch gay hero.

The relationships were more complex than I initially thought they’d be, which is great, and that left me loving both routes. I simply cannot pick between 90's anti-hero cyberpunk mum and goth magician girlfriend. Also, Sapphron City? Sapphron? I see what you did there and I love it.


Fucking beautiful game, can’t describe it any other way. The characters, the plot, the gameplay mechanic… all just right. I’m definitely the target demographic for this game—a gay(tm) who likes to read about the meaning of flowers—so I might be biased, but not really. This game is perfect. I am satisfied with the ending I got, too.

These are the bouquets I made, in case you care to know: warm razor, fallen hero, agape, and judecca.

Play this game!

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It's short and sweet and fun, could've been solid 3/5. But it's one of those games that makes you go “huh, this was done better somewhere else...”

The character designs are immeasurably cute. The “cutesy&funny gay Halloween game” thing was better done in the game Halloween House Party by gothcosmos, though, a game which I heavily recommend.  Not that both can't coexist, of course.

I liked most of the endings and characters. Though the Baezel ending is a bit awkward and feels more like the beginning of a long-lasting friendship than the start of a romance, mostly because Baezel looks like a baby, haha.

The lecture Marzipan gives to Chirval about how being fandom obsessed is totally normal and desirable feels a bit… I don’t know… out of place and preachy? I mean, some people take fandom to an extreme and foster toxic behaviour; they also neglect meaningful human interaction and use fandom as an unhealthy coping mechanism. So, being all “leave him with his anime bodypillow collection, he is happy that way” lands like even more of a thud because to get this scene you have to get the Baezel ending in which it’s pretty obvious Baezel isn’t all right with solitude and actually wants friends and maybe even romance and isn’t so happy being alone with his toys. It was as if the game developer was pulling me aside for A Very Special Episode. Just an observation.  

I enjoyed the Olog ending, but its sort of applicability to sex work? It was cool that there was no shame in it or anything of that sort for Marzipan, but the comparison between hiring a sex worker and selling your soul to the netherworld is... huh. 

Periwinkle the bisexual gender non-conforming fashionista was so cute, by the way!  

Usually, I have a favourite ending that becomes the “official” one for me, but I love the Chirval, Poffin, Jam, Vinegar, Periwinkle, and Strudel endings equally.

I am not as enamoured of this game as I am of the developer’s previous game (The Lady's Choice, which is amazing), though the story itself was intriguing and I definitely recommend playing the game all the same.


I am pleasantly surprised to say I enjoyed Lucan’s route more than Tristan’s. It took time to see pass the glib flirtation, but it happened and it was good. In the end, I think that Tristan was far more comfortable in the house than Lucan, and he would be fine staying for a while longer. So, I didn’t feel too guilty choosing Lucan and leaving him there.

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I was gaslighted by Lestat de Lioncourt, and then I began a relationship with him even though the rest of the characters wore an expression I can only describe as: BITCH, WHAT ARE YOU DOING. 

Jokes aside, I appreciate the length of the game; some of the games around here are unnecessarily/frustratingly short, to the detriment of the game itself. This is a solid 4/4.5, but I’ll give it 5 stars. I mean, it’s fun, engaging, and free. I am nothing if not grateful and budget conscious. I can overlook grammatical mistakes and miscellaneous flaws when a game is this entertaining. It has considerable replay value, as well.

Fun fact, I thought the game was about vampires, and I was surprised when it turns out it is about elves, haha.  

My first complaint would be that hair options and customisation for the MC were a tad underwhelming (except for the clothes, ugh, I’d die for those).  I wasn't a fan of the character designs at first, and then I came to love them. I love they're not animesque; they suit the game. I mean, blond pimp fossil daddy with thick, luscious lips? Yes!

However, I will be forever mad that Calipoa wasn’t a love interest. Skylar could’ve worked as a love interest, too. I thought either she or Cali would be the Gay Option. I was disappointed when there was no such option at all, not even a poly option with Skylar and Duliae.

My second complaint/nitpick would be that the choices are odd. Usually, I can tell the tone of the dialogue option I’m choosing. But here I’d choose an option that sounds friendly and then it’d be aggressive. I didn’t know which choice would raise which stat, either. It was unnecessarily confusing. 

Also, it’s unfortunate how the game loses steam after the Cas-Cas? It feels almost like the developer didn’t want to tinker with the game anymore (understandable, as the game is long enough to be satisfactory by that time) and just cut the end and epilogue short to publish it already. The anticlimactic ending and choices regarding Gawloyes’s drama are underwhelming. I see people complaining about the Creature’s choices and endings, but I disagree. The Creature part is well done, and it is the Gawloyes drama which disappoints. 

In conclusion: Length = Great! Free? Yes way! No gay romance? = Me Sad. I would play another game by the developer. A sequel of some kind wouldn’t be half bad. *hint hint*  

For anyone new to the game, I’d recommend playing the romance routes in the following order: 

Lanceaga: Get that sexual tension out right away. Also, don’t miss the dialogue option that will nickname him “Lacey” for the rest of the game.

