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This is my new favourite developer, I think. Their games are simply so *chef’s finger kiss* that to complain about anything (if there’s even anything to complain about) feels like slapping manna out of the hands of god.  

OK, that was a lot. But I do love their games. And, fuck, do I love the character designs. The developer’s style feels so fresh and visually pleasing that just seeing the characters on the screen brings an instant smile to my face. And the Love Interest game is always on point. The LIs are always so fun to interact with, and more complex than what they seem.  

I mean, height difference big titty Succubus influencer gf? I AM IN IT TO WIN IT. And DANG is she SMOOTH! Every thing she does has me pulling pen and paper.  

And vegan nymph garden enthusiast gf? ALSO VERY GOOD. The transition from “wait aren’t we just friends” to “oh f u c k I like like her tho” is so cute.  

Also, this sounds silly to say (not that that’s ever stopped me from saying something before) but I feel I actually learned about tech stuff thanks to this game? My technologically impaired brain appreciates it.