Vadeyn: Cute, cute, cute!

Haron: Deceptively straightforward. His is my second favourite romance.

Enrol: Hard-to-get ice king. This and Haron’s romance are perfect appetizers for the plot-heaviest route, which is… 

Duliae: Play with high Cunning, rob him blind, explore all the dialogue options. This is meatiest romance, so to speak, and I would play an entire game of it. It goes without saying this is my favourite romance. It’s a shame that it suffers from the constraint of the other romances, because I think it could’ve/should’ve been a lengthier romance.

True, and I have nothing against that. However, stories like that should advertise themselves as what they are and not try to pass themselves as anything else.

Again, thoroughly enjoyed it and I recommend it, but I wouldn't call it a game. It's more like a comicbook, almost.

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First of all, I don’t know how to disable the censure; I was given three choices (censure, text only, and no sex/nudity), but not the option to disable the censure completely.  

I finished the game anyhow, and I thought the plot was interesting by itself, which was a pleasant surprise.

Also, I am glad to find games, especially dating sims/romance/porn games, with characters over thirty. I am not in my thirties yet, but the lack of content for the mid-twenties demographic is discouraging. It’s either highs school or very early twenties, which is disappointing.  

I found the husband to be a bit boring and a tad needy, honestly. And it made me laugh how Jonas always looks like he’s biting his lip. Like, damn, baby. Let’s way until we’re in private.  

The best ending is sweet. I suppose I would’ve been actually moved by it if I had cared about the husband at all.

I did end up caring about Charles 2.0. himsel, though.

Theo is my wife now. I stan one adorable butch lesbian vampire.

All right, first of all, the music is pretty damn catchy. Sometimes I have to mute games, but definitely not this one. It fits the game so well.

The wordplay can be genuinely funny, and the jokes land well. The PC is also awfully cute both physically and personality wise, I mean, “THERE IS NOT SECRET! I AM FULL OF SHIT AND LIES!” had me cackling. I love every single character. Bermuda is all I aspire to be in my gay life. Danny is so freaking cute, too. I loved them.

The cocktail-mixing mechanic is really cool, by the way.

I could only get the neutral endings, though. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. This game needs a guide, for my gay heart's sake.

It actually made me cry. This game should be illegal to play for cat lovers or animal lovers in general. I loved it.

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I love the idea, so original. And I definitely needed a MILF dating game in my life.

I love all the characters; not gonna lie, they’re hot. My favourite romance is Salt-n-Pepper Butch/Vic, but my favourite story is the Conductor’s.

I’d love a sequel! My only complaint is that the music is a bit annoying and gave me a headache.

I wish there was more customisation. It’s all sub stuff, to be honest. I can’t make a Dom avatar, haha. It’s good, though.

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Awesome! So… fucking… funny. Love the characters! It’s a bit too linear and short, though. I didn’t feel the choices mattered much. But I am nitpicking, I think. It's definitely a must play.

I’m not into Dating Sims or porn games, in spite of what first impressions might imply, but I found this game on a must-play trans games list, and I just had to try it. I simply cannot say no to LGBT content.  

First of all, I love the cyberpunk aesthetic, and the background plot is actually intriguing. Secondly, I love that the game gives you the option of having no sexual encounters with men. I’m bisexual and all that, but sometimes men can be exhausting and you just want a good ole Sapphic, lesbian, aka ladies-only adventure and this is the one. And as a non-binary person, I appreciate the inclusion of nonbinary characters as well.  

This game won’t be free and my third world broke nalgas won’t be able to pay for it (unless I suddenly become a millionaire; do wish for that, please, haha), but I will spread the word so that people who can pay for it will do so. It is looking great so far!  

My favourites right now are Beryl, Magdalena, Heather, and Joi. I wouldn’t mind if Candy or Reina were an option, too. I love all the cats, by the way; the character designs in general are very cool. The only one I’m not impressed by is Decima. I guess she’s supposed to be the butch, but she doesn’t look like a hot butch to me, and I am actually way more into butches than I am into femmes. No offence, but she looks kind of like a crackhead, haha. I am also loving the witty writing, like the names of the haircuts. I couldn’t find out how to actually change the playable character’s look, though; I kept buying things but her look never changed. Probably just a demo thing.  

Another observation, by the way, is that I like the character can be either dominant or submissive. I feared the character would be a basic sub, but I’m pleased to see she can play as a bratty sub or service top or anything she wants.  

Glitch report: After completing Heather’s first even during the second night, the screen went like this:


It happened again when I did her second event. And then I realised it happened with all her events. After I saved the game everything went back to normal, but the second I chose her event, it would glitch again. I don’t know if it also happens with the other characters; I haven’t had time for a second play-through or more thorough exploration of the game.

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A high recommend, for sure!

I gave my character the surname of “DaBadBitch” as a joke, and then I kept playing. The game made me cackle with how many times I was called Ms DaBadBitch or the MC’s father was called Lord DaBadBitch.

Jokes aside, I applaud the racial diversity of the characters. Is it historically accurate? I don’t know, and with all the intentional erasure of non-white people across history, who knows? But it sure is fun to have this diverse cast of characters around, instead of a perpetual sea of people who look inbred.

I mean, it is fiction for the sake of non-white people’s enjoyment, and a dating sim at that. If your biggest problem with a dating sim is the inclusion of non-white people, you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Now, with that said: LORD STANTON. YES. That is all. I got his true love ending in the first playthrough and, honestly, I don’t think this has ever happened to me before, but I don’t want to play again. I don’t want to see the bad endings, or try to get with other love interests. That’s how good Isaac Stanton is as a character. I wish the ending had been a bit more detailed, perhaps with an epilogue, but that’s just nitpicking.

Great game!


I tried the Captain Blake route: he is a total cutie. I wasn’t expecting the drama that ensued.  

Lord Huntington, ugh, what a slimy little prick. Congratulations are in order when a character meant to be hated can indeed be so despicable. When the MC kicked his cane away, I was living for it. And when Blake did *that*, I was *living* it.  

I got Blake’s true love ending and… oh… my… god… that duel had me dying.  

Then I did the Amesbury route. I love how each route reveals a new side of society as the characters deal with all kinds of conflict. His route is surprisingly sweet and saucy.  

By the way, Mr Montfort? What a good-looking fella he is. I wish he hadn’t been made the third discordant in a love triangle. It’s a shame he’s such a creep.  

Aw, and I like that there’s more of the Foxley x Arabella romance in the Amesbury and Blake routes as well.  

The Society Swindler plot was most exciting. I love how each route has something new to offer.  

“How can I trust the words of a man who has to wear a mask to make his life fulfilled?” I love the dialogue and my witty MC.  

And when the MC calls out the fake Swindler and his ideas of what romance is? *chef’s finger kiss*  

Lord Stanton is still my favourite route by far; I have fallen for an imaginary man, and I don’t want to get up. But I do recommend playing through the other two as well. The entire game is a high recommend. I love how each route reveals a different side of the supporting characters without it being contradictory. It fleshes them out more, makes them come to life. Each route is like a new game altogether, but in a good way.  

Also, a part of this game that I thoroughly enjoyed but haven’t mentioned yet is that the MC and her friend are obviously not as young as your average dating sim/romance protagonist. Seeing characters like that in these types of games is refreshing.  

This comment is embarrassingly long and I am so sorry haha. Really, just play this game. You won’t regret it.

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More sauciness, I say! I love playing a quick-witted, spirited young lady who loves horses, scandal, and doesn’t care a whit about what society says. I see the other two routes are basically being Elinor Dashwood or playing it very straight as a blushing, virginal maiden. But, quite honestly, I prefer the saucy lass.  

I pursued Mr Worthington (DADDY) and I cannot complain; all the tension had me metaphorically biting my nails. I imagine the full game will allow different interactions and dialogue options that don’t make the romance seem so one-sided; at times I wanted to slap the MC and yell “you fool! he is hot and yes we want him!” because she seemed so put off by his very presence. 

However, I am a bit uncomfortable by certain implications found in the MC and Mr Worthington romance. How young is she? And, more importantly, how old was she when she enjoyed those riding trips with him? I can tell he was inspired by Col Brandon and Mr Knightley (fave), as he is a combination of the most questionable aspects of both romances.

I mean, girls sometimes presented in society as young as twelve, you know? The art makes her look as someone between fifteen and twenty, so that I can’t tell what age she’s supposed to be in-story. I wouldn’t mind if she’s twenty and he’s in his early thirties (which is what he seems/looks like), but if she’s younger than that and on top of that took riding lessons with him when she was a little girl. That’s… weird. Off-putting kind of weird. It doesn’t reflect well on his character, that’s all. And I know it wouldn’t raise eyebrows during the Regency, but we know better now, and there are better ways to preserve historical accuracy (which I like in this particular game, by the way) than playing as some bloke’s child bride.

Anyway, I can definitely see myself doing a second playthrough for the dastardly Capitan Sinclair; I never even thought to pursue him, but he won me over completely. Actually, I think that if this were an actual regency novel, I would prefer the official ending to be MC/Sinclair, though I still prefer Mr Worthington myself.  

I suppose I’d also go through the Lindfield romance route if only to see what the full story is, though I don’t find him particularly interesting and, to be quite honest, I dislike him.  

I’m bisexual and I’d love a GxG romance route with either Emily or Jane, to be honest, though I understand why the developer would choose not to go with it.  

Let’s talk about the supporting cast! Lady Harlow is delightful and I wouldn’t mind seeing more of her or any other like-minded character (maybe we'll get to see the scandalous London season?). The MC’s parents are also fun characters, each alive with their own personality and agenda. I wonder if we will ever see James…   

By the way, I am not so opposed to the cousin. I mean—in Rome, do as the Romans do… and, at the time, being with a first cousin wasn’t so bad. It could be a joke ending to end with the dull cousin, wear the trousers in the relationship, and end as a Bad Bitch.

Wishing the best to the developers! It is a great demo.